How to Install WAMPServer on Computer (WAMPServer 3.1.3 x86)

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How to Install WAMPServer

Instead of XAMPP and AppServ, you can also install WAMPServer to get started with a local server (localhost) on your computer. One of them is WampServer application. WAMP stands for Windows Apache MySQL PHP, which is a local server or localhost that Windows computers can run without an internet connection.

WAMPServer is a Windows web development environment that provides a directory and other supporting elements. After you install WAMPServer, you will use to locate the resources of your website in its directory. So, this tool works as a server on your computer that supports all services you need to access your website using a browser on your computer, in which your website’s resources must be located on your WAMPServer directory.

Commonly, web designers or webmasters plan, design, and build a new website or develop an existing website on their local computer first. Or can also work together with the same WAMPServer directory on a LAN network without the need to connect to the internet. In other words, by installing WAMPServer on your computer, you make your computer as a server where you can start building and developing a website, making a database, and connecting your website to the database.

So, if you want to learn web programming languages and start building and designing a new website on your Windows computer, you need to install a local server. One of which that is one of the best local servers for Windows platform is WAMPServer. Doing server-side jobs on you a local server would be much efficient and faster. Because you don’t need a paid data plan. But to make your website accessible to the people worldwide, you must connect your computer to the internet and upload all of your website’s resources to the web host. This article doesn’t discuss further detail about WAMPServer more, but it’s about how to install WAMPServer on a computer.

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How to Install WAMPServer

Actually, you may also install one of the previous versions of WAMPServer. But here we are going to discover step-by-step how to install WAMPServer 3.1.3. At the time I created this post, the latest version was WAMPServer 3.1.3. If you are using Windows 32bits computer, you must download an x86 installation file of any WAMPServer version.

However, it’s recommended to get the latest version of WAMPServer for a more stable web development environment on your Windows. The following are the step-by-step guide how to install WAMPServer on Computer.

Step 1. Download the WampServer file from its official website, and specify the WampServer version corresponding to the operating system of your computer.

Choose between WAMPServer 64bits and 32bits.

Step 2. Then, click a WampServer that corresponds to the operating system (Windows 64bits or 32bits) you use. A pop-up menu will appear, click download directly. It will redirect to the WampServer download page. Wait for the download process to complete.

Download WAMPServer directly

Step 3. Then, open the download file location on your computer and double-click the WampServer installer file.

Double Click WAMPServer Installer

Step 4. A language option window will appear. There you can choose which language you prefer WAMPServer runs. Just click the Next button to continue the WAMPServer installation.

Step 5. After that, the License Agreement window will appear. By default, the selected option is I do not accept the Agreement and the Next button is inactive. So, you need to select the I accept the Agreement option to activate the Next button. There you click the Next button.

WAMPServer License Agreement Window

Step 6. You can specify the folder for the WampServer installation files by clicking the Browse button. But you may also leave this option to let WAMPServer stores its directory on your Local Disk (C:/Wamp). Click the Next button to continue to install WAMPServer on your computer.

Select the destination location of WAMPServer installation

Step 7. At the Select Start Menu Folder window, you can specify a different folder where WAMPServer will create its shortcut. But if you want its default, just click Next button to continue.

Select the start menu folder of WAMPServer

Step 8. Then, a window will turn to a Ready to Install session. At this window, you can some configurations that you’ve been decided previously. Click the Install button to continue the WampServer installation on your computer.

Ready to Install window at the WAMPServer installation

Step 9. Next, you will see an Installing window which contains the progress bar of the WampServer installation process on your computer. Wait for the process to complete.

WAMPServer Installation Progress Bar

Step 10. Choose a Default Browser for WAMPServer

There a new window that asks you to choose a default browser for your WAMPServer. By default, WAMPServer chooses Internet Explorer. If you want to choose another browser instead of Internet Explorer, click YES.

Choose Another Browser for WAMPServer

Then, here in this tutorial, I will show you how to choose another browser installed on your system. I use Mozilla Firefox as my default browser for WAMPServer. So, I go to my Mozilla Firefox files location and entering the firefox.exe to the File name box.

How to Choose Firefox as the Browser of WAMPServer

Step 11. Then again, WAMPServer installation will ask you to choose another text editor. Because by default WAMPServer chooses notepad.exe. But if you would like to use another text editor, click YES.

Choose Another Text Edtor Window

I recommended you to choose the best text editor for web developers. One of which is Notepad++. So, here I choose Notepad++ by entering its files destination location. Then, I choose notepad++.exe.

Choose Notepad++ for WAMPServer

Step 12. Next, there would be a Completing the WampServer 3 Setup Wizard window on your screen. This indicates that the WampServer installation process on your computer has been successfully completed. Up to here, you can disable the Launch WampServer 3 now option by removing the check mark. But if you want to directly run WAMPServer, let this option marks itself, then, press the Finish button.

Completing WAMPServer Installation

Step 13. When you launch the WampServer after the installation, you will then get a small WAMPServer icon on computer taskbar.

A Running WAMPServer Taskbar Icon

Step 14. Then, when you are right-clicking on the WampServer icon, it will show a lot of menus, including one of which is the Language menu that serves to change the language used by your WampServer. By default, the language of WampServer is English.

The preview of WAMPServer menu after right-clicking on its taskbar icon

Now, you must be capable of accessing http://localhost on your WAMPServer default browser.

Access https://localhost after installing WAMPServer.

But if you find out that there’s any DLL error after installing WAMPServer, download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Microsoft directly. But if you already have Visual C++ on your computer, try to repair your Visual C++. If none of my suggestion works to fix your DLL error, you can contact your Microsoft to ask for a support how to fix such issue.


If you have ever installed another local server on your computer prior to installing WAMPServer, you will not be able to run both of them simultaneously. Let’s say, you have XAMPP and WAMPServer on your Windows computer. When you run them simultaneously will cause an error. Because both XAMPP and WAMPServer use the same post to access Apache server and MySQL, which 80 for the Apache server and 3306 for the MySQL.

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