Quick Way How to Remove Background Noise in Adobe Audition

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It must be annoyed when your audio recordings have background noise. This article will show you how to remove noise in Audition in a quick way. The steps are straightforward and take just a view minutes because no complex audio editing skills required. This tutorial would be just a few noise sampling steps and then instantly remove background noise in the audio file’s entire parts. Suppose background noise reduction isn’t enough for you to make your audio better. In that case, this guide will also show you how to quickly improve your audio vocal quality using Adobe Audition’s built-in preset feature.

Before we start how to remove noise in Audition, make sure you prepare the following things:

  • Make sure the specs of computer either desktop PC or Laptop can run Adobe Audition software.
  • To follow this tutorial, you need Adobe Audition software ready in your computer. This tutorial uses Adobe Audition CC 2018 by the way. But the steps might be the same in other versions of Adobe Audition.
  • Make sure the audio files you are going to denoise are in your computer storage.

Voice Recording Tips

You can record a voice or vocal audio using a simple device such as a smartphone or a small portable microphone like Bluetooth mic for mobile devices. You can record it anywhere, like in your room, park, office, or school (when your teacher teaches a lesson). But when it comes to recording your voice, furthermore in making a podcast or to voice-over your video, no need to rush to speak between dialogues you are going to speaking up. In other words, make a bit longer pause between conversations in your audio recordings. That will make it easier for you to remove noise in Audition software.

After you finish the voice recording process, store the audio file to your computer where the Adobe Audition installed and ready to use.

How to Remove Noise in Audition

Step 1. Open Your Audio File

Open your Adobe Audition. Then, at the top menu, click File → Open, or you can use a Ctrl + O on your keyboard. And there you can browse to look for the audio file you are going to denoise. Or open the folder in your computer, drag and drop your audio file into the Audition user interface.

Open an audio file in Adobe Audition.

A view seconds of silence part before a dialogue starts in audio recording.

From the sound wave shown above, you can see a few seconds of silence in the audio recording file. It’s about 3 seconds before the dialogue starts. I recorded my voice using an Android smartphone. So, before I began to speak, I let my audio recorder app records a few seconds of silence. What for? We are not just recording a real silence, but also recording some noises from the environment. It’s necessary because we can use such noises to become a sample for removing noise in Audition. So. take a few seconds of silence in audio recording only before the dialogue or voice begins.

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Step 2. Noise Sampling

Select an area from the sound wave of your audio file by blocking it for noise sampling. I chose the first 3 seconds of the sound wave.

Noise sampling in Adobe Audition

After blocking a particular part of the sound wave for noise sampling, go to Effects → Noise reduction/restoration → Capture noise print on the top menu. This way will take a sample noise from the area of the sound wave you just blocked.

Step 3. Noise Reduction Processing

Let’s continue the work on the editor window, block which parts of your sound wave you want to reduce the noise. Or you might want to block the entire sound wave by using Ctrl + A shortcut on your keyboard.

Blocking the entire sound wave in Adobe Audition.

Then, go to Effects → Noise reduction/restoration → Noise reduction (process). A noise reduction pop up window will appear. If you have no idea what to adjust on that window, click Apply.

How to reduce noise in Audition.

That way will denoise your audio file based on the noise sample. Try playing your audio recording again to hear the result, and you will listen to the noise has gone.

In case the main vocal becomes vague after the noise reduction process, you can press Ctrl + Z (undo) on your keyboard and repeat from step 2. That’s how to remove noise in Audition. But if you are still not satisfied with the result, got to the next step.

Step 4. Improving the Audio Quality

This step is optional, but you can perform this step if you want to improve your audio recording quality. In the “effects rack” section, click the triangle button as shown at the image below. Then, go to Filter and EQ → Parametric Equalizer.

Editing paramatric equalizer in Adobe Audition.

A new window will appear where you can set the Parametric Equalizer.

Setting parametric equalizer in Adobe Audition.

Now, at this parametric equalizer window, you can adjust the equalizer to improve your audio recording. If you have no idea to do manual settings on it, you can apply the presets for your audio recording file. You can find some presets in the drop-down menu. But if your recording type is vocal audio, you can apply the “Vocal Enhancer” preset.

Vocal enhancer parametric equalizer preset.

The Vocal Enhancer preset will automatically adjust the Parametric Equalizer settings for you without manual editing.

Parametric equalizer adjustment.

You can now close the equalizer window and then click Apply on the Effects rack.

Adding a Parametric Equalizer to the Effects rack in Audition.

Try to play the audio. If you are still not satisfied with the result, you might want to manually adjust the parametric equalizer until you get the work as you want it to be.

Step 5. Export the Audio File to Your Computer

That’s how to remove background noise in Audition. Now it’s time to export it as a new sound file to your computer storage. Go to File → Save as, specify the storage location and choose any file type you want for your edited audio file. Finally, click, OK. That’s all the quick way how to remove noise in Audition. If you have something to ask or want to share your noise reduction idea, you may submit your comment at the comment box below.

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