How to Use Filezilla FTP Client to Transfer Files to a Web Hosting

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How to Use Filezilla

Filezilla is an FTP client that helps you easily to transfer files to a web hosting. However, you should know how to use Filezilla especially in configuring the setting parameters. This tutorial will show you how to use FileZilla to connect your computer directory to a web hosting (web server) and manage all the files in this FTP client app.

FileZilla is a free FTP client app and open source, which can help you to transfer a lot and large files quickly and safely. Commonly, most web servers limit the file transfer capacity when it comes to uploading files via script or PHP. However, the file transfer capacity will not take effect when uploading files using an FTP client software program. Therefore, FileZilla FTP client is a useful tool for web developers or webmasters to move a site to a new host.

You can easily learn how to use Filezilla. In which, its user-friendly makes this application very popular among FTP clients and widely used by webmasters. FileZilla FTP client supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, and other operating systems. It also supports several languages and features, such as Site Manager, transfer queues, bookmarks, etc.

The following is the guide on how to use FileZilla to connect your computer directory to a web host (FTP server). Before you start using Filezilla, you need to download and install Filezilla on your computer and make sure you know your PFT login credentials. Then, follow the steps below.

Get The FTP Information of The Web Server

To establish a connection between FileZilla and a web server, you must first know the FTP information of the server. Collecting an FTP information of a web host could be different to other web hosts. You can find the FTP information in the FCE Access or FTP Accounts on your Control Panel under Files category. The existing FTP username and password would be the same as your control panel username and password. However, you may also add some accounts and specify a right to access a certain directory on your web host.

How to add FTP account on Control Panel

There you will see the FTP’s hostname, username, and password. In case you forget the password, you can reset it by clicking the Change account password button.

Accessing Site Manager in FileZilla

Accessing Site Manager in Filezilla

To make a website connected to the FileZilla, first you need to run the FileZilla on your computer, then, go to File and click Site Manager. You may also use a shortcut to enter the Site Manager menu by pressing CTRL+S on Windows, or CMD+S on Mac when the FileZilla is running.

Adding a Website to the Site Manager

The previous step you opened the Site Manager of FileZilla. But to connect to the FTP server, you need to add a website to the Site Manager. To add a website, click on the “New Site” button in the Site Manager and fill in the required information details, as shown below:

Host” – You can find this information on your hosting service provider. However, you can also directly fill it with the domain name as its host in format.

Port” – The data port for the FTP server, the default FTP port, it’s usually 21. However, you don’t have to fill this column.

Protocol” – Protocol is used to exchange files over any network. Select FTP – File Transfer Protocol.

  • FTP:  FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. FTP is an internet service which is designed specifically for making connections to certain internet servers (or computers), so users can transfer or download files from and to their computer to the server (computer).
  • SFTP:  SFTP stands for “Secure File Transfer Protocol”. Secure File Transfer Protocol ensures that data is securely transferred using a secure private data path. This is a standard data transmission protocol to be used with the SSH2 protocol. SFTP servers typically use port 22 and FTP over SSL / TLS (implicit mode) using port 990 by default.

Encryption” – choose how your data should be encrypted. Most web hosts recommend using the Only user plan FTP (insecure) because other methods will ask you to create certificates and other compositions. Most reliable web hosts allow you to use this type of FTP connection. So, select User explicit FTP over TLS if available if you prefer to connect to the server using another encryption method. If you have problems in this, you can contact your web hosting CS for assistance.

Logon Type” – types of login on FileZilla:

  • Anonymous: In this mode, you don’t need to use your FTP username and password, because the username will always be “Anonymous”.
  • Normal: This mode allows you to use a username and if required, also enter a password to connect to the FTP server.
  • Ask for password: FileZilla FTP client will ask for a password before you log in and will remember your credentials during the session.
  • Interactive: FileZilla will ask for your FTP password and will prompt again for any new connections to the server of your web.
  • Account: By selecting this option, the “Account” column will appear in the bookmark settings. This type of account is for FTP only, SFTP does not support this type of login.

User“: The username of your FTP account to connect to the FTP.

Password“: The password for your FTP account.

You must specify the Logon Type, which should be made into Normal mode and then, include your FTP username and password.

Site Manager Window

NOTE! If the domain does not refer to your host, the hostname will not work. Alternatively, the server IP will be used, which is specified when creating FTP.

Connect to the FTP server

After you fill all of the credentials and settings, then press Connect or OK. Before doing so, please check back whether or not your password and all credentials are correct.

If Encryption in your configuration has been set to Use explicit FTP over TLS if available, it will display TLS certificate checkup window.

Next step, click OK button. Check the Always trust certificate in future sessions box. Thus, you do not need to do this way every time an FTP connection is created with the FileZilla program.

A successful FTP connection will immediately show you the contents directory of your FTP server (web host). When you have typed the correct information, but the connection is rejected or unsuccessful, then you simply request help from your hosting service provider. Searching for information related to error messages in Google will also very helpful.

FTP connection on FileZilla

If your FileZilla program has 530 Login Authentication failed error, that means there is an error on username or FTP password. If you forget your password, you can reset it on your control panel. Then, update your configuration with the new password. Finally, make sure again whether or not you are correctly typing the FTP username in the login session.

If your FileZilla program tells you with Connection established, initializing TLS… while it’s still not connected to the FTP server, go to File and then select Site Manager and change Encryption to Only use plain FTP (insecure).

Protocol and Encryption Settings in Filezilla

Before you decide to buy a web host, make sure you know what you need and how to choose a good web host for you. Now, you have successfully setup the FileZilla client and connect your directory to the FTP server. Now you can download, upload and manage all your files from one place – FileZilla. In case you have any question or problem about how to use FileZilla, you can ask your hosting service provider for help.

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