What is VoIP and How Does It Work? Explained with Diagrams

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What is VoIP is explained with diagrams.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. It’s a type of IP telephone or voice call through the Internet network connection. VoIP makes it possible for you to make or receive calls through the Internet. To make a two-way voice communication in VoIP phone call method, a phone is hooked up with a network cable instead of using a telephone line. Or you can make a VoIP call through your PC. A long distance VoIP call is cheaper than any call using telephone line. But the audio quality depends on the data signal strength of both reciprocal sender and receiver.

Nowadays, VoIP is getting more widely used worldwide thanks to cable TV providers that commonly include VoIP on their services. If you run a small business you should use this kind of internet telephone. Most web hosting providers also bundling VoIP on their hosting packages. Moreover, some of them even offer VoIP feature on their shared hosting package, which usually the cheapest category level of web hosting types. So, VoIP is becoming affordable for small businesses.

Some renowned examples of VoIP applications are Skype, Ventrilo, and Teamspeak. But if you run a small business running a website, consider getting a web hosting that provides VoIP in a form of a toll-free number. Having your own VoIP for your small business can make your business becomes more professional.

How VoIP Works

The communication flow of how does VoIP work is quite easy to understand. Basically, there are different ways how VoIP works. You can make a VoIP call from your PC to another PC, VoIP device to a different kind of devices like a smartphone or other kind of system. Below are the three common concepts of VoIP Call.

1. VoIP Device to Phone Call

VoIP Device to phone call diagram.
VoIP Device to Phone Call Diagram

2. PC to PC VoIP Call

PC to PC VoIP Call
PC to PC Call VoIP Diagram

3. PC to Phone Call

PC to Phone Call VoIP
PC to Phone VoIP Call Diagram

The Benefits of Using VoIP Internet Phone Service

You will get so many benefits of using Voice over Internet Protocol phone service instead of using conventional telephone services like a telephone line or wireless cellphone. The following are the seven biggest benefits of using VoIP phone system.

1. Easy VoIP Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance

To install Voice over Internet Protocol is quite simple even for common people who are limited in technical networking ability. Instead of hiring a telephone line technical support, you can set up you’re a VoIP service and be ready to use it quickly.

2. Low Call Cost

A low-cost call telephone service is the main reason why large companies prefer using VoIP to serve their hundreds even thousands of customers. Moreover, VoIP phone service also makes it possible for businesses to make a long distance call at a very low cost. In fact that you can even save as much as 80 to 90 percent cheaper on monthly phone bill if you use VoIP, which is cheaper than any telephone line service monthly bill.

3. You Can Use Your Number Wherever You Go

In case you are going to reorganize or enlarge your office space or move your office address, the VoIP phone system allows you to access its convenient web portal to reconfigure the system at all times you want. VoIP phone systems are also great for all types of business legal structures that have remote workers or workers who need to travel elsewhere frequently. The VoIP call can be switched wherever you want to go because the VoIP feature system is cloud-based.

4. High-Quality Voice Call

The voice quality VoIP phone call is very clear, smooth, and completely audible. It’s as if talking with someone person on your side or back.

5. Scalability

VoIP phone service is really measurable. When your business is growing, you then can create different VoIP numbers for your employees.  And of course, all of the internal calls within your office are completely free of charge. It’s why almost all large companies are now using VoIP communication service on their physical offices.

6. Easy to Manage

We can now easily manage VoIP internet services and maintain call records very easily. All of VoIP call records are managed on your computer. So there would be no hassle while you manage and maintain the records at the same time.

7. Many Additional Facilities

There are many facilities on VoIP phone service which are also the benefits of using VoIP internet phone service. Which are including;

  • Speed dial facility is quite useful to facilitate phone calls without having to press many numbers of a contact.
  • Duration Limit facility is useful to limit the length of the telephone conversation. So, you can set the phone talk duration as you want.
  • Destination Limit facility allows you to limit the phone’s destination number.
  • Time Limit facility is useful to limit the time of the phone usage. So, you can set how many hours the phone is available for use within the day.
  • Multi Password facility is useful for controlling the phone users based on their respective VoIP passwords.

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