Everything You Need To Know: Ways To Increase YouTube Views for Free

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Increase Youtube Views for Free

When it’s going to search for various information on the internet, we usually search it on a search engine, like Google or Bing. However, some kinds of information such as tutorial, news, compilation, are more interesting than text-based content. It’s why nowadays YouTube has become a choice for many people in looking for various information. So, YouTube can be an alternative to search engine. It’s the reason why you are going to find out how to increase YouTube views for free.

YouTube has a variety of channels where content creators use to promote, entertain, and educate their audience through their video content. They are gaining views and subscribers that will then convert to their additional revenue for them. Now the question is, how can a creator be able to get more YouTube views and make money (profit) from their videos?

Everyone can add YouTube view for free, but the process will not be easy. If you do it right, you will get more organic views as well as the opportunity to develop the videos you create make a larger audience. So, to increase YouTube views effectively and efficiently without spending money, consider the following tips.

YouTube Search Optimization

Just like the search algorithm of Google, YouTube also has its own search algorithm to display the best and relevant videos for the users. To make your videos perch between the top results on a certain keyword on the first page of the YouTube search result, hundreds and thousands of other similar videos – while increasing YouTube views – you need to maximize your video exposure in search results.

Use keywords that are relevant to the videos on your channel. Do some keyword researches for your keyword strategy to make it work for your videos on the search results. Make the titles of your videos interesting, descriptive, and contain a specific keyword for each of them. Titles will bring the content you create closer to the users, as your content will appear on the first page of search results.

In order, your videos get the attention audience, make a clear description of each of them. The video description provides an additional information about the video your audience is watching. Besides, the video description will also help search engines to find out what content is within the video. To help make your videos easy for users to find, you can also use the tag features on YouTube. Tags, video descriptions, and titles that have made through the optimization process – will show users what a video is really trying to serve. And this is good for video SEO.

You can also make some other adjustments, such as using a high-quality image for a video thumbnail or creating video transcript. All of these efforts will make it easier for users to digest all the videos you created – which will ultimately impact their exposure and increase your YouTube views.

How to Increase YouTube View with Content

Anyhow, the content of the video is the most important factor that will determine the number of views you can get. Good content will get a positive response from your audience – which will impact the YouTube search algorithm for your videos.

To achieve this, you must be able to present content that gives its own value to the audience. The content may be educational videos, tutorials, compilations, or other interesting and entertaining content. When the audience finds that your videos have some added-values for them, the audience will definitely come back and add more view opportunities in the future.

You should also be sensitive to the current trends that are being viral in a region that you are targetting. By following the viral trends, you are no longer have to guess what kind of content will be popular as the viral content will definitely help you get more views from the real people by free.

Some people may find it difficult to be able to correlate their videos with viral content, but if you find the right way to do it, you will get more views from an audience that is curious about your content which is relevant to the viral topic.

If necessary, you can involve guests or influencers in your videos. Their presence potentially increases your youtube views. In addition, with the presence of guest stars within your videos, you will also open up opportunities to get to know the best talents in the industry. Offer them to embed your video links on their blogs, social media accounts, or personal blogs. It will also build a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the influencers.

Increase Youtube Views from the YouTube Platform

YouTube wants the users to stay on their platform. YouTube takes the advantage of ads and from every user who views the videos uploaded. The more users who watch the videos, the greater the benefits of YouTube. Therefore, as a content creator, in order for YouTube to “love you,” you must be proactive on the YouTube platform by increasing the number of subscribers on your channel and viewing of your videos.

To increase YouTube views and subscribers, you need to create content that “replicates” the feel of other creators who have already succeeded. I’m not suggesting you do plagiarism or plagiarize other people’s content, but you might be inspired by the presentation of Suggested Videos on the right side of the screen. By optimizing your videos to be relevant to other popular videos, you will add opportunities for new audiences to view your videos and subscribe to your YouTube account.

You can also use the YouTube’s card feature to promote your other content on the video that is being watched by your audience. The card on the video is useful to:

  • Promote other videos
  • Getting more subscribers
  • Donation to non-profit organizations
  • Send traffic to your website
  • Invites the audience to participate in a poll

It also is able to generate more video views. Use this feature to get the audience to visit your less-visible videos and have them subscribe to your channel.

Another way to increase YouTube views is to redesign the end of your videos. Here, you can give recommendations to the audience about other videos that may interest them. It could be channels or other playlists, even you can recommend your website or simply ask for a donation from the audience to keep your channel run.

Maximize the use of playlists for all videos on YouTube. With the presence the playlists, your relevant videos will be played automatically one by one – which will increase the views of your videos as a whole. Not only to increase views, the playlists will also help the audience to see a row of content that is relevant to their preferences. This is a win-win solution for you and your audience.

In order for your loyal subscribers are not to leave your YouTube channel, you must be able to present in the midst of them. You can do it by answering any questions that are present in the comment field. When it’s the start of the channel to online, answering any questions or replying to some comments of your audience may not yet a big issue. But as the channel progresses, you should be able to be more selective in choosing the questions that are important for you to answer. Try to be a pleasant person – you will be grateful that your efforts will increase the number of subscribers and viewers.

Optimize Beyond YouTube

YouTube has a unique ability to be present in various dimensions of cyberspace. The videos you upload on YouTube can be embedded in social media and in other media – such as blogs. This is what makes every video uploaded on YouTube potentially viral with just a few clicks.

In addition to optimizing on the YouTube platform itself, the traditional SEO is also taking a big role to increase YouTube views. In some cases, YouTube videos even have managed to surpass websites in Google search results. Video exposures from search engines can be an interesting source of YouTube views if you can make the most of it.

A YouTube video which is embedded in a web page will be counted as a backlink and in this case, the link will lead to your YouTube video, which will add value to the video SEO rankings. As a result, you will get two major exposures that will drastically increase YouTube views by free.

Besides going through SEO, social media is another tool that can increase YouTube viewers. This is possible thanks to its cross-platform promotional features. Through social media, you will be able to reach millions of viewers that relevant to the video content you create. Share the link on your social media and get more viewers and sharers. Social media will also boost the video SEO as Google will detect the number of new sessions that access to the video. This will make your video more likely to appear in top search results – on both YouTube and Google.

If the tips above are not enough, you can use the services of a third person like an influencer to help you gain exposure to a broader audience of influencers. In addition, you can also do various contests and promotions to increase YouTube views – through this effort is not entirely free (Pro tips: You can hook up a sponsor who is interested in video marketing as a partner to provide prizes for your audience – if you are well-known in cyberspace.)

Keep Doing and Be Patient

Finally, the last but not the least, even the most importantly, you have to keep increasing and improving your video content and be patient. Building a digital identity using YouTube is not an overnight miracle. You need to understand the platform well and make the content truly quality. Stay consistent and do not stop innovating. With whatever content you create, you will gain the results in the future.

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