How to Install Oracle Weblogic Server (WLS) on Linux VPS

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Oracle Weblogic Server Installation Guide

If you are using a Linux VPS, this Oracle Weblogic Server installation guide would be very helpful for you. As you may also know, Oracle Webserver Logic (WLS) is a development of Java EE app. But now Oracle has been gained Weblogic Server when purchasing made by BEA Systems – a company which already known by developers as a software company.

To provide an additional depiction, firstly you are going to discover its technical. A current web server is a part of an application server. For example, if you are a developer, you may have heard or even used Weblogic Server, WebSpere Oracle OC4J, Apache Geronimo, and many other similar software programs.

Here is specifically discuss Oracle Weblogic Server installation guide. But before you follow the steps to install Oracle Weblogic Server, it’a good idea to first read the benefits of using Oracle Weblogic Server to add up your web hosting skills. However, if you may also skip to the Oracle Weblogic installation steps.

The Benefits of Using Oracle WebLogic Server

It is important for businesses and organizations to use a software program that suits their dynamic needs. Why do businesspeople and organizers need to adapt it to dynamic necessities? Speaking of business, the climate change is quite flexible. It’s why a software program that suits the business needs is really necessary to be easily adaptable. So, when we are talking about web development, Oracle leads the way to meet the needs of developers.

The design of Oracle WebLogic is relatively the best-of-breed as it is easy to integrate. Its overall technology offers an ideal blend of scalability, performance and operational efficiency in order to support contemporary IT needs that are also related to dynamic business needs.

The following are the benefits of using Oracle Weblogic Server for businesses and organizations.

Fast Server Performance

Most of WLS’ data centers have been using the latest hardware architecture including 64-bit memory, multi-chip, and high-speed network connection. Oracle has a good infrastructure foundation for the speed that’s not only benefiting the user but also helps reduce software maintenance costs with respect to the software as well as management resources.

Easy Access

When observing some server apps, there are many applications those which are often limited by memory that can only be accessed on a particular machine used. Oracle Coherence as part of the Oracle WebLogic suite includes all the available memory across the system making it accessible to any application. Oracle WebLogic’s Coherence also provides user grouping to enable data replication to occur. It can protect the client from loss if the system fails.


As an app does not work alone, connecting with other applications and services in a digital environment becomes very important. Oracle’s architectural design has a very reliable performance for common communication apps such as JMS-based (Java Message Service) apps.


Currently, the most responsive apps are not enough. In order your business and organization truly outperform competitors, your application must be agile in terms of having a good adaptability regarding new existing implementations. Oracle WebLogic offers a fast and easy downtime-based live-cycle app management. There are also available some components or simple patches that allow fast roll-back.

Well, after knowing the benefits of using Oracle Weblogic Server, now we are going to list the steps of Oracle Weblogic Server installation guide. Follow the steps of how to install Oracle Weblogic Server on Linux VPS.

Oracle WebLogic Server Installation Guide

The very first thing you should do before starting the installation process is to download the Oracle Weblogic Server from its official site. Simply search the download page on your favorite search engine. You may also find other download alternatives you can use to download it such as from Sourceforge repository. To do this, you must select a file that has a .bin extension. You can check it in home/user_name/downloads.

Download Oracle Weblogic server that uses .bin file.

Then, if you want to make sure that whether or not the downloaded file is actually in your downloads, you just typethe following command on your command note you normally use.

cd Downloads/

If the file you are looking for already exists, you can then see the file with a .bin type of file. Then, you need to change the existing file permission to be executable. For the command, you can type “chmod +x wls*.bin“. Then, try an execution. When it will eventually become “./wls*.bin“. At this stage, you must wait for the extraction process to finish so that no unwanted errors. When the extraction process is complete and successfully, there will be a notification window Oracle installer like a notification on a common installation window. So in this case, installing Oracle Weblogic is the same as a typical installation. Then, you can choose next to get to the next stage.

Oracle WebLogic Server installation window.

Next, you can directly specify the installation directory. Usually, on installed programs, there will be available by default and located in /home/username/Oracle/Middleware.

In addition to the things mentioned above, you do not actually need to add Oracle/Middleware directory. Why not? Because in this case the folder can be automatically created. There is another real option if you want a change to the existing installation directory. You can simply press the browse button, then specify the installation directory itself and finally click next to go to the next stage.

Choose Middleware Home Directory

After that, there will appear a registration form for updating security. Read also, security scan on Linux VPS. If you want a notification at the time an update available, you can just write down your Oracle Support email. But keep in mind that you can actually just press the next button to go directly to the next installation step. Then, you can directly choose what type of installation will be applied. Here, it’s recommended that you choose the basic installation type, which is “typical“.

Choose Typical install type.

Because of this type you are no longer bother to do additional configurations. Then, you can press the next button to go to the next process. At the time of the product selection directory installation stage, you can immediately press the next button to continue again to the next stage.

The next stage after you press the next button is a summary of the installation process that has been done. In this section, you only need to press the next button again. After that, you can wait for the process of applying Oracle WebLogic server on your Linux VPS. Obviously, you have to wait until the process is completely finished. Once it has reached 100% and the process is successfully done, you can thick the Run Quickstart. Doing this means that the web server you are going to use can work properly. Then, you can hit the done button.

Run Quickstart on Oracle Weblogic Server installation.

After Oracle WebLogic Server Installation

The next step is you can choose the top option – “Getting started with WebLogic Server“. As we mentioned earlier, you will be guided to create a new domain. So, you’ll choose the topmost option to create a new WebLogic domain. Immediately, once you select the new domain creation option, you can then press the next button. Two new options will reappear. For that matter, you just need to select an option that creates domain config automatically. Again, you can then press the next button.

Create a domain configured automatically.

The next step is to enter a domain name whatever you want. However, it’s not recommended to choose a domain that is easy to remember. Instead, you should also check the correct use of punctuation. Spaces are not available in naming a new domain. You may want to use underscore and/or strip. After entering a domain name, you can press the next button to go to the next stage. You will be prompted to enter the name and password for its admin, after which you can press the next button once again.

Next, you will be given a development option mode or production mode. Regarding this, it’s not recommended to select the development mode. If so, you can press next again. After that, you will select an additional config option. For this, you can click on Administration Server then press next.

In general, Oracle WebLogic server uses port 7001 in its default system. However, if you want to use another port, you can actually replace it according to your needs. But there’s one thing you should focus up to this stage – that is choosing a port that doesn’t clash with other services. In addition, you can also provide an SSL mode by thicking the SSL enabled option, then click next. After the config summary appears, you can press the create button.

Thick the SSL enabled option.

After Completing The Whole Process of WLS Installation

If all the WLS installation process has been 100% done, you can press the done button. Now, you should check the Oracle WebLogic server you just installed. Open a terminal with a shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+T). Then you can change the domain_name with the domain name you have previously created. Then do If you see a Running Mode view, you can open your browser to check this by entering an address “http://localhost: 7001/console“.

The preview of Oracle WebLogic Server login page.

Well done! Now you can use Oracle Weblogic Server on Linux VPS.

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