4 Ways How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Windows Computer

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There would be some works you need to do on Ubuntu Linux or any other Linux distro. While your computer is running Windows OS. You don’t need to remove Windows and install Linux Ubuntu on your computer. But you simply install and run Linux Ubuntu on your Windows computer.

However, the biggest hesitation people do when it comes to installing Linux on Windows computer is that what if something goes wrong in the process or after the installation.

There are many ways in which you can try Linux Ubuntu and see if you really like it. For example, running its Live CD, installing Ubuntu Linux OS on a virtual machine, installing it side-by-side with your Windows (dual boot), or installing Ubuntu completely on Windows Computers instead. You might even choose to leave Windows completely and replace it with Ubuntu Linux.

Are You Ready to Switch to Ubuntu Linux?


The Advantages of Ubuntu LinuxThe first thing to consider in this case is determining whether or not you are ready to switch to Linux. There are many things you might miss Windows when you’ve switched to Linux. Moreover, you only have a single PC or laptop. So, you should be more careful in considering when it comes to switching to Linux completely.

As you read this article, it is a good sign that you have a strong tendency to try Linux. And an ideal Linux distro to start is with Ubuntu.

Take note that Linux is not identical with Windows totally. The Ubuntu one is the most accessible Linux distribution, which offers an intuitive user interface and a solid package manager.

If you have considered and decide to switch, you may have spent some time thinking about how to use Ubuntu. While Ubuntu is a new thing on your computer and as your main or the only operating system on your laptop completely which replaces Windows OS. So, you will need to understand how you can migrate your data from Windows to Ubuntu, assuming that you will actually switch to Linux.

Beginners Should Choose the Linux Distro Beginner Should Choose

As you might also know, there are a lot of different distros of Linux which are available. Some are meant for hardcore users or developers, while some other Linux types come with a Windows-like user interface. It’s designed to help beginners those who just switched from another platform like Mac or Windows by making their way easier on Linux. There is no reason why you shouldn’t look at the list of best Linux distributions and try some alternatives.

After you have downloaded a Linux distro, burn it to a DVD as your first preparation for the installation. Instead of using a DVD, a USB flash device like flash disk or portable hard drive can also be set to the installation media. But it doesn’t mean that you have to install it on your external device first.

If you are new to Linux operating system, we have a list of Linux tutorials for beginners you might want to read.

Getting Started: Test Using Live CD or a Virtual Machine

Before installing Ubuntu, perhaps you may need to try some features of Ubuntu so that you would be really familiar with Ubuntu. Use bootable Ubuntu installer. Then, there will come two options such as Install Ubuntu and Live CD. Here, select Live CD.

Not all Linux distributions have Live CD features. Fortunately, you can use Live CD Ubuntu feature to taste how it feels in using Ubuntu Linux.

For the ease of switching from Windows and Ubuntu while testing the Ubuntu OS on its Live CD will be less flexible. You cannot switch from Windows to Ubuntu easily when running the Linux distro from DVD. Therefore, you might consider using a virtual machine.

You can keep your main computer safe by testing the new operating system in a virtual machine. In short, free tools like VMWare Player and VirtualBox make a virtual PC software using your device’s hardware. Using a virtual machine is an easy way to try Ubuntu Linux.

Windows and Ubuntu Dual Booting

Make your Windows and Ubuntu dual bootAfter discovering more about Ubuntu advantages, you may still doubt about whether or not to switch permanently. So, if you are considering that you would use Windows again, dual boot between Ubuntu with Windows is a good idea. Basically, you can do Windows and Ubuntu dual boot by creating a new partition on your computer’s hard drive and installing Ubuntu Linux into it.

Installing Ubuntu using Dual Boot MethodAfter Installing Ubuntu, you will see the boot menu every time you boot or restart your computer. Then, your operating system will run as per your choice, whether to run Windows or Ubuntu. You can select one of them by simply pressing up or down the keyboard, and enter.

When There’s a Mistake in Installing Ubuntu

Actually, there very rare cases when there’s an error in installing Linux. Because installing Linux OS isn’t much different to installing Windows. But when you are sure that there’s a mistake, you still switch back to Windows. So, using the Live CD or virtual machine would be the last alternatives for you to run Linux on your Windows computer.

However, if you install Ubuntu dual boot alongside Windows, you then might be easier in switching back to your main operating system and removing Ubuntu from your HDD. Fortunately, you can do it easily safely without losing your data.

This process involves backing up your Linux data to an external device. Then, switch your computer or laptop to Windows to delete partitions and restore the MBR.

Finally, if you decide to switch to Ubuntu Linux completely, you simply use this Operating System. You can install Ubuntu as a single operating system on your computer. Ubuntu Linux is an ideal OS as the alternative to Windows for enjoying new functionalities on your computer.

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