How to Test Internet Speed Connection on PC and Mobile Device

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You probably just subscribed to a interned data plan for your modem or mobile, or you just installed a WiFi set in your home. Certainly, the internet speed connection is a big issue for your online activities. Even though the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of your choice offers an internet speed up to 300Mbps, sometimes the connection speed is not following that offer. The problem could be the location you are using the connection is less exposed to the signal, or it could be your network connection setting. So, you should do internet speed check to know how fast your internet speed is.

How to Check Your Internet Speed

You can do the internet speed test on your PC. You can also test the internet connection speed or the download speed of your internet using the help from online services that provide a service to check the speed of your internet connection. Most of them are free of charge without you need to spend even a cent. These speed test online services will inform you about the maximum speed of your ISP when downloading and uploading data. With the download and upload speed tests, you will be able to monitor how fast your internet connection. Read also: How to save internet quota.

Internet Speed Test on PC

Nowadays, there are many ISPs offer cheap home Wi-Fi that uses fiber optic. Indeed, such feature is tempting, moreover if the internet data plan is cheap. There are so many ISPs which are offering fiber optic internet connection to support the speed of your internet. They are competing and trying to offer as cheap as possible that the other internet providers.

The competition among these ISPs seems endless. They are rolling out to provide high-speed internet connection at an affordable price. Such special offer makes many people interested in installing wireless internet set at their home, office, or business places. In fact, each of the stalls next to the highway also has a free Wi-Fi facility to indulge their customers.

For so many ISPs offer cheap and high-speed internet packages at a low price, the internet users are increasingly rampant everywhere. But sometimes the internet speed we are using does not match with the promotion that is offered by the ISP.

The causes of a dropped internet connection could be various. When your internet speed is decreased dramatically, the ISP could be down. To ensure the problem of your internet connection, you can do a broadband speed test or bandwidth speed test online. The following is the steps of how to check internet speed online.

  1. Turn on your PC or Laptop
  2. Make sure your computer connects to the internet that you want to test the connection speed. You can connect your computer to the internet through Wi-Fi or LAN cable.
  3. Open your web browser. You can use Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. Then go to the
  4. Click on the ‘Begin Test Recommended Server’ menu if you want to let this site select a server that matches your ISP. Instead, click ‘Begin to Test Your Preferred Server’ if you want to select your server and wait for this internet speed test to finish.

In just a few seconds the site will instantly show your internet speed test results. The speed test results would include:

  • Ping (Packet Internet Gopher). It’s an internet connection test to analyze whether or not your computer connects to another device. The smaller the Ping number, the better your internet quality.
  • Download speed test. This test will analyze the ISP speed when your computer downloads data.
  • Upload speed test: It’s a test to check the speed of your ISP internet connection when your computer uploads data.

In order the internet speed test gets an optimal result, you should not use the internet to browse, download, or upload data while performing at connection speed test. If you are using a WiFi connection, you must also ensure that no one else out there is using your WiFi connection. Check WiFi network usage.

How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile Device

If you are using a 4G LTE network on an Android or iPhone Device, you can check how fast the currently available network connection speed. Some ISPs are aggressively issuing commercial ads that offer 4G LTE internet packages.

They claim that 4G LTE network can provide high and stable internet speed connection for your mobile device online activities. But once again, you should consider the broad range of the network signal availability. A super high-speed internet connection with a low price is useless if it’s not available in your local area. So, you should choose an ISP that offers a network signal covering whole locations in your local area.

To make check the network speed, you can use the Speedtest from Ookla. Testing the internet speed on a mobile phone is slightly different to testing from a computer. Here are the steps of how to check internet speed on a mobile device:

  1. Download and install the app from to your mobile device. If you use an Android smartphone, you can download this app on the Google Play Store. For iPhone users, you can download it from the App Store or iTunes.
  2. Determine the internet connection that you want to test. If you want to check the internet speed from your smartphone provider, turn off the Wi-Fi and turn on the Mobile Data.
  3. Open the app and use the same way as checking the computer’s internet speed, by pressing the ‘Begin Test’.
  4. Wait a few seconds after the internet speed test results appear in the three types, namely Ping, Download, and Upload.

The way of checking the internet speed using this app is quite accurate. You just need to make sure that the device is not being used for video streaming, browsing, downloading, or uploading data while running Internet speed test.

If you are unsure of the results, you can check repeatedly. If for a while your internet speed stays incompatible with the current condition, contact your ISP Customer Service for the explanation and solution to the problem.

You can also do this tips to check your modem or cable device whether or not it works at its maximum capability.

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