The World’s Most In-Demand IT Skills in This Modern Age

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Most In-Demand IT Skills

Along with the ongoing evolve of information technology, there are many companies need human resources who have more specific IT skills. More and more people are dabbling into the field of IT. Though, at first, their educations were not in the field of IT. The reason to why should those people dabbling to the world of IT is because of the in IT field, everything made practical. In which, you can easily learn IT skills. You can learn any IT skill personally with the help of books, pieces of equipment for the practices, willpower, and tenacity. Besides that, you’ll find there are so many job opportunities in the world of IT. IT field is somehow quite interesting, although sometimes companies that are not engaged in providing IT products or services underestimate the skills of their IT workers.

Most In-Demand IT Skills

Many companies are looking for low paid IT workers who have multiple IT skills, such as coding, networking, server-side, system operating, application, hardware, and software. To avoid that, IT workers eventually choose to work at a company which notices that the Information Technology is a valuable asset for the company. For some IT workers, the opportunity to work for such a company is not easy. Need a long good working experience, reputation, and in-demand IT skills. In-demand IT skills, what are they? The following are in-demand IT skills.

1. Machine-Learning Skill

Machine learning is a method and development of computer systems to provide computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning works to develop computer programs that are able to change when exposed to new data. Along with the increasing numbers of developing companies, machine-learning skill is becoming a more in-demand IT skill.

The bigger a company, the more the company needs for an algorithm to process the large data into something. This led to the need for human resources with machine-learning knowledge skill. Having the ability to design and develop algorithms or techniques to improve computer performance is a good value to increase your salary rate. If you would like to be skillful in machine-learning, you need to data mining, statistical modeling, and data structure.

2. Mobilizing Applications Skill

The mobilizing application refers to the development of a computerized application to be movable or capable of movement without losing its functions.

The competition among companies to provide mobile-based services is getting hot. The wilder world of Internet technology, mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.) are becoming an essential business support tools. Therefore, there would be more companies need people who are skillful in moving some information from ERP, procurement, or other applications to mobile devices.

3. Wireless Networking Skill

In this modern age, securing wireless transmissions is increasingly becoming a priority. That is a need that is increasingly in demand along with the development of wireless technology standardization for hardware such as Wi-Fi, WiMax, and Bluetooth. Most computer savvy companies do not just want a wireless specialist, but also someone who understands about wireless security. Someone who has a wireless certificate is solely skillful in network admin. Your IT skill is becoming more in-demand if you know how a wireless interacts with the network.

4. Human-Computer Interface Skill

“The first impression is so tempting”. Yes, that expression is not only merely a tagline for one fragrance products but also human-computer interface. Packaging has become an important factor in this modern age. Have ever heard “your website is your company’s face online”? It means a company must properly address a more user-friendly, eye-catching and even mobile-friendly web design. Likewise, the software of desktop applications should have should have a more user-friendly and attractive user interface design.

5. Project Management Skill

A project manager is always necessary for most companies in this modern age. However, with so many cases about projects which are over budget or fail, a project manager need to be able to prove what he knows and what he is doing. Most companies need a project manager who is really skillful in managing a project and the entire cycle of the project.

6. General Networking Skills

If you would like to work in a large company, you need to improve your IT skills in terms of general networking skills. We can also the general networking skills are as computer networking skills. Because large companies usually look for a worker who’s really capable of general networking skills. General networking is often becoming a problem for those who do not choose networking as a field of interest. Such a programmer. Programming is one of computer skills that is usually learned without more focusing in computer networking capabilities. If you did not choose networking as the field of your interest would be better if you learn a basic provision of networking such as TCP/IP and Ethernet. Because sometimes a programmer must also think about how the application works in any type of network environment or a distributed system.

7. Network Convergence Skill

Mostly, large companies are implementing VoIP (Voice over IP) in their company. So, those companies need a least network admin staff to handle network convergence, but not a mediocre network admin but not mediocre. A skillful network admin technician is usually knowledgeable of networks, LANs, WANs, voice, Internet, and how all these components meet and interact.

8. Open Source Programming Skill

A person with knowledge and experience in Linux, Kotlin, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) would be increasingly in-demand. There are many large companies rely on open source technology as the backbone of their business. This idea would be helpful to reduce the budget in creating a new digital technology. Besides that, the security issues on open source technologies could be a critical concern for companies. Therefore, people who are knowledgeable in term of LAMP security would be valuable for many companies in this modern age.

9. Business Intelligence Systems Skill

The development of business intelligence in recent years led companies to necessarily consider hiring someone who is knowledgeable and skillful in applying business intelligence technologies for their business. The business intelligence systems skill is the ability of an IT in handling business intelligence technologies such as Cognos, Hyperion, Business Objects, etc.

10. Embedded Security Skill

IT security has always been a major focus for IT-based companies. They will always need security specialists who are always up to date with the most recent information technology security issues and news. To secure their IT matters, they keen to be aware and to secure their assets against any potential cyber terrorism and attack. Therefore, an embedded security specialist need to be capable of creating a safe environment for the company’s business processes such as email, applications, networks, transactions, etc.

11. Digital Home Technology Integration Skill

Home multimedia technology is always rapidly growing. For most people, their home is no longer just a haven to stay and sleep. Their home has also evolved into a multimedia technology haven. To add, the biggest developments of digital home technology integration are home video tech, home audio tech, home security tech, and automated lighting system. Therefore, for companies that provide such digital home technology absolutely need people who are capable of handling digital home technology integration works. If you are skillful and knowledgeable in terms digital home technology integration skill and interested in working for those companies, you should have the Digital Home Technology Integrator certificate. To get the certificate, you can take it from a company named CompTIA that cooperates with Electronics Association.12. .NET, C #, C ++, Java Skills

12. .NET, C #, C ++, Java Skills

Nowadays, .NET, C#, C++, and Java are programming languages that are needed for many companies. Those companies need a worker who is capable of coding to develop .NET framework-based applications such as ASP.Net,, etc. So, if you are a skillful and knowledgeable in .NET, C #, C ++, Java, PHP, and XML programming languages, you would be a valuable asset for an IT-based company. However, such a company usually does not need just a programmer. But a programmer who is able to work in a team. Furthermore, it would be better if the programmer is able to lead a team or a project coordinator.

Those are the world’s most in-demand IT skills in this modern age. If you don’t have any of the IT skills above, don’t be discouraged. The IT skills are a practical field that can be learned. So, it is still not too late to learn IT skill. Besides that, IT skills are not the only factor to get a job. If your passion is in the field of information technology, then learning IT skills is a good choice for you.

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