10 Java-based Game Development Software to Create Android Games

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Java-based Game Development Software

There’s no doubt that the market share of Android games has been increasing. And there are many game developers from different countries release their Android games and compete each other in a particular Android game niche. They commonly market their Android games on Google PlayStore. Indeed, gamers love high graphics quality games. But if we talk about the scope of Android gaming consoles, most of them love games with mediocre graphics but contain educative and good gameplay storyline. In which, almost all of Android games were created using Java-based game development software.

Now you can easily create your own Android game using a Java-based game development software. But if you are capable of Java language coding, you should learn Kotlin programming language too. Kotlin now is officially supported by Google. It’s a really simple programming language which you can also use on Android Studio in creating Android apps. Because Kotlin is an open source programming language, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that Kotlin developers have been developing Kotlin-based game development tools. So, if you know how to create Android apps using Java-based game development software, creating Android games using Kotlin would be much easier for you.

Instead of manually developing an Android game that sometimes takes time quite a lot, consider using one of the best Java-based game development tools. And it would speed up your time in the making. So, here we focus on telling you the 10 Java-based game engines. Java beginners mostly assume that developing Android games using Java is relatively heavier than using other programming languages. Especially in developing Android games without a game engine.


Game engine software programs are kind of framework designed to help you in creating and developing games. Just like on the web, they also have a powerful API to speed up game development. It’s absolutely certain that developing a game without a game engine would be much longer.

Sometimes if you want to have a great Java-based game development software program would be costly. Because you need a game engine software that with reliable features and hassle-free. But if you want to start from the basic or would like to learn and practice game development to improve your Java coding skills, why don’t you start with an open source game engine and free of charge. Therefore, you may be interested in one of the following best free Java-based game development software tools which are really capable of helping you to create Android games.

1. AndEngine

AndEngine is another OpenGL Java-based game engine. It’s absolutely free and open source and is used to create 2D Android games. This 2D game engine has been widely used to develop a lot of  Android games like Save The Earth, Xelorians, Man vs Mosquito and many others. If you get confused to understand its API, there are many blogs and forums provide AndEngine Tutorials for you to get helps and solutions.

2. Android GL Engine (ANGLE)

ANGLE is a Java-based open source game development engine which focusing on making 2D games. Thanks OpenGL ES support and a series of well-documented Angle tutorials can help you developing 2D Android games quickly.

3. Box2D

Box2D is one of the best Java-based game development that is developed using C++ and is open source software program. This is a free game engine and can help you readers to create physical-based Android games based like the Angry Birds game. With its manual support and the series of Box2D tutorials documentation make it possible for you to easily understand its API. When you get stacked in developing your game, Box2D also provides forum site for you to discuss and find solutions for Box2D issues with other developers worldwide.

4. Ardor3D

Ardor3D is an open source Java-based game engine and which is supported by OpenGL. By using this game engine, you can easily creating 3D Android game app without hassle instead of Java coding manually.

5. AllBinary Platform

If you want to get a 3D game development software tool, consider AllBinary Platform. This is one of the best free Java-based game engines which is open source. And supported by OpenGL ES specifically made for 3D Android games development tool. If you would like to know how a 3D game quality made using this game engine, you can try ZeptoRacer 3D for Android.

6. Catcake

If you want a user-friendly and high-performance game engine to create 3D games, consider using Catcake. It’s a Java-based and open source 3D game engine for you to develop your 3D games. It’s easy to use and really capable. Catcake provides 2D and 3D animations features, input device handling, and sound playing. And your game which you create using Catcake will be cross-platform as well.

7. Loon

Loon is also so called as LGame, which is also a Java-based open source game engine that specifically a 2D game development tool to create Android games. You will find so many 2D games on Google PlayStore which are developed using Loon game engine.

8. Cocos2D

Actually, Cocos2D is not only a game development tool to create game apps for iPhone. This game development engine also has a version for Android. It’s an open source application and supports Java. This tool is good for you to develop 2D Android games. Its API is quite the same as what you can find on iPhone.


If you want to create a 3D game for Android, you must try JPCT. JPCT-AE is a Java-based and open source game development engine for you to create 2D and 3D Android games. This game development tool is capable of porting JPCT to Android. You can easily learn its API is also easy to learn and this game engine software supports OpenGL

10. LibGDX

Another game engine to consider when you are going to develop your 2D or 3D Android game is LibGDX. This powerful game engine supports Java and also open source game development software for you to create Java games for Android based on OpenGL ES. This game engine tool is also cross-platform.

Have You Decided Which Java-based Game Development Tool is Best for You?

Developing Android games would be hassle-free using a game engine. By mastering one or two of those Java-based game development software programs, you can speed up and simplify your 2D and 3D Android games development process.

However, you should also need to learn Java coding intensively and learn Android basic programming for finding out the solutions or potential issues. Or if you are a skillful Java programmer, you will need to understand to use them for you to get their benefits and supporting you to become an Android developer.

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