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Keyword Strategy

Nowadays, the world of digital marketing is much different from a decade ago. The ease of someone seeking information through multiple channels makes marketers and entrepreneurs must have the right keyword strategy to boost online sales. One of the most widely used channels today is a type of modern digital media, Search Engines. Today, mastering SEO skills is a must for internet marketing experts. Digital Marketing is a science that every startup and SME must know in the effort of reaching the right target market. In which again, one of the essential components of modern digital marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO skills are the abilities to increase the visibility of a website to the internet users so that they can find the website through search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO is an optimization method that helps improve the ability of a site to get the first or second page of organic search results. However, to gain the first position on the first page of search results is important as the CTR (Click Through Rate) is significantly lower than the second and third position, and so on. Even, the page 2 of the SERPs get a very small number of searches. For most people, if they do not find what they are looking for, they will replace or refine their search keywords.

The world of Digital Marketing has many online marketing approaches and online actions. The table below will explain the impact of various online marketing activities including Search Engine Optimization for different components such as Brand Awareness, Lead Generation (visitors become members), Conversion (visitors become buyers/subscribers), and Customer Retention. Brand awareness is a special purpose element if you’re new to a particular market and you want people to know your business or product brand. Lead generation in general meaning is getting new traffic or potential customers to visit your e-commerce website. Conversion is converting leads that come and encouraging visitors to place orders on your e-commerce website and become your customers. Customer Retention makes your existing customers create repeat purchases on your site and encourage them to become loyal customers. Here’s the explicit mapping of them in a table:

Marketing ChannelBrand AwarenessLead GenerationConversionRetention

If you want to establish an online business either a Startup or SME, there are several steps from the start and until making you successful in that field of online business, namely:

Step 1: Find Out What Niche of Online Business and Why

If you want to start a startup and SME business, you must know and understand very well how to start a business in that niche from when and until when the business will survive. It is important to know the length of time (trend analysis) you can harvest and play in a particular type of business to be able to focus on one thing and get maximum results later on.

Step 2: Build the Brand of the Business

All products and services require a strong brand to be institutionalized among a wider community. It is as important as when starting a new business with a new brand or building the brand from the beginning. Creating and building a brand is as same as raising and bringing up direct traffic.

“Tips: For the initial stage, you can promote using Facebook to reach a lot of audience at a relatively low cost.”

Furthermore, fill your blog with useful content and not too general. This way will help you to make your keyword strategy works targeting a more specific audience. Try to be specific and have the best content in your industry you are pursuing. Keep in mind that the length of the article also affects the ranking. A longer and useful content could make the visitors of your website stay longer.

The next thing to note is the user action. The user action is a powerful and influential factor for a website to remain to stay on the first page of a search engine. The possibility of commenting, responding, discussing in the forum, or even uploading and downloading activities are also useful. If the article is written long enough, a table of content at the beginning of the article will greatly help the readers know what topics are discussed throughout the article.

Step 3: Know Popular Keywords

As a newcomer to the online business, you must be keyword literate before you apply a keyword strategy to your digital marketing efforts. It means you are well aware what keywords are popular and which are not, and the right keywords that are useful in the niche you are in. For example, you build an SME in the field of baby equipment. Then, your keyword is definitely about baby stuff but not even cookware. Google Keyword Planner can help you to get the list of popular keywords in your niche.

Step 4: Keyword Strategy

The first thing you can do to determine the right keyword strategy for business in your industry is by knowing your competitor’s keywords. You can search the information and find out what are the keywords your competitors engage in by using various applications such as Alexa Premium and Keyword Revealer. Keyword research is important in search engine marketing that will help you save money in targeting a niche market and overpowering your competitors.

The flow of conversion from a keyword strategy

If you are just starting an online business, you should focus on the content of the Initial Research category. The outer group of the diagram above is the part of Broad Search Term which is wider and has many searches every day. Broad Search Terms are a more general keyword such as “camera” or “digital camera”. At the middle is the Refine Search, which is more accurate such as selling a digital camera and buy a mirrorless camera. The most important and effective keyword strategy is Content Research. Content Research is the most specific among all keyword strategies, for example, selling Canon EOS Mark III or buy Nikon d700 camera.

You can use Bloomberry to learn and understand what topics are your target market looking for. Always remember; “play the game you can win.” List longtail keywords as many as possible that have high research volume and low competition. If your website already has a lot of articles, list among them that rank not good enough in a keyword competition on Search Engines but has a large search volume. You can use KeywordsEverywhere to find out higher-up Keywords. You can also create many articles and build a variety of long tail keywords.

“Tips: If you want to start a new business, look for keywords that are not popular yet but potentially will be trending in the future.”

Step 5: Evergreen Keyword VS Seasonal Keyword (Expired Keyword)

Evergreen Keyword is a kind of enduring keyword of all time and does not depend on seasonal. This type of keyword is a keyword that will continue and consistently rise without time limit. Whereas, Seasonal keyword or Expired Keyword is a kind of keyword that is seasonal or has an expiry date on a search engine. Seasonal keywords will be booming for a moment and then sink at all when the trend has been exhausted. Some examples of Seasonal Keywords such as the Debate of President Candidates in 2017 and Cool Christmas Gifts in 2017. Some examples of Evergreen keywords such as “How to become a successful entrepreneur,” “how to do business online,” etc. You can use evergreen keyword strategy to support your digital marketing.

Step 6: Long Tail Keyword

The long tail keyword is a type of keyword that is longer or more than two words. The long tail keyword is effectively used as a keyword when you enter a new realm in a business industry. Examples long tail keywords “How to Get Rid of Acne Scars” or “How to Become an Online Reseller.”

Step 7: Backlink

A backlink is also known as an incoming link, an inbound link, which is the incoming link to a web page. In the basic terminology of the link, backlinks are earned or received by a web node (web pages, directories, websites, or top-level domains) from other web nodes. Before earning (not getting) backlinks, it’s good for you:

  • To make best contents
  • To create internal links
  • Branding (direct traffic)

Some types of backlinks that search engines like are;

  1. Social backlinks: Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Google+ (individual posts count as backlinks), Tumblr, MySpace
  2. Graphic:, Storify, Behance
  3. Wikis: Wikipedia, WikiHow,
  4. Presentation: Scribd (link in the presentation slide), Google Docs, Slideshare
  5. Q&A: Quora, Yahoo Answers
  6. Academic Paper: Elsevier, Springer, and,
  7. Photography: Flickr, Shutterstock, Istockphoto, Dreamstime, Foap (If you are a photographer who sells your photos on a photography website, do not forget to tag your pictures and give backlinks to your site in your profile Page)
  8. Host Talkshow: Coundcloud,

Keep in mind also that the Google search engine strictly forbids you to buy backlinks or include backlinks massive by various websites at one time. Therefore, the first thing should build to make your site go to Google’s first page is by focusing on the quality content marketing strategy of your site or blog. With quality content, undoubtedly the Digital Marketing strategy you run will never go wrong and will increase your website ranking on the search engines sooner or later.

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