Learn Basic HTML: Understanding HTML and Its Usability

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Understanding HTML

What is HTML? Maybe it is the question that comes to your mind when you just started learning the world of web programming. HTML is a basic programming language that every web developer or web design professional must be capable of because HTML is the core element of building a website. To parable, HTML is the foundation of a house or building, as web developers create web pages using HTML. So, here will be explained with understanding HTML and its usability, and a glimpse into HTML history and its development.

Understanding HTML

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a formatting language used to create a web page. In the field of web-based programming (Web Programming), HTML becomes the first foundation on most web pages. You should save an HTML in .html (dot html) extension of the file to work properly. You can execute or access a .html file using a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. As what has been explained above, HTML is the basis of a website. However, it’s not enough just using HTML to create a website. You may also need CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to create a dynamic internet site. If you create a website using HTML only, then, the page of the site is categorized as a static web page, because it has no action or no function that can manage the website. Such way will make the developer very busy with having to gradually change the HTML file about each time the developer wants to update the article of the web page.

HTML has several elements which consist of tags that have their particular functions, such as HTML heading tags, paragraphs, forms creating, buttons, lists, hyperlinks creating, or the links that interlinked among the web pages, and many other basic HTML elements.

HTML Usability

HTML serves as the foundation of a website page. The following list is about all you can do with HTML;

  • Wrap specific elements
  • Create headings or titles format
  • Creating tables
  • Creating list
  • Creating paragraphs
  • Create a form
  • Creating buttons
  • Make bold text
  • Make italic text
  • Displaying Images
  • Showing videos

Besides, there are many other uses of HTML. Until now HTML has come to the fifth version, HTML5. HTML5 has been having a lot of additional features. One of them, HTML5 allows you to create a streaming video without the help of Adobe Flash. To conclude, HTML is the basic foundation of building a website. In case you need to execute or run an HTML file, you must use a web browser, and save the HTML file as a .html extension of a file.

Why Should You Learn HTML and CSS?

You may have often heard people have to learn HTML and CSS. But is it essential for writers, marketers, financial advisors, or nonprofit workers? Why do you need to know how to coding?

A little knowledge and skills about HTML and CSS can make a big difference in your career. Learning HTML and CSS is not just for production assistants and web developers. Learning HTML and CSS also useful for small business owners, marketing managers, or event organizers.

That maybe sounds normative. So, here we provide some examples of the benefits of learning HTML and CSS.

You may wonder how you can use the coding language in my work while you are not a web developer? Here are some amazing things that may encourage you to learn HTML and CSS, even though a little, but efficacious. That maybe sounds normative. So, here we provide some examples of the benefits of learning HTML and CSS.

Designing a Stunning Email Template to Impress Your Customers

Email becomes one of the best tools for online marketing. You can impress your clients by sending a stunning email design. Most email service providers support HTML and CSS editor. So, why not take advantage of it?

Create an Astonishing Corporate Newsletter

HMTL and CSS can be your secret weapons when customizing a newsletter template to fit the style and type of the company you belong. So, It’s necessary for any profession to learn HTML and CSS.

Small Tweaks For Your Company’s Website

Many companies use WordPress as the foundation of their Website. When you’ve learned HTML and CSS, you can make some little changes to the display of the web content. So, you do not have to wait for the technical team when it’s just about changing the office calendar.

Teach Your Colleague Or Boss

Don’t be afraid to share your skills as it will not reduce your knowledge, but even make you understand more. Share your HTML and CSS skills with your colleagues or even your boss about how to modify a website, email, and newsletter.

Make Your Technical Team Praise You

The developers in your company will be grateful if you learn HTML and CSS and understand it. You’ll better know how to tell them which is the problem, what to change on the company’s website. At least, you can give some inputs to the technical team.

Show Your Skills at Tumblr

Want to change profession? It’s easy enough to create a Blog. Tumblr aims to show off what you are doing. If you want to send a dazzling display of your photography side job or perhaps graphic designs. By learning HTML and CSS, there would be a company willing to hire you. With a little learning of HTML and CSS skills, you can make your Tumblr blog template impressive.

Create a Professional Resume Website

Leave Tumblr and show your coding initiative in the online world. This may sound awful, but it’s not difficult. By learning HTML and CSS, you can create a simple website but beautiful. That’s your proud when people know if you have it that make it your own.

Go to the Next Level

When you are quite advanced in Photoshop skills, you can create an impressive website mockup. After learning HTML and CSS, you can convert the mockup into an actual internet site. You can be a ‘Unicorn’ (an appellation for people who can design and create a website). Companies are looking for people like this.

Learn More And Get More

As what has been mentioned in a topic about where to start to learn web programming languages, HTML and CSS are the basis of a website. So, they are also the basis for technological expertise to the next level. By learning HTML and CSS, it will be easier to learn other web programming languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Phyton, or PHP).

The next step: Choosing the Best Text Editor for Web Programming.

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