How to Learn CSS from Scratch and What You Need to Prepare

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Learn CSS from Scratch

To build a good look web page you need at least two languages, which are the HTML (a markup language) and CSS (a web programming language). It means, when it comes to learn CSS code from scratch, you must also capable of HTML language.

Indeed, we now can easily build a website using a CMS or a page builder tool without coding. But there would be a time where you need to customize the design and layout of your website or online store. Therefore, capable of CSS coding is really necessary for webmasters.

Here we are going to discover some tips and preparations to learn CSS from scratch. This tutorial is a quick tutorial to guide you to learn CSS step by step. Before you start to learn CSS from zero, you better first to understand what CSS is.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, which is used to provide a website style that is created by HTML markup language. For example; styling the text, image, list, background, creating the layout, and so on. So, it’s why we suggested that before you start learning CSS from scratch, it’s better first to learn basic HTML.

In its predefined language, CSS is a “set of codes used to define the style of the markup language, HTML. In other words to explain, CSS is a collection of program code that is used to design or enhance the appearance of HTML web page. It is a useful web programming for web designers to make or change the style of web text, colors, images and background of almost all HTML tags.

Functions and Uses of CSS

CSS always associated with HTML, because the two languages are complementary to each other. HTML is used to create a web structure or the content. While CSS is used to style the look of the web page. The short-term to describe both function in web programming is as, “HTML for content, CSS for Presentation”.

The beginning of why one needed CSS was because of the need for web pages that increasingly complex. In the early days of HTML, we can make a paragraph colored red by writing the code directly in HTML tags, or create a background page with blue. The sample of HTML code for it is as follows:

Your Preparation to Learn CSS From Scratch

To be able to learn CSS you need some tools or software and some basic computer skills such as browsing the internet or accessing a site from your local server or online.

Besides having the tools and some basic computer skills, you also need one of the best text editors for web developers. Here we recommend you to use the Notepad++ code editor program.

Use Notepad++ as your tool to learn CSS

The Notepad++ is a lightweight software program which doesn’t require large computer resources to run. And it has some features to help you in the CSS learning process becomes more easily such as:

  • Syntax Highlighting: This feature colors the code or syntax according to its type. This will help you to understand a code or syntax while in the coding processes.
  • Coding Autocomplete: The autocomplete feature of Notepad++ provides a suggestion to complete any coding when you write a few letters of the beginning of a certain coding. So, this feature helps you to be faster in writing a coding and also easy to memorize the coding.

There are many other Notepad++ features which you will love. You can download Notepad++ from its official website, To install Notepad++ is also quite easy, simply clicking next and finish at the end.

Then, the next software you will need is a web browser to render, display, or preview the results of your HTML and CSS coding. To learn CSS, we suggest you use some of the most widely used web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

The CSS Compatibility Browsers Comparison

Besides of those three popular browsers, you may also want to test whether or not your CSS coding work on some private browsers. There are many cases that some certain CSS styles won’t work on a certain web browser.

You can use your favorite web browser and make sure to use the latest in its version because old web browser may not support the latest standard of CSS language.

That’s all the first step of getting to know CSS and the basic preparation you need in the process to learn CSS from scratch.
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