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How to Make Multi-Tab Windows Explorer

By default, Windows Operating System does not display a multi-tab Windows Explorer. When you want to work with multiple folders simultaneously, then you need to open a new Windows Explorer by default. Suppose you are going to work with two different folders at the same time, then you will go into Windows Explorer to create two windows. If it’s just a few folders, certainly it isn’t a difficult thing to do. You can easily move from one folder to another. But, it will be different if you need to open a lot of folders at the same time. With ten different Windows Explorer windows opened, it’s just going to waste your time in vain. Move from one folder to another one as many as ten windows will definitely be very tiring. So, to make multi-tab Windows Explorer is a good idea to support your productivity while working on your computer.

The display of the multi-tab Windows Explorer is just like on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. They have navigation and its function is for the user can add a new tab without having to create a new window again. It means you can open unlimited tabs in a Chrome of Firefox browser window. This will save your working time on the Internet browser. You can also make multi-tab Windows Explorer on your computer just like the Chrome or Firefox browser does. Creating a multi-tab window in Windows Explorer can increase your productivity.

Looking at the preview above! At a glance, the multi-tab display of the Windows Explorer looks like a Multi Tab on Google Chrome browser.

Here’s How to Make Multi-Tab Windows Explorer Using Clover

Unfortunately, to be easily changing the Windows Explorer window into a multi-tab display, you need to install an application on your computer. It means, until the release of Windows 10, we cannot find a Multi Tab feature available, or we cannot make multi-tab Windows Explorer without a third-party software. There is no hidden setting that we can apply to change the display of Windows Explorer into the multi-tab version.

But, don’t worry. Because there is third-party software that can help you to make your Windows Explorer becomes a multi-tab window. You can get this software without any charge and officially legal from the developer. Its name is Clover.


Clover is lightweight software that works to change the display of Windows Explorer into a multi-tab version. The multi-tab window that is displayed by the Clover is similar to Google Chrome browser’s multi-tab. If you’ve installed Clover on your computer, then the display of your Windows Explorer will be different from its default view. You will be able to open a lot of folders in the same Windows Explorer. Clover supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10 both for 32bit and 64bit.

Clover will not degrade your computer performance because it is very light software to run on your computer. Its size is 4.7 MB for the latest version 3.2.4, and this software will not drastically consume your internet quota when downloading it from its official website. You can download Clover from

Clover Will Automatically Make Multi-Tab Windows Explorer

After you finish installing the Clover on your computer, your Windows Explorer display will be changed. Now, your Windows Explorer display should turn to a Multi-Tab version. Take a look at the preview below.

If you would like to make a new tab in your Windows Explorer, just click on the sign (+). Take a look at the preview below how where is the location of the sign (+). In which, it is certainly the same when you would like to make a new tab in Google Chrome browser. A quick shortcut to add a new tab in your Windows Explorer is by pressing CTRL+T on your keyboard. Or, you can also use your mouse’s middle button to quickly making a new tab in Windows Explorer.

Add New Tab in Windows Explorer

When we would like to bookmark a tab that is being opened, you just need right click on the tab, and then select or click on the Bookmark tab.

Bookmark a Tab in Windows Explorer

That’s all you can do to make multi-tab Windows Explorer. May this quick tutorial can help you to be more productivity in using a Windows computer.

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