How Personality Tests on Online Dating Sites Help You Find a Life Partner

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Personality Tests on Online Dating Sites

If you have ever registered on some online dating sites, most of them might ask you to take some personality tests. They promised that those shorts of personality tests help you finding someone that’s nearly matching to what you expected a life partner should be. You would also find some matchmaking sites that help singles even require a more winding matching process to help you find a certain dating standard.

A good dating site commonly provides life partner seekers with dating guides, correlations, and sometimes textual diagnostic tests. Even though this type of online social media attract so many people from backgrounds and make and huge money in the niche market, a scientific study discloses that online dating sites cannot one hundred percent guarantee their promises. A comprehensive psychological research on online matchmaking by some psychologists (Eli J. Finkel and collaborators from top Universities in the USA) in 2012 made a statement that online dating sites don’t reform and could also wound those seeking happiness by way of finding relationships online.

Online Dating Sites Have Been Thriving

Online dating sites are kind of social media that drive relationships with someone we love and those who we are willing to know. So, they have been delving and evolving more than two decades particularly on how they serve their customers to find a dating match. You might be busy in the office every business day, your job requires you to carry out a business travel or migrate to another country. As a result, it couldn’t possible for you to find a life partner by way of a community with close friends. So, online dating sites or a specific matchmaking site can be the best solution in searching for the most possible relationships in your situation.

Matchmaking sites are always finding new solutions to make their services convenient for the right customers. And now they also have the obvious gain of adopting structured processes to match their customers with the life partner. They use diagnostic tests to involve the fundamental essence of their customers’ personalities that will be matched with an individual whose fundamental essence will have a mutual attraction with. Besides, matchmaking sites will keep improving the probability of their customers in finding a matching person by allowing the members to access all likelihood romantic partners that one would hardly find in traditional ways.

Three Main Areas of Online Matchmaking Sites

If you want to discover out how good an online dating service, you first need to check out its strong and weak points. As what you can also read on the psychological research towards on online dating sites above, it critiques the three key points in which online matchmaking sites mention that their services are much better than all traditional ways of looking for someone to date. Those points include:


A good online dating or matchmaking site, it opens an opportunity for you to look at many profiles for you to examine potential matches. So, you shouldn’t go to an online matchmaking site which has no sufficient numbers of real people. A working online dating service provides you an access to go through the common discussion that comes about when two persons meet and have a talk.

Making an acquaintance with a potential life partner online is different to do so in a traditional way. When you browse through some profiles, you might once in a while stopping by and examining each profile. Some online dating sites might also have a feature that pops out a chat box at you that could make you want more like that. Such a situation is not the right time to make a decision about who you are going to have a serious relationship with. Furthermore, you may even some lazy decisions as an online dating site provide up to thousands of potential matches those you are selecting from.

That way could cause you to have a thought that you can interchange one with someone else among those potential matches. As a result, a serious relationship that you expected before would never become a commitment. Finding a romantic partner is not wrong at all. But when it comes to finding a life partner, you need to determine one among thousands of prospects by establishing communications with your prospects. Then, make a choice, arrange a meeting, and if you match with someone, should you make a commitment.

Computer-Mediated Communication

When you start a communication with someone through an online dating site, you and your chat partner form an impression that is or isn’t correspond to your personality in the real world. So, when your outlook doesn’t be a mate to the reality, you then get crestfallen. Such a process is getting more compounded by the tendency that individuals on the Internet have to disguise their flaws in many aspects of their real life. So, when it comes to finding a serious life partner online through a matchmaking site, you should be able to delve into the actual qualities of a man or woman you meet in person. People who are ready for a serious marriage tend to be more honest about their personal data than people who simply looking for a one night partner.

Personality Tests

Online matchmaking sites commonly provide developed advanced algorithms that work to automatically diagnose and identify you when you take the personality tests. That process is necessary to suggest you the best match particularly meet the requirements to be your ideal love mate. Even though online dating sites could prove to find an ideal romantic partner for you, your today’s information you provide on the personality tests reflects your recent personality. But logically thinking, everyone’s personality can change over a period of time. Every individual will face changes in a lifetime and has its own ways to respond to different types of changes in their circumstances. So, in usual personality tests, it would be better if an online matchmaking site has a prediction about the change management style of its members. Or at least, if you already decide a potential partner for you to connect with, you know how to get necessary data in an online conversation to predict how he or she adapts to dissents and future stresses.

How to Make Online Dating Sites Work for You

When your situation and condition seem not possible for you to have a chance in finding a romantic relationship through real-life communications, online dating sites can be a good solution for you to have a date right away. But to make an online dating site works for you to get a life partner, you may need the following online matchmaking tips.

  1. Narrow down the number of potential life partners. It means that you shouldn’t be looking for those that would be attractive to the people in general. Bear in mind that if you want to efficiently get a romantic partner online, you should be looking for a quality partner instead of appealing. So, set the most preferred criteria for someone you’re looking for in a partner in terms of the qualities that you value.
  2. Choose the right online dating site. You will find tons of online dating service types on the internet. But you should first ensure your interests and go to the most appropriate site. This way will maximize your chances to come across the perfect match you’re looking for.
  3. If you start an interaction with a potential partner online, don’t immediately arrange a meet with. Otherwise, most likely you would be wasting your time and energy on inaccurate predictions. Instead, try to have a video-chat with some of your prospects, and then, decide a person for you to arrange a date with.
  4. Nobody’s perfect. Realistically, you would overlook a worthy person if you keep looking for a perfect soulmate. Conversely, you shouldn’t have a try with such a person.
  5. Personality tests aren’t always accurate. The mathematical formulas of online matchmaking personality don’t seem to be more accurate than traditional dating ways. So, you would need to also examine some potential partners who don’t fit the equation but who knows could be a quality prospect.
  6. Don’t let an undesirable result sway your self-esteem. You may need to try it again with another potential partner. But if some dates end up in a failed relationship, at least you successfully found that some dating ways don’t work. So, you may want to consult with your best friend or discuss with your relationship counselor to discover and fix mistakes.
  7. Be honest on your profile and make it as clear as possible. Given that everyone is unique, you shouldn’t be someone else. And a clear profile will increase your opportunities in finding a potential partner that is closely matching with you.

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