10 Most Popular Web Programming Languages

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The Most Popular Web Programming Languages

One of the most important things in creating and developing a website is the programming language used. The web programming language used will help generate a site and fits the purpose and on target. There are many types of programming languages you can use for creating and develop a website. A survey, in September 2015, mentions that there are a number of the most popular web programming languages. Below is the list of the most popular web programming languages which are mostly used worldwide. So, where you should start to learn web programming languages?

The Top Ten Most Popular Web Programming Languages


Java is one of the most popular web programming languages in recent months, precisely since September 2015. The Java programming language ranks first from the list of the most popular web programming languages, with the usage reaches 24.8% of the total survey for the world’s most used web programming languages. You may have often heard Java. Indeed, it’s a web programming language that is widely employed in the realm of web development. Java was developed in 1991, the coffee inspired the logo of this programming language in Java (an island in Indonesia) that was accompanying the user since the emerging the new internet era. Currently, besides the Java can be used as the programming language for a web creation or development, Java is also widely used for creating and developing Android apps.


The next most popular web programming language is PHP. Although the use of PHP in web development is at the second rank, in fact, PHP is still far behind Java based the total number of the users in the world. Evidently, the percentage of PHP programming language popularity is only in the range of 11.3%. PHP programming language was developed in 1994. This web programming language is widely used for the most popular Content Management System platforms such as WordPress and also Joomla.



Slightly different to the PHP programming language, Python is one of the most popular web programmings with the percentage of 11.2% users. Besides that, Python is competing PHP in term of grabbing the users. Python programming language was developed in 1991, where the name Python was taken from a comedy actor named Monty Python who was popular in the 70s. If we compare to the other web programming languages, Python is the easiest one to understand and used in the web development. So, it’s natural if Python comes to the list of the most popular web programming languages. One of the giant tech companies that use Python is Google.


The next most popular programming language is the C#. This programming language ranks fourth out of 10 most popular programming languages with the total percentage of the usage or as much as 9.2%. Commonly, people use the C# programming language in the web development with the combination of the C++ programming language. The C# was developed by one of the world’s giant software company, Microsoft, with the use of.NET Framework that can be created by using Microsoft Visual Studio. The programming language of some apps for Windows, Android, and iOS using this C#.

C ++

The next popular web programming language is the C++. C++ is developed in the 1980s by Bjarne Stroust. C++ is the development of C programming language which was already created and widely used in the early computer era. The C++ programming language is ranked fifth of the most popular web programming languages with the percentage of the use of 7.6%. Nowadays, the C ++ has become the basic web programming and algorithm in many universities to develop software and website.


C programming language is a legend of programming language, but in the recent years, it becomes the core development for other programming languages. The C programming language was developed in the 70s. Although it is quite old and the usage is not as much as other popular web programming languages, the C programming language remains one of the most popular programming languages among IT, beginners. Many courses, educational programs, and primary web developers use the C programming language as one of the necessary material discussions about programming languages. It makes the popularity of the C programming language withstand. The C programming language ranks sixth out of 10 most popular web programming languages, with the popularity percentage of 7.4%.


The JavaScript ranks seventh with the popularity proportion of 7.1%. JavaScript is still one of most popular web programming languages. This programming language was developed by a well-known telecommunication company, Netscape. JavaScript works fast on the web and the outcome is user-friendly. Such natures make this web programming language best for chatting application or feature. So, if you want to create an attractive and user-friendly website, you can consider JavaScript.

Objective – C

The Objective – C programming language was developed by Brad Cox and Tom Love in 1983. It’s quite popular among the developers of Apple devices’ applications. It’s also the development of the C programming language which has an object orientation. Objective-C is widely used to develop an application and creating a good look website. The popularity of Objective-C is ranking eighth but is less likely good for web development as the popularity percentage is only 5.2%.


The next most popular one is R programming language with the demand rate of 2.8%. The R programming language was developed in 1993 and was originally used for statistical purposes. Most websites that use the R programming language is a type of sites that display a statistical calculation system, and it’s rarely used, given only a few websites use the statistical feature.


Just like the R programming language, Matlab has a percentage of use as much as 2.8%. Matlab is the abbreviation for Matrix Laboratory. This programming language is used to perform analysis and numerical computation in web-based. Matlab is the fourth generation computer programming language which has many interesting functions.

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