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If we talk about mobile app development, native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps are three common terms that we would have heard. Here we are going to discover how they differ to each other.

Native Apps

Native apps are mobile software that is built with a specific programming language which the app would be used for a particular platform. A common example for a native app is the use of Objective-C programming language or Swift for iOS (Apple). But native apps for the Android platform are commonly developed using Java programming language.

If you are going to build a native app, you must provide an optimal product experience on different mobile devices. Nevertheless, you will a relatively high amount of budget to build a cross-platform app that would be capable of maintaining its native remain updated over time.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are is web-based apps which are transformed to the native code of a certain platform such as iOS or Android. Hybrid apps typically require a browser to allow them accessing various features on mobile devices such as Push Notification, Contacts, or Offline Data Storage. Some of the common tools to develop hybrid apps are PhoneGap and Rubymotion.

One of the advantages of hybrid apps is its maintenance which much easier compared to native apps. Hybrid apps could be built in a short time for cross-platform purposes. But the cost of its development could be more efficient compared to native apps.

Web Apps

A web app could be the best option for you if you want to build a low-cost mobile-based product. Because needs minimal requirements, in other words, the access to mobile device features such as Push Notification would not be needed. Indeed, a web app could be a cheap option to minimize budget expend for a mobile app development project. But unfortunately, web apps commonly can’t be distributed through native app stores like App Store or Google Play.

So, when it comes to deciding a type of mobile app you are going to build, you would need to consider many factors must that comply with your business requirements. Native and hybrid apps usually have better product experience on mobile devices and can be distributed in mobile app stores. However, the major drawback is that they require more development budget spending compared to web apps. Overall, you should first need to examine your business purposes. t is the time to decide and take the best choice.

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