Newsjacking Best Practices to Increase Your Web Traffic (6 Steps)

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Newsjacking content marketing strategy and its steps.

An important event may take place in your niche or trending issues may be related to your business. Or a booming news is nothing to do with your business, but it’s too viral if you just ignore it. Don’t let such opportunities evaporate without a trace, let alone you just watching and even enjoying your competitors’ newsjacking posts boast their products without you do the same thing!

You may have heard about newsjacking, or simply want to learn this content marketing strategy to make your digital marketing skills become more steady. Prepare your time to read learn how to do newsjacking and you may also take practice right away.

What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a content marketing strategy by making use of trending issues to increase web traffic that can spur leads or even generate sales. When a viral issue gets booming, it’s a great opportunity for you to write a blog post, launch a social media campaign, prepare a press release, or create a lead generation offer that fits the audience involved – or feels involved – with that issue.

If you can analyze the trends and make use of its opportunities for you to increase your web visitors, social media followers or likes, or even reach potential customers, it means that you are a newsjacker! Our previous digital marketing topic discussed newsjacking, which is part of social media manager skills.

Newsjacking is a trending news exploiting technique that or it’s what we call as a viral content that lures audience engagement. While the newsjacking term was popularized by David Meerman Scott’ book. His newsjacking book through the book shows some ideas of how to inject ideas into a breaking news story that work to give raise tons of media coverage.

Basically, an event or issue always appears (breaking) every second from various sources through the internet. Such condition provides an opportunity for digital marketers to ride the wave of the virality of an issue for their business benefits.

With the rapid trend changes, the popularity of a piece of news can be booming in just a matter of days or even hours. Nevertheless, the influence of mastering issues for branding advantage is relatively strong enough comparing to the efforts required to perform news hijacking methods.

The following timeframe graph is a linear illustration of the appearance the news relevance till its fade and the right time to spread a newsjacking post.

ThereThe best time to newsjack

That simple! Isn’t it? That issue timeframe graph requires content creators to be able to detect some potential issues as early as possible and preparing relevant content before large media start publishing it.

One thing you need to note is that detecting a potential popular news isn’t only to be closely related to our niche. But the challenge is: how to find some loopholes that you can use to tuck a branding campaign, a product promotion, or a service in a subtle way but firmly accentuate the news to be hijacked. Learn also; subliminal advertising.

How Powerful is Newsjacking?

To make your newsjacking can generate leads, you must be very quick. This factor is what will make you win over other digital marketers those usually bother with calculating their blog or social media post’s success probability so that makes them stuck hangers-on. Remember Nike’s slogan; Just Do It!

This method in addition to freeing us to create out of the box also presents the benefits in terms of SEO – with the freshness of the content – and boost the reputation as a trendy and organic brand.

Not to mention that this can be one of free online advertising strategy because you simply ride on viral issues without having to make your own issues.

How to Do Newsjacking?

On this article, you will learn how to do a newsjacking technique. Though it looks difficult, but don’t be confused, the key point of newsjacking is thinking and act quickly.

It means that although this guide breaks down how to do newsjacking step by step so that you can better understand what newsjacking is. However, when practicing it yourself, you will know how simple and easy the process.

Step 1: Set Alerts

To a sake of discovering an issue on the internet that can be hijacked, you must constantly monitor the news. The option, you can all day pay attention to every published news page, or simply use the tools for easy news monitoring.

News monitoring using Google Alerts

Some trend analytics tools for monitoring viral issues include:

Step 2: Keyword Research

Once you find the news you want to hijack, the next process is preparing the content. To write an effective article for your web content, you should take the time for an experiment with a number of search keyword variations on popular search engines and record the number of search results for each variation.

Then, choose some search terms or phrases for your content with as low competition as possible, but keep them relevant to the main issues.

Here’s an example of tough competition keyword on Google, which it has about 1,640,000,000 search results.

Content Marketing search term competition on SERP

Now, let’s you compare it with a lower competition keyword; “newsjacking content marketing” with only 83,200 search results.

Newsjacking Content Marketing keyword competition.

It is true that Google’s algorithm will feature fresh and actual content. However, to be able to compete with the giant media, we have to play safe using long tail keywords with a smaller level of competition.

Step 3: Learn Your Topic

Don't believe everything on the internet.Up here, you probably can’t wait longer want to try newsjacking in your content marketing. But wait a minute! Make sure you prevent all risks of mistaken data on your newsjacking content, so as not to be a mockery material when your content gets popular but a hoax.

Find the main source of each news item, as well as analyze as many credible responses or comments as possible about the news. By ensuring the accuracy of the associated data, you can maintain your brand originality and credibility.

Although the term of “press neutrality” is more like a slogan than a fact, at least you prevent your brand reputation from being discreditable or being labeled as hoax spreader. So, you must be careful getting the factual data of the news.

Step 4: Write Quickly and Accurately

After all of the facts on your content, it’s time to start preparing the content. Many times content creators got choked up in the content preparing process due to searching for images, infographics, or text formats that best fit the style of the article. But newsjacking work is a bit different. The main things here are is the value, novelty, uniqueness of the content. It goes far beyond just its look.

So, focus your energy and use it to generate good ideas in your newsjacking work and deliver them to your content as deep as possible. Thus, your newsjacking works will get be published faster easily shared on social media. Learn also the fast typing technique to get your article done quickly.

Step 5: Affix Some Differentiators into Your Content

You must always inject your own point of views into every issue you hijacked. Ask yourself, what makes a story relevant and appealing to your target audience?

Keep in mind that no matter how fast we hijack a news, there are somebody else doing the same thing. That is, being the first to do newsjacking of a certain issue is something hard to do.

Let’s just say you always fail to be the first, because there are content creators out there who are quicker to work on an news.

By addressing issues using a specific perspective, both from the standpoint of your brand and target audience, you still have a chance to beat the popularity of the first newsjacker.

Serve a more comprehensive content, readable, and understood by the laity, or contain some messages that are more inspiring to empathy. In essence, give a strong reason why people should choose to share your content on their social media instead of other large media.

Grab people’s attention using your smart content as well as touching their empathy!

Step 6: Share your Posts to Your Audience

The final step is to proof your newsjacking success in your niche market by sharing your content just like when you are marketing a new product.

It’s true that newsjacking content marketing relies on organic search results and social media viral. But if you do newsjacking the right way, that’s the result you will get.

To grab your niche market better, buy some ads plans, spend more energy to advertise your business for free, and have adequate followers on the social networks to promote the article. For examples;

  • Place ads on AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, and Facebook Ads, and refer your visiting audience to your Yelp Business Page.
  • Make cooperation with influencers such as intellectuals, celebrities, or social media activists who have a large number of followers.
  • Do a press conference or press release to reach as broadest media as possible.

For the long term, it would be nice if we could establish a close and mutually beneficial relationship with influencers and journalists who are always hungry for new issues.

However, having some cooperation with influences with high intensity and frequency will make those viral content agents more generous to help jump-start your articles, rather than occasional collaborations but tend to be costly.

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