Object Oriented Benefits in Developing a Software Program

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Despite the fact that we can distinguish our interest on the specific program code we use to develop a program, no matter what development technique used, it’s not always the code formations that could become the cause of most potential problems in the future. The majority of potential problems may also come up from:

  • Weak analysis and weak structure: the computer program we design doesn’t perform appropriately.
  • Weak maintainability: the computer program is really hard to understand and edit mainly because of inescapable and needs adjustment.

Why Developers Need Object-Oriented Programming?

There are roughly seventy percent of computer software development cost not being charged at the time of its earlier stage of creation but could be incurred in upcoming years mainly because the computer software needs to adjust the ever changing necessities of the company for which it was created. When it comes to developing a software program it’s necessary for developers to make sure whether or not the program they’re going to develop is possible to maintain throughout the years subsequent to its first invention.

The object-oriented programming paradigm purpose is to help developers of getting over all possible issues by way of evaluating and structuring the program at the initial stage of the development. When we certain that a kind of program we are going to develop can be maintained in the future, it’s the right time to start the project.

Benefits of the Object Oriented

Here are three common benefits of using object-oriented paradigm in developing software programs.

1. Programming Methodology

No matter whether or not you build up a software program using an object-oriented method before you start making a software program, you need to initially create the structure of all things the program requires in order to have the proper functionality and how it operates. Object-oriented structuring depends on the notions of abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphic. To describe as brief as possible, below are the benefits of object-oriented;

Most of the common software developers who used object-oriented methodology state that this style of program development gives you them the ability to create a program with;

  • more effective abstractions when in the code structure and behavior jointly,
  • more effective in maintaining the program in the future because it’s understandable and less vulnerable, and
  • better re-usability as using classes as encapsulated/summarized components.

2. Object-oriented Coding

It means a program will require the structure of classes according to the reality of how the program should be working. This helps to make more specialized classes that inherit the methods of the generalized classes.

3. Polymorphic Behavior

It’s a type of software program or application that can be modified. This typically best for a program that will be used by a company or organization that requires modification in the future. In which, the method to modify the program could be by including new specialized classes so that the program can be utilized by the system without the need of any specialized behavior and without the need of modifying its components.

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