How to Start Making Money by Becoming an Online Freelance Article Writer

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How to start make money by becoming an online freelance article writer.

Do you really passion for writing? If you really passion in writing, becoming an online freelance article writer suitable for you. The demand for quality article writing services is high as many bloggers or companies don’t have enough time to write or focus on adding their website content. So, becoming an online freelance article writer is real potential for qualified writers to make money online.

However, if you don’t know anything about how to become an online freelance article writer, you can get the guide within this article. Here we are going to discover the right strategy to do to earn money by becoming an online freelance article writer. It’s not only a theory but from the real experiences of people who became online freelance article writer.

6 Benefits of Becoming an Online Freelance Article Writer

The freelance article writer job is one of the online business types that flexible in time. Prior to learning the online writing strategy to make money, think about why do you want to become an online freelance article writer. So, the following are the 6 benefits of becoming an online freelance article writer.

1. Time Flexibility

The first reason is time flexibility. You will not be tied down by time. So, you could work after your full-time work or school whether in afternoon, morning, midnight, or holiday. It means online writing is tailored to your daily life.

However, it does not mean you will work at will. You should pay attention to the article delivery deadline that the consumer has set. So, be smart in time management and try to send your writing to your client before the deadline.

2. Workplace Flexibility

Next, the benefit of becoming an online freelance article writer is workplace flexibility. It means, there are no rules that require you to work in an office. You can write anywhere, whether in an outdoor space, cafe, court, room, library, or hotel.

Certainly, you should tailor to your situation and comfort when choosing the right place to write online. Consider the internet network availability and the comfort of your thought.

3. Knowing Famous Bloggers or Website Owners

In terms of business and acquaintance, being an online freelance writer allows you to get to know a number of famous bloggers or website owners. By knowing them, you can learn a lot from them how to manage the content of a blog or website, business management, time management, business resource management, or even get capital from them.
Taking a statement from the book of 101 Young CEO, one of the business capitals is the social capital. The social capital will give you a help, science, or solution for your business issues.

4. Great Revenue Potential

Quality writing is an expensive and valuable skill. So, if you do writing enthusiastically and earnestly, you can earn a lot of money. The price of an English blog article is in the range between USD $ 0.5 to USD $ 1 per 100 words. Generally, most clients order at least 300 words minimum per article. But in many cases, they would also consider the quality of the article. It means a more quality article will be paid more. So, to make more revenue from being an online freelance article writer, you need writing skills such as typing fast, fluent English, academic skill, communication skill, and typography skill.

5. No Need to Quit Your Full-Time Job

Becoming an online freelance article writer doesn’t require you to quit your full-time job. It means if you work in the daylight, you can write in the evening. In other words, you can take the advantage of your free time to make money online.

6. Creative

Writing actively would make you get used to being creative as writing requires creativity. The more you write; you can be more creative and get your writing quality improved. From your creativity and skills, you can also become a famous writer.

Besides, writing also helps you delay dementia as your brain will continue to be honed and trained when you active writing.

Your Guide to Become an Online Freelance Article Writer

Now you know the benefits of becoming an online freelance article. Now, it’s the time for you to learn how to make money by becoming an online article writer. The following are the steps how to be an online writer;

1. Get to Know the Basic Skill of Writing

To become an article writer you must understand the basic skill of writing. To improve your writing skill, you should get used yourself in reading. Reading is a process to learn how to generate good ideas, language, writing style, and communication skill.

2. Hone your Writing Skill

To be a reliable writer, learn by reading is not enough. But you also have to hone your writing skill. So, to hone your writing skill, you can practice to write and write.

Find an interesting and meaningful topic you would like to write, read the sources related to the topic, and then write it down. Once you’ve done writing, re-read and edit if you find something typo in your writing. This way would make your article quality

3. Offer a Writing Service to Your Friends

Before offering a writing service, ask someone else you trust to rate your writing. If the assessment is not good enough, don’t be discouraged, but keep working and improve your writing quality. Don’t forget to ask the assessor what are shortcomings of your writing.

If your target is a blogger, ask senior bloggers to rate your writing. Once you get a good assessment, you can carry on by becoming a blogger first.

4. Create a Blog for Your Writings

Having a blog is the best way to show up your writings online. So, before peddling your writing service to the real target clients, you should the author of your own blog. You can use the blog as your portfolio as most potential clients would like to see your portfolio first prior to hiring your writing service. If they like your articles, they highly willing to buy articles from you or hiring you as their freelance writer.

5. Promotion on Various Sites

Generally, most companies need articles to extend their content marketing strategy. They usually hire writers to contribute to their websites. So, the articles from the writers would be the mean of their promotion. However, they also appreciate the work of the authors by including the author’s name in each of the articles on their websites. So, in case you are being hired by popular companies to write on their websites, it means not only the promotion they publish on the website, but your name too. As a result, you are promoting your name too on their websites.

6. Create a Customers List

Consumer satisfaction is the main objective of any service to get customer loyalty. Therefore, you at the time you get an order for a writing service, list the order including the name of the client, topic, keyword, order quantity, writing requirements, and the deadline for each article.

7. Keep Your Authenticity in Your Writing

The authenticity and quality of an article are the main things in offering article writing service. Although your writings are quite a lot, don’t ever do copy and paste. Take into account, once you cheat, your credibility can go down drastically. Stealing an article is a plagiarism.

8. Ask for Testimonials

After delivering the articles to your clients, don’t forget to ask for testimonials from them. The testimonials are really powerful for a marketing strategy as it can increase people’s trust in your writing service.

9. Understand the Basic Skills of SEO

As you offer a writing service for websites or blogs, you must understand and learn SEO. To master SEO, you don’t have to learn a complicated technique, just learn the basic. Furthermore, as an online article writer, you need to understand Onpage SEO Skills and keyword strategy.

10. Timely Manner

Deliver the articles or submit the posts to your clients on time. It would be better if you try submitting the articles at least one day before the deadline.

In case they are not happy with your writings, you should return the money to maintain your professionalism.
Becoming an online freelance article writer is a good way strategy to make money without getting out of your full-time job. This strategy is simple, but you need to work hard at first. Try step by step and be optimistic.

Finally, if you want to start learning to write online you can start here. Share your skills and boost your online presence.

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