Personalized Learning as a Way to Address the Distinct Learning Needs

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Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is certain learning strategies that address the distinct learning needs, passions, goals, or the lifestyle of the learners. This learning method has been widely used by many modern schools and course providers in many developed countries in the world. If you are a teacher or an instructor or a parent, either in school or in your home, you can adopt personalized learning method with a number of learning programs, instructional techniques, and theoretical action plans, to address your student’s distinct learning needs, passions, goals, or lifestyle.

The Main Goal of Personalized Learning

You can use personalized learning as a strategy to teach your students. To implement this learning strategy, you could give your students an exercise with the same type of guidance or tutorial, the same roles, and the same evaluations. But, make it a little different for each of your students. By doing this kind of exercise, you can make sure your students’ individual learning lifestyle are increasing. Besides that, each of your students is whetting their skill their own. In which, it is the main goal of personalized learning.

Nowadays, personalized learning method has been widely implemented by either conventional or online schools. Most of them are companies providing online learning programs, such as K–12 public schools. For your information, the forms of personalized learning that are being provided by online learning programs and virtual schools may differ markedly. One of the forms of personalized learning is blended learning method. By this method, you can provide your students with exercises using both in-person and online learning lifestyle in teaching them. If you want to explore or to disclose on personalized learning, specify exactly how to apply it in a typical context.

The personalized learning goal is to ease the academic achievement of each learner. First of all, you may achieve it by specifying the learning needs, passions, and goals of each learner. Then you should provide your student some custom learning styles to a higher or lower level for each student. To achieve this goal, you may make used of a number of learning ways. For example, to instill strong relationship between student and teacher, modifying exercises and tutorial strategies, and totally making different ways dividing students into groups if in a classroom.

Personalized Learning Examples

Personalized learning method has extensive purposes. It involves so many strategies and programs that you can use. So, it may be hard for you to determine exactly what it is designating to if it is implemented without edification, distinctive examples, or extra clarification.

The following are some good examples that will help you to deepen its concept. You might personalize learning for your students by:

Teaming The Students

In teaming your students, you are restructuring the teaching method and educational of a school. For example, organizing your students into smaller groups. Then you are referring them to an appropriate team of teachers or instructors. The role of the instructors is to control and understanding the students learning needs. In a real implementation in most schools that use this method, we can also call this method as schools within a school, or themed-based academies.

Heterogeneous Grouping

Do away with grouping students into diverse course levels. We can also name this practice as the mixed-ability grouping. In this practice, you can encourage your students of various ability levels to register in the same course. By this setting, you may make use of a differentiation of personalized instructional and academic support strategies to your students.

Learning Pathways

In personalized learning method, you need t0 encourage your students to get many types of learning pathways. A brief example is giving your students a comprehensive and a number of selection of learning experiences. You may apply to your students to have internships as one of the requirements for graduation. Other examples are to allow your students for dual-enrollment experiences to take courses at a number of different institutions to earn academic credit, independent projects, etc. Those ways are good for students to have their own style of learning experiences in a discussion with an advisor, mentor, or teacher.

Personal Learning Plans

In personal learning plans, learners may report their academic and career goals. While the teachers are organizing specific learning decisions they require to help them achieving their goals.

Student Voice

In the instructional process, you may intensify the personal responsibility and the level of choice for your students. The purpose of this concept is to create opinions, values, perspectives, and beliefs. Besides that, you would know the lifestyle of each student, and to have an idea how to make instructional approaches that have relation to the students’ choices, passions, and goals. With such a more creative learning process, there classroom atmosphere is more exciting. Instead of a more traditional style of teaching, in which you may make unilateral decisions without suggestion or opinion from your students, by implementing the of student voice method, the instructional process is leveling up one step for heading to personalize learning. Learn more about the effective study that can help your student to have better concentration is the study.

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