Simple Steps to Configure Port Forwarding on a Router

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Port Forwarding Steps

Port forwarding opens a certain port on your home network, which usually the internet access to this port is being blocked your router. By opening the port, you can host games, servers, and BitTorrent to work through the usual NAT security of your router. Instead of allowing the connection to that port. Below, you are going to discover about how to set up a port forwarding.

What is Port Forwarding?

Before we are going to discover the steps to set up port forwarding on your router, you may want to know the definition of port forwarding. In many cases, port forwarding is also called as port mapping. It is a virtual tool for Network Address Translation (NAT). NAT works to redirect a communication put forward from an IP address and the port’ number combination to the other. In which the packets are getting through a router or firewall (network gateway).

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This simple tutorial guides you how to open a port on your router for a software can access your network. Most people do port forwarding to allow servers, games, BitTorrent clients, or other online software to work by way of the security of your router. Commonly, the default router settings do not allow connections to those ports, as having open ports on your router makes your network vulnerable to virus or malware attacks.

Simple Steps on How to Set Up Port Forwarding

Step – 1: Open the Admin Console of Your Router

Open the router’s admin console by typing its default IP address into the URL box of your web browser. On most routers’ s IP address is usually between or However, if you want to know what IP address to use, here is how to do it:

  • For the Windows OS, open the command prompt and enter ipconfig/all command
  • For the Mac operating system, open up the command prompt and enter netstat-nr command
  • For Linux operating system, open the command prompt and enter route command

Port Forwarding Command on CMD

Step – 2: Enter Your Username and Password

Then, you need to enter the username and pawsoord of your router. If you have configured the security settings on your router before, enter your username and password. If not, do the following simple steps:

  • On Linksys router: Type admin in both username and password boxes
  • On Netgear router: Type admin in both username and password boxes.
  • On other routers: Leave the username box blank and enter admin in the password box.Username and Pawwsord Boxes for a Router Console

Take a look at the list of default username and password of a list of the most widely used routers.

D-Linkadmin(leave blank)

Step – 3: Open Port Forwarding

Open the Port Forwarding or Application and Gaming tab. The settings of each router will be slightly different, but look at the two options in the picture below. If you do not get the option, open Advanced Settings and look for Port Forwarding options.

Open Port Forwarding

Step – 4: Enter the Port You Want

  • Enter the name of your application on ports which will be used by the application.
  • Select the port you are going to use. If you only want to open one port, enter the same number in Start and End. If you want to open certain ports, for example, 5 ports, you can enter 3784 at the Start and 3788 on the End.
  • Choose Both if you are given an option to choose between TCP and UDP. (Read also; the difference between TCP and UDP ports).
  • Enter your IP address. Your router may request all IP addresses, or just the last 3 digits. If you do not know your IP address, open the command prompt and enter ipconfig (Windows). For Mac and Linux, enter ifconfig.

Step – 5: Save Your Settings

When you’ve done configuring the port forwarding, don’t forget to save your settings. Then, restart your router so the settings can run right away.

In case you a mobile application, you will only need to use your hostname. Basically, a mobile application already assigns to the port when prompting to connect to the network.

If you have an issue or any idea about port forwarding, please comment on the comment box below!

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