Tricks to Prevent Overheating on a Laptop without Software

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Prevent Overheating on a Laptop

Oftentimes a laptop is overheating when it’s being used and even gets severe problems such as suddenly shuts off. A fatal damage of a laptop due to overheating is a hardware failure that can cause permanent damage. So, this post will discover the tricks to prevent overheating on a laptop. Besides, the following tricks can also improve your laptop performance.

Tricks to Prevent Overheating on a Laptop

1. Check the Airflow in the Laptop

The first thing you need to check out is the airflow in your laptop. The airflow direction in a laptop is really important to keep the temperature stabilize of the laptop. Doing this means to find out whether the airflow in the laptop has been blocked or not.

Usually, the airflow of old laptop products is from the bottom to the side. It means the fan pulls the air from the bottom side of the laptop and then disposes it toward the side of the laptop. In case the airflow gets blocked, then it can cause overheating laptop.

2. Set the Position of the Laptop Rightly while in Use

After you know the airflow of your laptop, make sure nothing block it and the current position is not blocking the airflow when your laptop is running. If your laptop fan sucks the air from the bottom, then add additional distance between the bottom air gaps to the surface where you put the laptop. You can do it by placing a rectangular object with a hole under the laptop.

Do not put a running laptop on a mattress, pillow, or another object that will close its ventilations.

3. Clean the Processor Fan and Its Ventilations

To make the cooling process to be more efficient, you need to clean the ventilation and the processor fan of your laptop. You can use a vacuum cleaner to make it easier. If you have no idea how to disassemble your laptop to clean its internal hardware, you should bring your laptop to a laptop service specialist.

4. Use External Cooling Fan

By using an external or additional laptop cooling fan, you don’t need to disassemble your laptop anymore. You just simply use a cooling fan to aid the cooling process. However, you need to take into account that commonly the rotation speed of a laptop cooling fan will be sagging in a long time usage. So, get a good cooling fan, which is durable has high speed.

5. Turn off Unnecessary Programs

When you plan to use your laptop for a long time, consider turning off unnecessary programs. Unnecessary programs are usually running in the background. Turning off all unnecessary programs can help the processor of your laptop loads flawlessly.

6. Monitor the Temperature of the Processor

You can choose one of free processor monitor programs which are available on the internet such as HWMonitor, SpeedFan, Real Temp, and so on. By using such tool, you would know when the processor temperature is overheating.

7. Choose a Laptop that Features a Water Cooling System

Laptop producers have undergone some incredible developments over the past few years. Although the water cooling system technology on laptop products is still new, but it has been proven that it’s more effective than any conventional cooling system such as heatsink to prevent overheating on a laptop. The cooling process of the water cooling system is faster and can keep the processor temperature remains stable. Now, there are many laptop products use a water cooling system. So, think to consider choosing the one that meets your needs.

8. Give Some Rests to Your Running Laptop

In case your laptop freezes, it’s time to give a rest to your running laptop by turning it off.  A good rest for a laptop as a cooling process takes about ten to twenty minutes. Such way may also maintain the durability of your laptop hardware. Besides that, a laptop or a Windows computer needs restart after installing a software program. So, always restart your laptop after installing a software program.

Although some of the tricks above look simple, but they have been proven as the effective ways to prevent overheating on a laptop.

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