Quick Functions in Photoshop to Improve Your Image Editing Skills

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Quick Functions in Photoshop

Here you’ll find out the list of quick functions in Photoshop to improve your image editing skills. Take your seat with a running Photoshop in front of you and try the quick Photoshop tutorials.

If you decide to switch into design graphic, you are absolutely need an advanced image editing tool. Photoshop is a consummate piece of photo or image editing tool, and the most popular one. Every graphic designer from beginner to expert knows Photoshop and can use it. It’s such a flexible piece of drawer that everyone may take a week or even a month learning new main features. For example, practicing Photoshop tutorials, trying to edit image with various functions of Photoshop brushes or just scratching the sides of what’s possible.

Quick Functions in Photoshop

If you’ve passed the basic level of Photoshop skills, still, there are so many quick functions in Photoshop. In which, you might not known some or all of them before. Once you know how to use these fucntions, you can power up your image editing skills to quicken your digital artwork effort. The aim of this post is to support your productivity in image editing by sharing to you a number of hidden functions of Photoshop. Below we’ve listed a number of quick functions in Photoshop to help improve your image editing skills.

1. Manage Your Panels

Control Panel Options
Image: How to manage your panels on photoshop

To manage panels on Photoshop, just click on a little icon on the top right hand of you panel. Take a look follow the preview image above how toopen Layers panel Options on Photoshop. After clicking on it, a fly-out menu will appears, and then select Panel Options. A Layer Panel Options will appear. There you can set the size of the thumbnails of your layer panel,  and many more. Give a try on it!

2. Bird’s Eye View

Birs’s Eye View function is very useful when you are working in detail while editing an image such as edge refinement or cloning. You would be overhelmed if repeatedly doing zoom-out to view the overall picture, selecting another area, and zooming-in using basic functions. It is likewise when you are editing image at a high zoom level in Photoshop. Because, when you are navigating around the image, you can become exhausting each time you get back to the high-level zoom.

Therefore, you can use Bird’s Eye View function in Photoshop to temporarily zoom out the image. This function is very useful when you need to move your editing to another part on the canvas. To practice, open any large photo on Photoshop, move the pointer to select any area you’d like to zoom, and zoom in it (press alt + scrool up your mouse). Then try to move to another area with the same zoom in level by holding key H and drag with your mouse to another area. The function of Bird’s Eye View in Photoshop (press & hold H + left click + mouse drag) is to do a temporarily  zoom out and choosing another area to zoom in with the same level of zoom in percentage.

3. Paste in Place

I you haven’t heart about Paste in Place before, this can be another Photoshop function disclosoure for you. To practice, make an area selection in one of the opened file, or in another file if you are merging image. Then, copy it by using the shortcut keys Ctrl+C. (for Windows computer) or Cmd+C (for Mac computer). To paste it into an image file, use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+V (for Windows computer) or Cmd+Shift+V (for Mac computer).

4. Repeat Transformations

After you have finished making a transformation to an object or layer (Edit → Transform or Alt+T), you can do the same transformation to another object or layer very quickly by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T (for Windows computer) or (Cmd+Shift+T for Mac computer).

5. Set the Layer Style Interactively

Drag Shadow in Photoshop
Click and drag the shadow on the canvas to re-position the shadow.

To move the shadow when dropping shadow into a layer, you can do it interactively. Move the shadow quickly by clicking the shadow on the canvas and drag it wherever you would like. But before doing it, you have to move the layer style’s dialog box to an non-blocking position. Take some practices in adding any other layer style interactively. Try to clik, drag, scroll your mouse up or down or anything that possible to add layer style interactively on the canvas.

6. Solo a Layer


The Preview of All Layers in Photoshop
Image: This is the preview of all layers.

There would be a time you would like to see the preview one of your layers. If pressing the eye ball besides one of the layers, it will ignore the layer. Look at the images below. This function is very useful when you would like to quckly editing each of the layer with a single preview of one of your layers.



Pressing the eye ball of the layer in Photoshop
Image: Pressing the eye ball besides on of the layers.
How to Preview a Single Layer in Photoshop
Image: To preview a single layer by clicking the eye ball, and then press Alt







There are so many quick functions in Photoshop which have not been revealed within the list above. They are useful for you to improve you productivity while editing an image. If you want other quick functions in Photoshop, simply press Ctrl+D to add this post to your bookmark list. We will update this post gradually to share to you other quick functions in Photoshop.



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