5 Reasons to Choose PHP and MySQL to Build a Dynamic Website

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5 Reasons why to choose PHP and MySQL to create a website.

This article will describe 5 big reasons why every web developer should choose PHP and MySQL to start building a dynamic website from scratch. Both PHP and MySQL, whether independently or jointly used in building a website, are not the only options for all web development projects. But they provide more advantages compared to the other web programming languages and types of databases.

PHP is a web programming language developed by web programmers for web programmers and you’ll easily get help and guides from large PHP communities. Meanwhile, MySQL is a great RDBMS option that is available at a very affordable price. It’s not an open source database but it’s a free software licensed under GNU GPL. PHP and MySQL are clear-cut systems which can be banding jointly to handle its own necessities. Here are 5 big reasons why you should choose PHP and MySQL in building a website from scratch.

PHP and MySQL are Cost Effective

You will be charged nothing for using PHP. It’s hugely different to other programming language processors such as Nada, Zip, zilch, etc. in terms of cost efficiency. Apache, PHP, and MySQL combination work great on standard low-cost hardware that one may not even take into consideration for IIS, SQL, or ASP Server.

MySQL is somewhat different in terms of licensing terms and conditions. Before you start building a website using paid programs, take into account that aside from MySQL is a free licensed for various purposes, there are tremendously a lot of advanced programmers who are seriously developing and sharing their ideas in online MySQL community which everyone can join.

MySQL AB is known as a commercial product which is different to common open source projects. So, programmers usually spent full-time and budget for projects aside from their freely given open source endeavors. And then those MySQL programmers expect or make money from the projects. You can still find a lot of conditions where MySQL is available for zero cost (generally a kind of a non-re-distributive program that handles a large number of PHP-based projects), however, if you want to make money from selling or distributing a MySQL-based product, you should consider buying for a license or an agreement. It’s still a good idea and realistically more like any kind of software license that people will ever purchase.

Open Source Software Trend

Today is the time that the world of software business has been changed dramatically. You may find there are many applications which are distributed for free to end users, such as games, email clients, office suites, web browsers, and many other kinds of software programs.

The competitions in the software market are getting tight nowadays. And approaching the market is getting easier thanks to the widespread of servers worldwide, easy connectivity, cheap advertising options, optional extensions, and many other purposes. It means the retail price of an application, hence, has no longer been considered as the performing measure of its quality.

If we talk in term of the server aspect, open source applications have been becoming more powerful. Because it’s not only looking at the ability of a new software product to outperform the best existing paid one.

PHP Licensing

The zero cost of an open source software and free software are secured by a scheme of a licensing statement. People usually call such software GPL (Gnu General Public License). In which, PHP was formerly published under both its own license and GPL, by means of each individual is free to opt between those two types of licenses. But now it has been changed completely. PHP is currently released under its own remarkably PHP license on a BSD license model. Unlike Zend, which is a different authority product that was launched under the Q Public License.

You can get to use PHP or MySQL by way of downloading them. But one may have spent money on it as part of a Linux service, a computer savvy book, or other types of items. Even though developers can’t giving a price for the majority open source programs, they will charge for distributing their software product in a more creative way like simply having it on a CD and delivering it to the buyer. Developers may also charge all sorts of things for specific services, otherwise, the users would possibly not willing to support. As an example, you are authorized to charge some money for ensuring that the copy of the application you deliver will be free of viruses, getting the risk of being sued in case your clients get harmful computer viruses within the copy.

Usually, people can choose the same open source application with different price levels such as the lowest-priced package for certain covered services, no charge at all but no guarantees or supports, and highest-priced package but well helped as the priority.

MySQL AB sells service as a portion of its licensing products for MySQL item. This is another example of an open source program, just like Linux has a vendor named Red Hat which is ready to give solutions for your questions, but the process of commercializing is still in the earlier phases.

Ease of Use

PHP is much easier to learn compared to other scripting languages in term of achieving a similar web functionality. PHP features a syntax that could be very easy to be parsed. A lot of advanced special features (including those for starting a bond to an Oracle database or taking e-mail out of an IMAP server). There are so many ready-to-use PHP scripts out there for anyone who wants to learn PHP from scratch. For that matter, it’s completely possible to try PHP simply by editing zero-cost ready-to-use scripts instead of coding it from scratch. In which, you would also need to know the basic concepts, but it is possible to prevent possible discouraging and time-consuming small mistakes.

Let’s we talk about one objection: Easy has a different meaning to different individuals, and for most web designers, easy means drag-and-drop, and such a thing, what you see is what you will get. If you would like to be truly improving your PHP skills, you need to get used to modifying HTML yourself or at least know basic HTML skills. WYSIWYG is a good web-based text editor to design websites, pages styles, and put in client-side capabilities before you decide to combine PHP function to the source code.

PHP is Embedded Within HTML

This means that PHP-based web pages are common HTML web pages that escape into PHP style only if needed. The HTML-embeddedness of PHP comes with a number of helpful outcomes, such as:

  • PHP can easily be included to code that generated by WYSIWYG editors,
  • PHP provides itself to developers involving designers and scripters,
  • No need to rewrite all lines of HTML in a coding, and
  • PHP may well minimize labor expenses and enhance productivity thanks to its shallow mastering necessities and user-friendly.

There are many other advantages of choosing PHP and MySQL, that we will post separately, they are;

  • PHP is a cross-platform programming language,
  • PHP is not a tag-based programming language,
  • PHP is a stable language,
  • PHP5 is much faster for many uses,
  • PHP is open source,
  • PHP can easily communicate with other programs and protocols,
  • Fast feature development of PHP,
  • PHP is the most popular web programming languages,
  • PHP is anti-proprietary, and
  • PHP has established and powerful user communities.

The Final Thought

To conclude, PHP and MySQL provide so many advantages you can take in building a dynamic website. PHP is created by web programmers for web programmers and reinforced by a huge and excited community. MySQL is an amazing requirement compliant RDBMS that is available at a very affordable price, especially if anyone qualifies for free of charge use. So, if you want to become a standout web developer on the crowd, improving your PHP and MySQL skills is a must.

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