CamStudio Tutorial: How to Record Computer Screen Using CamStudio

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How to Record Computer Screen Using Camstudio

Here you’ll find out the tutorial how to record computer screen using Camstudio. Sometimes you may need to record your computer screen, such as creating a gameplay video, a tutorial video, or make a computer troubleshot video in order the operating system or software provider knows where is the error on your computer for them to help you fix. The result of recording your computer screen using a camera would not optimal. Instead, the Camstudio software is good software for you to record computer screen easily.

Previously, we have discovered a number of best free screen recorder software. We have listed them for you to choose which one is best to support your PC screen works. You can read more about Camstudio at that post.
Commonly, recording a computer screen is not difficult. Follow the CamStudio tutorial below to know how to record computer screen using Camstudio. After taking this CamStudio tutorial to the real practice on your computer, you should know whether or not Camstudio is best to support your computer screen recording works.

How to Record Computer Screen Using CamStudio

Install Camstudio

First, you need to make sure that the Camstudio has been installed successfully on your computer. If the software is ready on your computer, then skip this step. Otherwise, go the Camstudio official website, download the software, and execute the file to install the software. After finish installing it, then go the next step.

Run Camstudio

After successfully installing Camstudio, you should see the Camstudio shortcut on your desktop. Double click on it, and make sure your Camstudio is running well. Then, click the Select Region on the left-hand side next to the File option on the menu. You’ll see a short of drop down options and there you click Full Screen if you would like to record the entire screen of your computer. Instead, you can choose other options such as fixed region or window. But, at this tutorial, we’ll use the Full Screen mode of screen recording. This option will record the entire screen of your computer.

Camstudio Full Screen Option

Start to Record Your Computer Screen

After this step, you are ready to start the screen recording. As you see the preview below, there are three buttons. They are; start recording button, pause recording button, and stop recording. The forms of those buttons are almost similar to the buttons on most multimedia software. Press the red-circled button to start recording your computer screen.

Camstudio Start Button

CamStudio Tips

Don’t forget to minimize the CamStudio control panel to your taskbar after pressing the red button. Once you have finished the recording, maximize the CamStudio control panel from the Background Task (lower right corner of the screen) and then press the stop button (the blue rectangular button).

CamStudio allows you to set hotkeys for some screen recording functions. This way will make your computer screen recording more practical and easier. I recommend you to you hotkeys to support your productivity in recording a lot of screen recording works.

To set the hotkeys on CamStudio, on its menu, go to OptionsProgram OptionsKeyboard Shortcuts.

How to edic Camstudio shortcuts

Then, there you can set the hotkeys yourself. Instead, you can also use and remember the default hotkeys of CamStudio.

Camstudio Shortcuts

The Kinds of Video Recording Formats on CamStudio

The recorded screen would be stored as a video file format in a specific location on your computer. So, you can adjust what kind of video format you need, where the video recordings storage location would be and set the quality of the recording video. Customize these functions to meet your computer screen recording needs.

That’s all you should do to record computer screen using CamStudio. Finally, make some modifications and edits to your screen video recordings, so that they would play perfectly.  If you are skillful in video editing, you should have known how to edit your video recordings. If not, you may need to learn how to edit a video (video editing skills) and recognize the best video editing software. So, you know which one is the best for your video editing needs. learn also how to extract video frames using free video to JPG converter.

Finally, If you have some knowledge about how to record computer screen using CamStudio which have not mentioned here, we would be happy to hear from you. Please share them in the comment box below.

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