Recruitment Sources and Methods in Human Resources Management

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Recruitment Sources and Method

The Human Resource the most important resource in an organization or company. Every organization needs the human to operate everything in the organization or company that concerns to the organization or company. To get the workforce that fits their needs of the organization the human resource management (HRM) needs a recruitment processor.

Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting applicants who would get along in the selection tests to fill vacant in a certain department within the organization or company. The recruitment process begins with finding the prospective applicants and ends with the submission of application letter from the applicants to the organization. After the Recruitment, the next process is the selection process until the Human Resource Department find the qualified candidates that will become the employees to fill the required positions.

Recruitment Sources and Methods

Certainly, a recruitment process is held when any department of an organization requires new employees due to there a retired employee or the need of an additional employee to do a new job or the excess of a certain job. The recruitment of new employee to fill the vacant can be done through two sources such as internal recruitment and external recruitment.

The Internal Recruitment

The Human Resource Department of a company may fill the vacant by getting the most appropriate candidate from the internal of the company. In which, the vacancy of the position can be given to the employee who is considered the most suitable individual. Certainly, this way may also motivate the employee who is concerned and other workers to perform better in contributing to the company. This internal positioning can be done with Promotion, Rotation, or even Demotion. Promotion is raising the career level of an employee. Rotation is transferring the position of a company to another department or workplace but at the same career level. Meanwhile, demotion is a downgrading the career level of an employee due to the less performing job.

Generally, there are two methods of Internal Recruitment; closed method and opened method. The closed method of internal recruitment, the HR manager promotes or rotates the employee. But in opened method of internal recruitment, the HR manager announces the vacant through the company’s internal advertising.
Demotion is rarely used by the company unless the employee is completely incapable of performing the current role or has violated the company’s regulation which results in a demotion.

The Advantages of Internal Recruitment

  • Increases morale
  • Avoids selection error
  • Encourages employees’ loyalty to the company
  • No rash in decision making
  • Minimize training costs
  • Encourage self-development of the employees.

The Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment

  • There is a probability not enough number of qualified people in the company
  • Generally, the seniority is one of the considerations in promoting the candidate, which means the junior employees
  • who are truly capable of not having the opportunity to fill the vacant.
  • The external people who are capable have no opportunity to join the company.
  • The internal source of recruitment is difficult to get the qualified employees for the positions that require creativity and innovative.

External Sources Recruitment

The External Recruitment is the recruitment process that comes from the outside of the corporate environment. All companies require the recruitment from the external environment if there’s no employee within the company fits into the required position. External Recruitment is also required if a company is expanding its business that due to the increase in labor demand.

The external environment may be a labor provider, the general public, the educational institutions, and government job centers.

The Advantages of External Recruitment

  • Can get the personal that suits for a work
  • Bringing new ideas and techniques for the company
  • Suitable for a growing company that requires a lot of new workers.

The Disadvantages of External Recruitment

  • Can lower morale on existing employees
  • Causes less cohesive between new and old workers
  • Requires job advertising media, testing, and interview costs

Recruitment Methods

Generally, companies generally use some strategies and methods to recruit new workers. A company can start an external recruitment through Advertising, recommendations from the internal employees, employment providers, recruitment from educational institutions, government job centers, initiative applicants, and the Social Media.

1. Job Advertisements

One of the most common ways to carry on the external recruitment is by using a local printed advertising, and national or international newspapers. In addition to the print media (newspapers, magazines, tabloids), the company can also use the social media to attract applicants. The social media can be a Television, Radio, and Websites like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. Employee Referral

Basically, when recruiting from the outside of the company, the company management can announce to its employees to recommend their friends or relatives to fill the vacant.

3. Employment and Recruitment Agencies

Sometimes, companies use the services of labor agents or employer to fill vacant. Employment agencies will generally seek and conduct early job applicants screening of before handing the applicants to the requiring company.

4. Educational Institution

In many cases, companies will contact schools or colleges to get potential candidates to become their employees. Usually, the recruitment through educational institutions usually gets workers who are less experienced in the work because they will be newly employed after graduating from school or college. However, there are also schools or colleges that have contacts with his alumni. So, the recruiting company has the opportunity to get experienced applicants for the field of work.

5. Government Job Center

Usually, government job centers offer advertising services as the effort to reduce unemployment and also as the job development for the communities they serve. The government, especially the Department of Labor, will list the job seekers and facilitate them with companies that require labor.

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