How to Reduce a Video File Size Without Losing Quality in Premiere Pro

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How to reduce video file size without losing quality.

Hello guys! This tutorial will discover how to reduce video file size without losing quality through Premiere Pro export. You may also watch the following video instead of reading this article.

When you want to export your video project, you can go to File → Export → Media under the menu or using a shortcut by pressing Ctrl + M at the same time.

Export settings in Premiere Pro

Within this export settings box, you can see the file size estimation produced when the export is completed. In my project, the estimated video file size is 1.4GB with Match Source – High Bitrate preset.

So, here we will reduce or compress the size of the video file to be generated later without significantly reducing the quality of the video graphics.

Well, what we need to do is reduce the video bitrate that will be produced. But before reducing the size of the video bitrate, we need to know what Bitrate means. Primarily if you frequently edit videos, especially for vloggers who often create video content to be published online. If every video file size you are going to upload is too large, it will definitely take too long to upload. Not to mention that uploading large videos requires a large data plan. Such a way isn’t efficient and waste of time and data plan.

Bitrate Meaning

The meaning of Bitrate is the amount of data size encoded for a video at a specific time. In Premiere Pro, the bitrate unit is Mbps or megabytes per second. We need to reduce the data per second for the video through the export to make a much smaller size for the video file outcome.

Before reducing it, firstly, change the preset. If you want to have a high video graphic quality, of course, it requires a high bitrate value too.

But perhaps you don’t want the file size of the video to be exported too large. The Match Source with Adaptive High Bitrate preset is not suitable for you if you want the video file size to be not too big. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Match Source – High Bitrate preset.

Reduce Video Size Without Reducing Quality

After you change the preset, you can also see the file size estimation of the video file after the export. Maybe it’s still too big, huh!

But if your video clip is 30fps, you don’t need to hesitate to reduce the Target Bitrate, for example, to around 5 or 6.

But in my case here, the estimation is around 1.4GB. Of course, I need to reduce the Target Bitrate by more than half, around 1.03 bitrate. So, the video file size estimation becomes only 170MB, to my liking.

Reduce bitrate bifore exporting video in Premiere Pro.

Well, maybe you also have more than 1GB of file size estimation. And compressing it to around 300MB is enough for you.

So that the video quality doesn’t decrease too much. Here you can arrange it according to your wishes or needs and how the video you would like to produce.

After setting the target bitrate size, just export the video. Wait for it to finish! Ok, the video export is complete.

Let’s see the export result! You can play the video above to see the outcome of the video after the export. The quality is still good! Not bad, isn’t it! I’m also satisfied with the result, with a file size of only 148MB which was compressed from about 1.4GB.

That’s how to reduce video file size without losing the quality. Thank you guys, for reading this article. Stay tuned with us to get more Premiere Pro Tutorials.

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