Remix OS is an Android Emulator for PC and other Non-Mobile Devices

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Android Emulator Remix OS for PC and other Non-Mobile Devices

There are many emulators to run Android on PC, such as Bluestack and so on. But after trying Remix OS, you would probably forget other emulators which would make your PC performance becomes slowing down. Remix OS is an Android based Operating System, means really Android. That means, when you are using this Android emulator on your PC, it feels like using real Android as same as on any Android mobile device. It’s a user-friendly Android emulator for PC which supports innovative features for the user productivity.

Recently, you can install Remix OS on your PC if uses Intel or AMD processor. Reportedly the new beta version has fixed bugs and improves its device compatibility.

The beta version also supports the update over-the-air (OTA), 32-bit system and also supports dual boot. More specifically, this OS has done more than 50 bug fixes, supports UEFI, the system 32-bit, and 64-bit. It has ‘hard drive installer’ for dual boot and supports update via OTA.

Meanwhile, for Google Play Services and the Play Store are still not available in pre-installed mode on Remix OS. Google takes time to test their operating system.

Android Emulator Remix OS for PC

Ease Multitasking

Remix OS 2.0 supports multitasking just like other Operating Systems. It makes you possible to easily run many applications simultaneously. We can work on your Word document while watching a video on Youtube, and browsing sites. However, make sure your RAM capacity is sufficient for multitasking.

Taskbar Interface

The taskbar interface of Remix OS 2.0 allows you to switch from one to another window easily. It also provides a Start Menu and System Tray.

An Android Emulator that Supports Google Play

With more than 1.5 million applications on the largest app market Google Play Store, with the help of Remix OS 2.0, now you can download and install Play Store apps on your desktop PC, They are really Android apps.


The wide notification screen on Remix OS 2.0 is big supports you to easily reading the notifications. With the support of its real estate horizontal feature, the notifications will come from the right side of your desktop screen.
Office Compatible

Office program is a mandatory software program for most of desktop PCs. So, the Remix OS is already compatible with Word application to support your activities.

Multi-Devices Android Emulator

Multi Devices Android Emulator

You can install Remix OS on non-mobile devices such as a PC, Laptop, and Desktop. Moreover, it has versions for some tablets such as Nexus Remix OS 9 & 10 from Google. There is also a Mini Remix device, which is a device produced By Jide, a company that develops Remix OS. You can run Mini Remix like running a PC computer. It’s a unique device which you can carry everywhere. You can also connect it to a monitor through its HDMI port.

Remix OS HDMI Port

Remix OS as the Re-Engineering Android for PC

Basically, the Remix OS was as a result of custom re-engineered from the Android Lollipop. This Operating System looks very beautiful, elegantly, and simply on your PC. With the many of its features which are combined with desktop features make this Android emulator like to unite the mobile and desktop world seamlessly. It’s user-friendly and the vivid look delivers an extraordinary computing experience.

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