Role Differences among Web Designer, Web Developer, and Web Master

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Web designers, web developers, and web masters.

Quite a lot of people somewhat got confused by the role differences among web designers and web developers and another different term which is called as web master. Some people even assume all them the same. Hence, there are many cases in some companies where some individuals who are only web designers were asked to create a website.

So, here is a quick commentary to explain the role differences among web designers, web developers, and web masters.

The Role of a Web Designer

Web designers are people who work with visual elements on a web page. A web designer usually works to make or modify a web page looks attractive, eye catching, and beautiful. Web designers typically work to integrate some components such as image files, video files in flash format (but now flash is strongly not recommended), or other multimedia into a web page to add a visual experience to the users, readers, or visitors, or to complete the content of a web page.

Understanding of some certain client-side scriptings such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and understand how to manipulate an image or photo and animation are necessary skills for them who want to become a web designer. In many companies, web designers usually work in a team to ensure a website display works correctly. So, developing good communication skills is essential as additional skills for web designers to support the continuity of the teamwork.

Some other things that you should not ignore if you want to become a web designer is the understanding of problem usability, W3C standard, for HTML and CSS, as well as the compatibility of the web display on different browsers, even you must understand how to detect any problem of website display on a certain screen size of a device or people commonly say it as responsive web design.

So, the role of a web designer as in-charge for the layout, design, and coding of a website. So, if you want to become a web designer, you should learn to involve yourself with various graphical and technical aspects of a site such as knowing how a site works and how to create, modify, or change it looks. In the real job in either an organization of individual website, a web designer may also work to update and maintenance a website.

The Role of a Web Developer

It’s entirely different to web designer as web developers work to create a website-based application using one of web programming languages such as Java, PHP, .NET, or Python.

In practice, web developers work to make many things happen to on a website. So, the roles web developers are liaisoning of all resources they use on a website, which includes creating databases, dynamic web pages, setting the way visitors interact with the elements of a website they created, and so on.

A reliable web designer will usually be familiar with the web programming language, whether on the server side (server side scripting) of client-side scripting. Web developers in a company often don’t want to bother about the display aspect of a website. However, if you want to become a web developer, you must understand HTML and CSS and how they work. But as a site design requires a particular type of creativity, although you know every command in HTML and CSS, you may not fit take a web designer position if you don’t have the ability to create a design. But to apply an existing web design to be a more dynamic must be managed by a web developer.

The Role of a Web Master

A web master can be a person who is capable of those two skills above. But another advantage of a webmaster is in charge of maintaining the web applications, making sure the website is always accessible or not down. Moreover, webmasters can also be responsible for search engine optimization (SEO), creating and filling website content, and to market the website to a specific market segment of public.

But on a wider scope of a workgroup, webmasters often assigned to be the manager of a web-based project, managing web developer and web designer jobs, testing the usability of the prototype some web applications, website security, and even server security.

For web developers, a logical ability is necessary to set the flow of web applications, while web designers need some artistic skills and creativity, which those who have a strong creative soul. While webmasters will need more logical, creative, and good experiences in common web problems, such as managing files in the hosting, ensuring a website free of hackers, the website is not down, and other important online business and digital marketing things.

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