5 Safe Ways to Connect to a Public WiFi Network

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Safe Ways to Connect to a Public WiFi Network

Many daily activities are becoming reliant on the internet connection. This becomes an opportunity for many internet providers provide WiFi services in public spaces. So, you can enjoy internet connectivity in WiFi covered areas such as WiFi cafe or WiFi corner. However, make sure you don’t neglect safe ways to connect to public WiFi network. Have you ever experienced that you find your internet connection very slow, while the friend next to you was able to access a video service provider site without a buffer? Many times you would such public WiFi connection on your device.

Using some tools, attackers may scam you on public WiFi. Either just cutting the network off or accessing your computer remotely within a public WiFi network. You can actually prevent cyber scams with the following 5 safe ways to connect to public WiFi.

Turn Off Auto-Connect

Take into account that your mobile or computer devices have been set to turn off the automatic connection. Some issues sometimes unknowingly arise from automatic connection to a WiFi network. There are some hacking activities which are effectively done within the same network, mostly in public WiFi. For example, attackers do phishing to steal your credentials such as the username and password of social media accounts, bank accounts, etc. Hackers may also easily wiretap your communication using MITM attack technique.

Accordingly, Keep your vigilance when you find there’s an open or free WiFi without a password. Your ease connecting to a free WiFi network is as easy as when hackers track your activities on the network. So, a safe way to connect to a WiFi network is disabling the auto-connect feature on your device. Instead, you may want to set your device to a forget network mode when you’ve ever connected to such Wi-Fi network.

Turn Off File or Folder Sharing

Turn Off Folder Sharing While You Connect to a Public NetworkFile sharing feature on a mobile or computer allows you to share files like documents, music, or photos on a WiFi network. When you’re using a Wi-Fi network, it’s a good idea to temporarily disable sharing feature. Because when your device turns its sharing feature on means other people can access a file you have shared. Each operating system has a different way to share files.

To check whether or not a folder is available for share on you Ubuntu, right click on the Folder and select “Local network share“. If you find out that the “Share this folder” option is being checked, then, the folder is in an accessible mode. It means other people on the same WiFi network can access that folder. So, to disable folder sharing simply uncheck it.

Whereas, if you use a Windows device, right-click that folder. Then, select Properties  Tab Security. Click the edit button to make some changes.

Do Important Things on Credible Network

Nowadays, internet banking is becoming common. You may often do a payment on an online shopping site using an internet banking payment method. Perhaps, you may also use online payment methods such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc. If so, it’s a safe way to shop online at your home or office WiFi. It is also based on security reasons, in case anyone else is also monitoring you while you are not realizing it. Somehow in many cases, using a public WiFi or own home WiFi, attackers may still access the network illegally. So, whether or not you are suspicious, it’s recommended to check WiFi network usage.

Sites using HTTPS are secure.

In addition, you should browse sites that use SSL encryption technology. SSL is a protocol which was developed with an aim to secure data transmission through the HTTP application layer, LDAP, or POP3. If an application or site uses an SSL, the URL address uses HTTPS. Besides, you may also use one of the best private browsers. A private browser helps you avoiding hackers who would like to track your activities while browsing sites.

Install a Security Software Program

There is much good security software for both mobile and PC devices. So, using a security software program on your mobile or computer can also be your choice when you feel unsafe while surfing the internet using a public WiFi network. A security software program could be an antivirus, antimalware that can protect your device from harmful computer viruses.

Basically, hackers use computer viruses to track, wiretap, or steal your data and communication. Therefore, an antivirus is mandatory for precautionary measure towards all things that can harm you. In many cases, a computer virus may seem and work like an application which is solely your need it. And without you realize it, slowly but surely such virus will be bothering you, whether simply hidden, replicating files, deletion, or destroying all data on your computer. What you really need to take into account is actually prevention, not to cope. Because day by day the number of computer viruses is growing faster than an anti-virus.

Using Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Besides a VPN works as bypass proxy, VPN can also make you surf the internet unanimously without trackers knowing your status. It works by its proxy replaces your original proxy. Let’s say you are from the United States, but a VPN replace it with a France proxy. Automatically, a bot will recognize that you are virtually from France instead of United States. You can manage some proxy settings easily either directly using a VPN or by using a third-party app. So, if you would like to use a VPN, make sure you know how powerful a VPN service is.

Indeed, using a public WiFi network to surf the internet is good. But when it becomes a threat, you know how to connect to public WiFi network securely. Having your sensitive data get stolen by attackers could harm you. It could be hard to find a solution when your sensitive data have been used by someone else given that the process of moving data is so quickly from one person to another. Finally, doing the safe ways to connect to a public WiFi network can help you surf the internet securely.

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