Tips to Save Internet Quota While Watching an Online Streaming Video

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Watching Online Streaming Video

If you oftentimes watch videos on YouTube or Online Streaming Video on Netflix, the use of data would be wasteful. Especially if you have internet quota limit on your data plan. In fact, most internet users now rely on online videos to get a variety of quick and real time information such as football live streaming, HBO Now, Hulu, Amazon Video, Starz, CBS All Access, DirectTV Now, Showtime, Sling TV, etc. Besides watching online streaming videos, listening to online music streaming such as Joox or Spotify is becoming a self-entertaining trend nowadays. Therefore, it’s wise to save internet quota while doing online activities especially while watching an online streaming video.

Unfortunately, the main disadvantage of too often streaming online videos can make your wallet comes up short. It’s understandable because watching online video streaming will absorb your internet quota considerably. To save internet quota while watching an online streaming video, you should consider how much internet quota needed to watch an online streaming video or any live streaming video. It’s why here we are to share you the tips to save internet quota when watching online streaming videos.

Tips to Save Internet Quota While Watching an Online Streaming Video

Below are some tips you can do to save internet quota while watching an online streaming video or listening online streaming music.

Use Data Saving Applications

If you use the internet data plan either on your device or tethering in watching an online streaming video, you can prune the used data by using an application named Opera Max. Opera Max is available for mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) and desktop devices (Personal Computer or laptop). Besides saving data while streaming online video or music, Opera Max will also help you to save your internet data when downloading images and browsing websites. Opera Max will cut off at 60 percent of the original data size of downloaded video, music, image, or website. But this application is not available to cut off the original data size of software. While if it is, the software will not working, though.

Opera Max uses an algorithm and software that is patented to compress unencrypted data, such as texts, videos, photos, which allows you to save your internet quota.

Defining The Internet Quota Usage Limit

It’s one of the easiest solutions to help you to save internet quota when watching videos on YouTube and other platforms are by defining your internet quota usage limit. If you are using an Android phone, you can go to the phone’s settings menu, and then set the data limit option you would like to use. Turn on the reminder “alert me about data usage”. So, you’ll get a notification about how much data you have used.

Degrade the Online Streaming Video Quality

There will be a time when you would like to watch a video using your phone or tablet. In which, it isn’t necessarily for you to watch the video in a high-resolution quality. Most of the recent mobile video streaming providers provide an option to change the video quality. So, you shouldn’t ignore such feature before you start watching a high-resolution video. Because oftentimes we don’t need high definition (HD) video to watch on the mobile phone.

Save Internet Quota While Watching Youtube Video

In the other case, if you would like to watch a video on a desktop computer, sometimes online HD video is required. But, you may degrade the video quality through the video setting menu on the website if available. For example, on the YouTube website, you can degrade the video quality. To do so, press the second menu option at the bottom right-hand side of the video. For Netflix, you can log in to your account, and on your profile page, select one of the three video quality setting options: Low, Medium, or High.

Save Videos that You Need to Watch Often

This way is really necessary for online tutorial videos, family memory videos, and other self-entertaining videos. To do so, you can save the video you are being watched into offline mode in YouTube or Netflix. By saving the video into offline mode will not require an internet connection when you watch it again. If necessary, you can download the video using streaming video downloader tools such as VideoGrabby, Video DownloadHelper, Freemake Video Downloader, Jdownloader 2, youtube-dl, etc. This way will greatly help you to save internet quota.

Use Free Wi-Fi Connection When Watching Online Streaming Video

If you want to save internet quota, the simple rule doesn’t use your data plan. This would make you keep aware of your internet quota usage. Especially if you are watching a large size video on the Internet. You can watch them by connecting your device to a free Wi-Fi connection. In a case of the device does not detect any Wi-Fi network, try using a long range Wi-Fi finder hardware. Some Wi-Fi finder hardware tools also support a function to check WiFi usage on PC. This function would be helpful for you to monitor who use your WiFi network if you spread WiFi network in your environment.

Finally, saving your internet quota may improve your efficiency in using your internet quota. May this tips helpful for you.

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