Search Engine Marketing and Keyword Research Guide

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Guide

This search engine marketing topic is going to guide you the best way to pick up a general category and crack it down into a lucrative niche peddle and again will also describe the best keyword strategy for a certain niche market you are targeting. If you want to learn search engine marketing, you can get the data of what people search on Google, Amazon, eBay, or other top list search engines. It could be from popular search engine specific sites or from e-commerce sites’ search engine where you can find a related targeted niche to yours.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a product or business marketing technique using keyword research to target specific market through either SEO or paid advertising on a certain search engine. SEM is part of digital marketing. Search ads can appear in the form of images, animation, video, or text on the search engine result page (SERP). Some of the most popular search ads providers are Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads, Yelp (for local business), and Baidu Ads (Chinese search engine). The search engine displays your ads on the top list of the SERP for some certain keywords you are targeting. Google Adwords usually place its ads list above the organic search results right below the navigation menu and at the right-side of the search results.

SEM involves things like SEO (both offpage and onpage SEO), keyword analysis, bidding lowest cost per click rates (CPC) and low competition keywords, and other possible factors that will help make your internet marketing works effectively. And performing search engine marketing with the right selling strategies and e-commerce strategies will also improving your ROI. The following image is an example Google ads display that appears in Google search results.

Google shows sponsored ads on the top list of the search results.

Keyword Research

Today, IM experts and webmasters usually make a keyword research before preparing SEO optimized image and text for their sites or online stores. To get the right keywords for your blog that generate visitors through a search engine, doing a keyword research on major search engines is best to do so. But for an online store site, it much better to find most searched and relevant keywords for your content from popular e-commerce sites. However, your keyword lookup efforts would just end up in a vain if you don’t know what keyword research tools to use. The most disappointing thing again is that Google Keyword Plan now stops viewing accurate data on its free keywords lookup tool. But you must previously have ever bought an ads plan from Google Adwords in an order you can see the accurate search data of the keyword lookup tool on Google Keyword Planner.

Alternatively, you can use Kwfinder keyword research tool. It’s just one of the best free keyword lookup tools on the internet that you may also like. But the free version only allows you to make five keyword lookups per day for fifty keyword suggestions per search and a hundred backlinks per day. It’s more than enough if you normally prepare up to five unique articles per day.

KWFinder is a free keyword research lookup tool.

When you’ve chosen one of the best free keyword research tools, there you can learn how to analyze the search volume, competition, and the CPC rate of a certain keyword. This keyword research is important for every internet marketer or webmaster to cut down sky-high CPC and the uphill competition on a certain niche market.

To get the data, you can go to the keyword box and type in a common keyword that is relevant to your product and enter it. There, you can see a list of keyword suggestions which possibly best for you to choose from. Getting some cheap and low competition keyword suggestions from your keyword research tool is actually the main objective of keyword research. So, this way is the most possible keyword strategy for you to get your site to be one of the top paid ads and it will help get more views to your brand. While this is actually the basic idea how to do SEO better. But if we talk about SEO in a deeper elucidation, there are so many factors and efforts to do for your SEO can perform better. While the shortcut is paid search ads.

Keyword Research in Search Engine Marketing

Another good idea to save money and make your search engine marketing efficient, you should only buy search ads for those pages on your site which seem hardly compete for the other sites on organic search results. And again, it would be worthwhile if you bid keyword ads for a particular keyword that have thousands or more searches volume per month with tough competition rate. But if a page of your site gets hundreds of organic hits per month from search engines, it’s better only develop your onpage and offpage SEO to strengthen its position on the SERP overpowering your competitors in getting organic traffic. While this search engine marketing is important, know also social media manager skills for you to learn how to make leads and serve your customers better through Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular social media sites.

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