Self-Confidence Building Tips – a Personal Skill for Performing Well

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Self-Confidence Building Tips

To briefly explain with my own words about the statement of Bandura (1986) in regards to self-efficacy theory, self-confidence is a general conceptual mechanism for interceding motivation, the point of views, behavior, and emotional reactions of an individual. With that reason, it is important for us to learn the self-confidence building in order to perform well in your self-achievement.

You may learn self-confidence building from a textbook or you also may learn about self-confidence as one of the most important personal skills by learning its complex theory in your school. However, there would be a time you are in an urgency situation where to master the quick self-confidence building tips. So, here you are reading about how to build self-confidence as a skill for performing well. Without rambling, let’s we find out more the main points of confidence skill.

Although self-confidence is not something that appears physically, you may ever presume that someone possesses a crisis of self-confidence. For common people, they may think that a self-confidence crisis is not a serious problem. However, believe it or not, it can be a serious problem for you. If you have less self-confidence, you would feel giddy in your performance or even in your whole life. Let’s say the truth that this is my own experience. Yes, it was my weakness. Admitting own weakness, condition, and situation are one of the good personal qualities. It’s why we need to learn self-confidence building. Is it?

If you understand the theory of self-confidence, you could raise your self-esteem up too. In addition, it is one step towards your capability in digging your optimal self-potential. Therefore, your self-confidence will help you to make you sure that you have the same opportunity as others have.

The Importance of Self-Confidence

Your self-confidence can help you to make your dreams come true by optimizing your self-potential. Besides that, with your self-confidence, you could properly solve a problem you face. Because, people with high self-confidence, they tend to have a high level of tranquility in thinking. So, with your tranquility in thinking, your head will work well. The tranquility in your thoughts may help you to generate good ideas in problem-solving.

Manage Your Self-Confidence

On the other hand, you also need to be able to manage your self-confidence, because the excessive of self-confidence (over-confidence) is not implying goodness for your performance. Also, the excessive of self-confidence can foster vanity in you. Besides that, an excessive self-confidence could have an impact someone become less aware of something because we tend to underestimate it. So, to manage your self-confidence is master the quick tips of self-confidence building tips below.

Self-Confidence Building Tips

Besides learning the theory of self-confidence from the textbook, you can also learn self-confidence building build by practicing. Try to practice the tips below to encourage and to foster your self-confidence. Always learn and expand your insight. By learning and practicing, someone you would be convinced that you have the same opportunity as others.

Make Interaction with Different Types of People’s Characters

Having interactions with different types of people’s characters will help you to be easily in building relationships and to be an adaptable personality. In many cases, the less confidence within someone comes up because they rarely interact with different types of people’s characters.

Be Yourself

The lack of confidence within someone tends to make him or her trying to imitate other people in all sides, whether it is in style or character. So, with your self-confidence, you are trying to change the mainstream and you have a belief that to be yourself is not a mistake.

Throw Your Doubts Away

People who are feeling inferiority usually have so many doubts within their thoughts which tend to inflict mistakes in their performance. Eliminate your doubts and replace them with your ideas. Something brilliant you plan comes up from your ideas. But doubts will make you stack.


The most important in how your self-confidence can help you performing well is not about how to perform without mistakes. But, it is about how you can perform better by learning from the mistakes of the past. Finally, believe it or not, great people are high-self-confidence individuals who have ever done something mistake in the past beyond their success.

So, doing a mistake in our performance get success is fair, but the unfair thing is if we want to be succeeded but we are not willing to learn from the mistake.

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