Shoeboxed Review – Expense Reports, Receipt Scan, & Mileage Tracking

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Use Shoeboxed apps for a better reimbursement.

Shoeboxed is a powerful tool for managing expenses reports or to get them organized easily. This productivity tool is an extremely beloved by millions of companies or business owners, travelers, freelancers, accountants, consultants, and bookkeepers. Professionals, business owners, or employees who use Shoeboxed can save time in managing expenses reports, receipts, mileage tracking, and business cards. And this tool also reduces money-spending on office administrative works so the users can focus more on improving their business. So, this tool is a good choice for bosses who want stop employee from doing expenses fraud report. Read the whole of this Shoeboxed review to get to know more about this productivity tool.

How does Shoeboxed Work?

Shoeboxed provides both a web-based tool and a smartphone app that conveniently works with the user account. These two versions can work together so that the user can organize business expense reports and other scanned papers. Another function of Shoeboxed that outperforms other expense tracking software is a noticeable email address linked to the user account. The user can send this email address to business reps, customers or vendors. In which, all receipts, invoices, phone numbers or expense details that are sent through the email to the user are going to be immediately be stored in Shoeboxed. All Shoeboxed features are fit to support business expenses reports.

Shoeboxed Features

1. OCR

Shoeboxed can quickly integrate with your mobile camera when you are going to snap a receipt or business card. Then this tool saves the picture and stores it to your expense report. Shoeboxed can also use your device’s camera to scan papers and its OCR feature can track the text from the picture and convert it to become a digital textual data which then directly be filled in the expense report. So, managing expenses report can be easily using Shoeboxed. The OCR tool of Shoeboxed can scan text on papers accurately which make the users don’t have to bother correcting scanned text. It’s why this productivity tool is best for managing receipts and business cards.

Shoeboxed OCR tool to copy image text to document.
The OCR of Shoeboxed can copy image text to an expense report document immediately.

You can integrate Shoeboxed with your accounting management and automatically changes expense reports. Therefore, you can always get the precise value of your spendings for business affairs without rechecking or matching the data on both this app and your accounting software.

2. Mileage Tracker

The preview of Shoboxed mileage tracker.Besides of OCR tool, this productivity also provides another smart tool like mileage tracking. This tool is best for you if you want to track your business travel mileage or get the accurate mileage of your business reps journey. The mileage tracker of Shoeboxed uses GPS for per se tracking the user’s moves. It takes every distance’s miles measure and enters it in the right field of your business trip report document.

3. Automatic Business Expense Report

The expense report feature of Shoeboxed can automatically generate business expense report based on your business trip activities. Once you want to get all of your expenses information, you just need a few clicks and get your expense report ready to be sent through email.

Get your business expense report be ready to be sent.

Shoeboxed can be integrated to another some accounting or document tools such as;

  • QuickBooks,
  • Xero,
  • MYOB AccountRight,
  • Evernote,
  • ScanSnap Cloud,
  • Wave Accounting,
  • FreshBooks,
  • GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping,
  • OneSaas,
  • Saasu,
  • Salesforce,
  • HP Printer,
  • WorkingPoint, and
  • MYOB Essentials.

Shoeboxed Core Values

Shoeboxed supports advanced business core features to support your business activities. This productivity app helps you save money, time, and enter immediately all of your expenses to your business expense report without forgetting any of them. In addition, this business expense tracker helps you to not worry about your rep from doing business expense report fraud. Thus, your business budget can be spent appropriately.

Finally, to decide whether or not choosing using the Shoeboxed app as your business expense tracker is in your hand. Let’s take a look at a quick Shoeboxed review and rating box at the bottom of this article. We hope this Shoeboxed review is helpful to you.


The Good!

  • Corporate-scale money saving
  • Can stop employee from doing expense report fraud
  • Multi-platform apps
  • Maximizing tax reductions

The Bad!

  • Nothing really significant to mention
Value for Money
98 %
95 %
Customer Support
91 %
Easy of Use
87 %

Shoeboxed Review

Shoeboxed is a productivity tool helps you scan receipts and convert its text to digital textual data using OCR technology. It also has features to manage expense reports, bookkeeping, and mileage tracking. This tool can also scan other papers such as business cards and barcodes and imports into Outlook, Salesforce, and more!

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