Advanced Skills Required to Become a 3D Printing Expert

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Skills reguired to become a 3d printing expert.

For lay people in several decades ago, the words ‘printing’ and ‘printer’ might only be associated with printing on paper. But the following decade, 3D printing term is becoming more common in the design world. Today, it’s not only 2D documents can be printed. But you can now get a 3D printer easily. But if you want to be a 3D printing expert, having a 3D printer isn’t enough. This article will discover some advanced skills you must have if you want to become a 3D printing expert and start your career in the 3D printing industry.

Started around the end of the 2000 – when the 3D printers began to be introduced to the commercial market, 3D designing jobs have been becoming more in-demand till today. You might be interested in the 3D technology and really want to start your career journey in the 3D printing industry. So, if you develop your 3D designing skills in the right ways, you would be more likely gain more in the 3D printing industry. You can find a lot of today’s companies in need of talents who are capable of 3D-specific skills. The following are the skills required to become a 3D printing expert.

3D Graphic Designing and Modeling Using 3D Software

3D modeling and designing skills.

The 3D printing sphere has been opening up new businesses and job opportunities. The 3D printing sphere has been opening up new business and job opportunities. This automatically bore the designers pep up to move forward one step to upgrade their skills and grab the 3D printing market. The 3D printing industry needs more 3D graphic designers who are capable of operating 3D-specified software to create 3D models. Some companies need designers who can draw actual objects in the form of 3D models. Some of them even need talented designers who can create new 3D models from scratch. So, before printing a digital artwork to a tangible 3D outcome, designers need to model the object first using a 3D software like 3D CAD.

3D Printer Mechanical Operation

Know how to operate 3D printer.Designers who want to start a career in 3D printing industry must know how to operate 3D printers mechanically. All 3D printer manufacturers also need 3D designers who have been experienced in operating various types of 3D printers. So, knowing the pros and cons of different 3D printers is absolutely a big plus for designers. Designers with this knowledge will open a big opportunity for them to start their career in a 3D printer manufacturer. They will be the key to suggest how should a 3D printer is designed for a certain work type. So, if you want to become a 3D expert, you need stay following of the latest 3D printing technical developments and market demands.

Engineering Skills

You can now buy a 3D-printed motorcycle.

If you simply want to become a 3D designer, knowing how to design and print your 3D models are more than enough. But when we talk about how to become a 3D printing expert, it’s mostly talk about the mathematical precision in the 3D model’s size and the tangible outcome after printing it. So, if you want to become a 3D printing expert, you have to go deeper in learning in one of the three main skills including industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, or software engineering. Having skilled in one of them will make it possible for you to better grasp of materials and other possible things should be involved in producing 3D printers or developing 3D software that fit for manufacturing, visual communication, architectural, or entertainment works. Or, if you know those three engineering skills will be an added-value for you.

Soft Skills

The 3D printing industry is a wide market that has been expanding in various fields. Therefore, soft skills are required for every 3D printing expert to think creatively about creating new 3D products. Then, having good communication skills and persuasive communication method will help to express the creative ideas and solutions to the boss and prospective clients. Some manufacturers tent to more innovates their product parts which will be created by 3D printers. So, 3D printing experts will often communicate with them in providing a solution for their needs. Besides, 3D printing experts will also manage and motivate the team for a solid teamwork and collaboration. Many times a 3D printing expert need to do brainstorming, problem-solving, and logical thinking abilities in providing solutions and generating creative ideas.

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