Practices and Skills Required to Become a Mobile Apps Developer

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Skills required to become a mobile apps developer.

As the number of Android apps and users are increasing over years, the competition is getting harder and requires innovative ways to develop out-of-the-box Android apps. To outperform competitor apps, creating a sophisticated mobile app isn’t enough. Mobile apps development is a serious job which requires some advanced programming skills in order to meet the needs of the modern global economy.

There are many kinds of mobile apps and each of them is developed to complement the users’ phones. Almost everyday smartphone users use mobile apps whether in a business, communication, or entertainment. Today is the era where almost all people, especially young people, are increasingly getting more dependable on mobile apps in daily life.

We use our smartphone to listen to pieces of music, watching videos, communicating, learning new things, etc. through mobile apps. Even, when we search for a certain app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, we can see so many choices which make us confuse to pick one that meets our requirements. So, to win the people hearth for choosing your app, app developing only isn’t enough.

How to Become a Mobile Apps Developer

You might want to become an Android app developer or simply want to know what practices and skills required to be able to create a mobile app. To create a simple app, you can find various tutorials on the internet. But when it comes to developing a demanding advanced app, it would never be an easy job. All processes become much more serious and require coding practices a lot so that would fit a position of an app developer in a company, or becoming a professional mobile apps developers who offer app development services to businesses or companies. Some technical and soft skills are needed.

Here we are going to discover what practices and skills required to become an Android apps developer. If you want to become a mobile apps developer, you should first choose a platform. It could be iOS,  Android, iOS, Windows Mobile platform, then learn programming languages and have some coding practices to improve your technical skills. However, it’s also possible to know how to develop mobile apps on various platforms. But before you get into the learning and practices sessions, it’s you should be knowing that Android developers have more prospect recently. Let’s we first find out why.

Job Opportunities for Android Developers

Nowadays, the global market leader of mobile phone platforms is Android. Its market growth in most populated countries such as China, India, and Indonesia is dominating smartphone sector more than 70 percent gap compared to the second-ranked market leader. This makes Android development becomes a serious job.

Besides, the Android OS is open source that allows developers to customize and enriched it. A good example of an enriched version of Android is MIUI from Xiaomi. Not to mention a lot of smartphone brands released Android-based phones, Android development has become one of the most demanding jobs in the IT sector.

Hard Skills Required for Mobile Apps Development Jobs

To have a mobile apps development job, you must have the technical skills. You can develop Android on a desktop-based computer first, whether in a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Then, you should then test your Android app on real smartphones or tablets. Some developers also need to test their apps on Android emulators as nowadays many people need to run some certain business or entertainment apps on their computer. The following are four basic skills you need to develop if you want to become an Android developer.


To be able to develop Android apps, you need to know Java programming language. This language is the most basic structure of blocks building in developing Android apps. If you previously have been familiar and used to coding with Java, it would be a steady jump-start to become a successful Android developer. Improve your Java skills as this programming language is the most used language in software developments. Mastering Java will not only useful for Android development, but also for creating software for other platforms.


If you have been used to create dynamic websites from scratch (without a CMS) you should be familiar with SQL. You will need SQL basics to regulate databases which are commonly used within apps. You can use this language to deliver queries to regain information which previously stored to the databases within apps. So, you need to improve your SQL skills so that you can store and retrieve information within an app you develop.

Know How to Use Android Studio IDE and SDK Tools

An advanced skill in Android app development is capable of using Android Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Android Software Development Kit (SDK) tools in creating apps. These are free tools and all Android developers need to be capable of using. Android Studio is an official program you need to use to write code and set your apps from diversified libraries and packages. This program contains software libraries, coding tools, sample code, and other tools you will need in constructing, testing, and debugging your Android apps.


Android developers use XML to depict data. So, you need to improve your skills in XML syntax, because this will be very useful for you in Android app development tasks like building UI structures and parsing data feeds from taken from another source. But XML will be much better to be constructed based on a markup language.

Soft Skills Required to Become a Successful Android Developer

Whether you are in a very bottom or management level of the mobile apps development job position, your skills are useful. Soft skills play an important role to determine your career success. All sort of soft skills are important but the following soft skills are the most important for mobile apps developers.


The hard skills mention above are good capabilities you will need in apps development. But there would be a stuck in a complex app development work might be encountering. So, perseverance will get you to hold out in the frustrating parts. Especially if you are in a beginning app development learning process.


If you plan to have a mobile app development job in a company, there’s no doubt that would need to collaborate with your work partners. And collaborativeness is of the most important soft skill for most developer jobs. Moreover, this skill isn’t only working if you work in a apps development team. Even if an app developer works by his- or herself on a project in an organization, they will also need to put collaborate with other people in other departments such as marketers, designers, upper management, etc. Learn how to collaborate with teammates, how to accept others’ work, how to exchange ideas with the people in other departments, and how to teaming up for a certain mobile app development project.

Eager to Learn

Even a skillful and experienced mobile app developers need to learn new things in the world of smartphone technology. The development of smartphone technology is very fast advancing. So, it’s inevitably all mobile app developers should be eager to learn new things. All good developers, mobile or otherwise, are committed to lifelong learning.

Mobile Development Practices

And here are some basic practices you need to take in order to become a mobile app developer;

  • core IT such as networking, security, web design, and databases,
  • learn how to develop an Android app,
  • learn how to develop an Apple iOS app,
  • create a cutting-edge game for smartphones or tablets,
  • take a lot of practices in coding using Java, MySQL, PHP, and Objective-C,
  • UI and UX,
  • mobile app marketing strategies, and
  • how to create and promote your app development portfolio.

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