Social Media Manager Skills and Job Descriptions in a Company

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Skills Required to Become a Social Media Manager

Social media manager skills are some of those easy-sounding abilities, but actually, a social media manager require a lot of creative skills. Nowadays, the popularity of social media makes this marketing-related job exceptionally valuable to help companies reach the market. But the goal of social media marketing will not be achieved without reliable social media manager skillfulness.

If you aspire to go to become a social media manager in a company, simply capable of posting your marketing campaign on social media sites isn’t enough for your provision. It’s likewise when you are going to recruit a new employee to fill that position. So, you need to make sure that some of the following social media manager skills stand for your prospective social media manager so that your overall social media marketing can bring in optimum results.

Social Media Manager Skills

1. The Ability to Prepare Appealing Content

Bill Gates revealed and proofed that “Content is King,” a short saying but it takes hard work to do it. Since twenty years ago, this saying has been significantly bringing in a big impact on every company that applied it. The more popular social media, the tougher competition among online marketers, and the more also it takes hard work to prepare a stunning content that works.

You can find so many content platform providers on the internet with various ways of serving how the audience digest its content. In the context of social media, three are three main content forms such as text, image, and video.

So, one of social media manager tasks is the creating appealing content, and therefore, writing skills are required for a social media manager. But if social media manager job descriptions are really vast, it would be better to team up with graphic designers and video producers. Furthermore, having a social media manager is capable of basic graphic designing and video producing skills will be big pluses. Because as a social media manager you will occasionally need to create your own multimedia content.

Facebook liberally provides a flexibility for its members to submit various content types. While it’s not like that on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. But if your marketing campaigns are videos, it would be best to be delivered on Youtube, and share your podcasts to SoundCloud. By knowing what content is suitable for a specific social media is essential to generate the best engagement. Learning the basic knowledge of behavioral psychology will also useful for you to know why a content favored by the people.

2. Trend Analysis Skills

The popularity of social media content is heavily influenced by trends. So, a good social media manager should be always up to date with current news and identifying how the people react to trending news and hashtags. A social media manager should then use some relevant trending news as the promotional materials. This kind of activity is also called as “newsjacking“.

Newsjacking can be a powerful implement for social media managers to prepare posts. But mistakenly using this kind of idea injection art can actually be a boomerang for social media managers. So, when it comes to analyzing trends and doing newsjacking for your promotional content make sure you will not do plagiarism. Besides of plagiarism, when you insert a sense of humor to your promotional content, make sure it has not sensitive locution that may offend certain entities. However, if any of your audience is being resentful by what you wrote on your content, you should be able to respond calmly and diplomatically.

Some social media sites don’t provide the latest trends statistics tool like Twitter. While such tool is really important for a social media manager to find out relevant topics for promotional content. But you can use some social media trend analytic tools such as Feedly, Buzzsumo, and

3. Evaluation and Planning Skills

Promoting on social media is just like any other marketing process that needs evaluation and planning. Every social media has different analytical metrics, such as views, reach, and more. But out of those analytic metrics, tracking the number of leads generated and the number of consumer complaints handled can also be useful to support your social media marketing performance.

The behavior of social media users has a major impact on the success of social media marketing. So, use your calendar to set the schedule your content posting that you will come up with. Social media managers should be able to analyze such things to be effectively preparing promotional plans that work to generate leads and sales, especially in paid social media advertising.

4. Communication Skills and Cooperation

If you are a social media manager, you will frequently represent your company on social media. So, a social media manager must understand how to build good relationships with the community through your content and various interactions either online or when you hold offline events. Keep the community active by throwing interesting questions and discussion materials on the sidelines of your promotional.

Stay calm under pressure, have a good knowledge about your product and company as well as have a mindset that serving consumers is one of the most important provisions to become a social media manager. If such things sound like customer service crew’s tasks, that’s also normal things for social media managers, because your consumers are mostly using social media to ask questions or complaints.

On the duty, social media managers may cooperate with the company’s public relation division, media colleagues, and even product developers in case some consumers are asking technical questions. It requires a good cooperation ability for the social media content to run synergistically with the company’s overall performance.

5. Credibility Track Record

Just like any other manager level position in a company or organization, credibility track record is required for you to become a social media manager. But this point tends to be specifically related to public relation experiences. If a candidate has ever been dismissed from being a social media manager position in the old company, the recruiter should think twice before employing him or her.

It’s not that a recruiter shouldn’t hire such candidate. But one must be careful and ensuring that there wouldn’t be any similar work error from happening.

Considering some crucial skills required to become a social media manager, this position may sound daunting. But actually, if you are passionate about social media and knowing how it works, you can internalize these skills as well as with your experience. But if you are running your own business without any employee, you can learn these social media manager skills to prepare your content that will undoubtedly different and more effective than what common people can do.

But if you want to apply for a social media manager vacant, you must be knowing that most of the skills required for this position are soft skills which aren’t only acquired from learning. Yet, most of social media manager skills are more closely related to passion and personality. Finally, if you are really interested to become a social media manager, develop your soft skills and try to shape your character rightly from now on.

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