Best Wireless Watcher Software to Monitor and Check WiFi Network Usage

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Check WiFi Network Usage

Today, it’s quite easy to find out if there is any wireless network (WiFi) available either in a public area or in around of your home. With such connectivity support, some kind of electronic devices nowadays seems to have WiFi connection functionality. The most common devices for connectivity uses are mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, printers, digital cameras, game consoles, TVs, and even smart watches. Since everyone can be easily connecting to a wireless network or WiFi, until now even we can also find many cases that someone can unlock WiFi. Thanks to the developers, now we can use one of the best of wireless watcher software to monitor and check wifi network usage.

Basically, every WiFi connection setup has its own predicaments whenever it comes to your home network and the tools that are enclosed to it. So, configuring your own wireless connection with a sufficient protection e.g. a password and WPA2 is very important. But, today it is possible for someone else that you don’t know out there can connect to your wireless network while you don’t realize it. Although the recent router products are possessing a network security feature, such as MAC address filtering feature, it doesn’t mean that your wireless network is completely secure. It is because nowadays you can find real trackers who have wily tricks to evade a wireless network (WiFi) security.

Talking about wireless connection, you’ll find many kinds of internet routers with a WiFi feature that allow other devices to connect to its network. However, most of us don’t know how to find the information about who is using our wireless network. But you don’t need to worry. By the help of one of the best wireless watcher software, you can monitor and check the list of devices that are connecting to your WiFi network. Read also a topic about how to check a computer security.

The list below is the review of some good and simple wireless watcher software. By using one of them, you can find out whether your Wifi network is being used by other people or not. After taking some trials for tens wireless watcher tools, below are the best wireless watcher software to monitor and check WiFi network usage.

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Monitor and Check Wifi Network Usage Using One of These Tools

1. Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher is a freeware that was made and developed by Nir Sofer under NirSoft. He is one of the most popular programmers in the United Stated. This application has a lot of functions and features for wireless connection monitoring. Since the release of its first version, until this post got published, there were 53 updates for this software. It means this software has serious development since May 10th, 2015.

The latest update release was in November 2016. Such a software is a simple and really practical one and a good wireless network watcher application for Windows PC. Using this software to check WiFi usage, you will not need to set up the range of IP address. Once it runs, the network scanner feature will directly command your computer to scan any custom IP address range or another adapter.  To use that feature you simply need set its advance options by pressing F9 Advanced Options by pressing F9.

Wireless Network Watcher from NirSoft
Image: The preview of running Wireless Network Watcher from NirSoft

Wireless Network Watcher is a software for PC to monitor and check WiFi usage that works in a few seconds to scan the IP range. Once the scan process has done, you will get the information about your wireless network usages such as device name, MAC address, IP address, the manufacturer of the adapter, activity logs and a specific number of detection. Besides that, this application will open a scan window continuously to search the IP range. If the tool detects any connection to your WiFi network, you can either allow or disconnect it. To disconnect the connection, you can do it by configuring through a quick shortkey, simply pressing F9.

This application also allows you set an alert in the form of either audio warning or a reminder pop window. Another advantage of Wireless Network Watcher is that you can also get its portable version installer. With this advantage, you can quickly run this tool on any of your PCs without installing it first.

2. SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is one of the best tools to check WiFi network usage. This tool will work on a computer to check WiFi usage whether or not being used by another computer or device. SofttPerfect WiFi Guard is more likely only to check if WiFi network usage or to monitor unwanted network connections. This application is like the cutdown version of SoftPerfect Network Scanner which is much better. SoftPerfect WiFi Guard will help you to monitor and check WiFi network usage whether being connected to any of strange devices. You can set the scan process in every 1 hour, 2 hours or longer.  In the scan process, there will be a notification if the tool found an unknown device that prompts to connect to your wireless network. So, having your WiFi network is safe of other unwanted connections, you can save your internet quota.

Softperfect WiFi Guard from SoftPerfect
Image: The preview of SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

Another function of SoftPerfect WiFi Guard allows you to select which adapter to scan. Otherwise, it will redirect you to its main window, and there you can press Scan Now to detect all connecting devices. For any device that you don’t authorize to use your WiFi network, this tool will mark it with a red sign. But, if you allow the connection, you can command the tool to allow the device connection by double-clicking and select “I know this computer or device”. The software will ignore the device.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a good tool for your PC to monitor and check WiFi network usage. In which, it helps you to identify and scan wireless connections. But the disadvantage is, it cannot run the process of scanning the wireless connection in every minute. So do to its warning report.  By the default, the application will scan and warn in every 30 minutes.

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3. Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a wireless connection monitoring tool. This tool works with some good features to monitor and check WiFi network usage. Its main features such as wireless network scanning and wake-on-LAN and shutdown are pretty good. besides that, it also supports your connectivity to connect your device through HTTP/FTP, Radmin, and Remote Desktop. But, those functions are useless if you only need to scan your WiFi network to monitor and check your WiFi network usage.

Advanced IP Scanner
Image: The preview of Advanced IP Scanner.

This network scanner application can only scan wireless connection on a certain range of WiFi connections. It will work to set the IP ranges for the entire connections of your PC. As the default, the range is between to It is unnecessary to set the IP address range if your PC has only a single working connection. The Advanced IP Scanner will scan your wireless network and show you all connections. This software also shows you WiFi device adapter and MAC address. It is a portable IP scanner software.

4. Angry IP Scanner

It’s a funny name. Angry IP Scanner is available for Mac and Linux operating systems. The Angry IP Scanner is a Java-based software that makes this application becomes a multi-platform software. It means you need to install a Java Runtime Environment first to run this Ip scanner software. But, if you haven’t installed Java Runtime Environment yet. The application works by simply pinging all IP addresses in the certain range. It also supports Fetchers window to show you the ping results and other network security alerts.

Angry IP Scanner
Image: The preview of Angry IP Scanner

Before you start scanning wireless connections using Angry IP Scanner, firstly you need to set the IP range, and it allows you to click the IP button and then choose the valid wireless adapter. After that, you will see a drop down menu, there you need select the addresses range. In case you don’t really understand to set the range, you can choose the IP addresses to be scanned from a text file of the list of IP addresses.  It works very fast because of the application is using multiple threads. For the outcome of scanned addresses, you can see by opening “All scanned hosts” window. To open it, go to Tools, select Preferences, select Display, and then select All scanned hosts. This application is available in a portable and installer versions.

5. Who Is On My WiFi

Who Is On My WiFi is a bit different if you compare to those four applications above. It’s different because its primary function is to detect other PCs on your network and alert you once if there is any connection to your WiFi network that you don’t authorize.

Who Is On My WiFi
Image: The preview of Who Is On My WiFi

However, a big disadvantage of this application is, you cannot block the unknown connections. To enable the blocking mode using Who Is On My WiFi, you need to register for a paid version. You’ll need to by spending about $9.95 monthly for the paid version. It works every 5 minutes by default to check WiFi network usage. Then, if there is any unknown connecting device, it will warn you in the form of voice and visual message. Its free version is a fairly good PC software that allows you to check WiFi network usage. But if you want more functions and features, you need to upgrade to its paid version.

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