The Guide to Qualifications and Steps to become a College Professor

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The Steps to become a College Professor

Every country has its own requirements how to become a college professor. The educational qualification to become a college professor is different based on the countries’ regulation. In some countries, to become a community college professor, a person requires educational skills at least a master’s degree, or a doctoral degree in some different countries.

The Qualifications to Become a College Professor

In many cases, to become a tenure-track university professor (full-time or permanent), an individual needs a doctoral degree. So, if you want to become a tenure-track college professor, you need an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree, finish up a Ph.D. program, execute at least one independent research, and have your articles listed in scholarly journals.

To expedite, you should be a graduate assistant to get your research and teaching experience as well as a work experience to your field of study in an institution such as a governmental institution, non-profit company, or private sector company. The focus skills a graduate assistant is going to develop are communications skills, critical thinking skills, computer skills, and the classroom management knowledge.


The Steps How to Become a College Professor

Step 1: Specialize Yourself in an Educational Field of Your Passion

There are a lot of education fields in various universities or colleges. You can choose an educational field to specialize yourself in which you are interested in. No matter the academic field you choose a long as it’s your passion. You consider your choice of field based on individual preference or the prospect of getting an occupation in a particular field. When choosing your field of education, consider the profound competition for the overall several full-time and the tenure-track positions would become your chances.

Step 2: Earn an Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor’s Degree)

At the undergraduate level of education, you are going to get a bachelor’s degree as one of the requirements to become a college professor. Besides getting a bachelor’s degree, you also be able to learn how your do your professors do their work, and how they interact with the college students. Additionally, keep in mind all things you have to be qualified in order to enter a graduate school after earning your bachelor’s degree, such as a minimum GPA and other possible things.

Step 3: Earn a Graduate Degree (Master’s Degree or up to Doctoral Degree)

Earn a Master’s Degree

As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the minimum education degree is needed if someone wants to become a college professor, which is a master’s degree. But, in certain universities in the U.S.A, you need to have a doctoral degree. Before you apply for a graduate school of your choice, you need to review the prerequisites. The requirements to become a graduate student in a university may be different to the other universities.

Usually, a prestigious university has stringent entrance requirements due to a lot of applicants for comparatively few openings. So, you should get the prerequisites information from your chosen university. Once your application gets approved by a graduate school or university of your choice, you need to build a solid academic relationship with the professors. This way may open the opportunity for you to co-author scientific research writing with one of them.

You May Want to Earn a Doctor’s Degree

Usually, to earn a doctor’s degree in a school, you’ll be specializing your educational within your chosen subject or study. For instance, if you are going to earn a Ph.D. degree, you may specialize in one of the subareas such as clinical psychology, community psychology, counseling psychology, development psychology, educational psychology, environmental psychology, experimental psychology, industrial/organizational psychology or etc.

To become a college professor, in the course of your graduate study, you need to develop your publication record. This way would carry out your competitiveness become stronger when taking for tenure-track lecturing occupations.

Additionally, you may want to learn some teaching skills such as how to teach Junior High School students, how to teach Senior High School students, personalized learning method, online teaching method, and etc. More universities are offering classes, or entire degrees, online. Those teaching skills would make you become a more versatility college professor and as your intelligence assets to be used or shared in teaching your students in the future.

Step 4: Get Along with People in Your Internships or Employment Opportunities

There’s no doubt that to participate in an internship program or an employment opportunity is a must during your graduate throughout educational. It’s really necessary to establish your teaching and research experience. Besides that, your internship or employment experience will help you in accelerating your career. In other words, such a way is also called as a graduate assistantship. In which, you are going to preserve strong academic relationships and employability skills with educational institutions and other professors in order to open your likelihood job opportunities.

Finally, to become a college professor, obtaining a full-time position in a research university is a must before you are eligible for a tenure status with the college or university. The process and requirements may be varying on different educational institutions. It depends on the educational institution you are work for.

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