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If you are really want to have your posts on Skillonpage, your posts should be engaging to our readers or subscribers. We are looking for quality articles between 1,000-2,000 words to fit the guest authors.

Standard Rules

Get your guest posts published on by the following requirements compliance;

  1. Submit an article that meets one of the available categories. Read the recent posts and about to get the idea for our typical perspective.
  2. Stay away from submitting an article that is certainly very similar to any of our published posts. Check what has already been posted on your subject.
  3. You give us a never-ending license to your article while you preserve the copyright. We may also send out your post throughout email newsletters, social networking sites, or other online communities.
  4. You have no privilege to remove your post after it has been published.
  5. Make sure your article is relevant to any of our posts. This way would help you easily have links to our posts.
  6. If you want to link to other sources on your guest post, make sure they are relevant sources.

What We Don’t Accept

We strongly avoid guest posts that contain any of the following;

  • plagiarism,
  • spammy,
  • less than 1,000 words,
  • too many outbound links,
  • spun/not readable articles,
  • guest posts that are solely getting backlinks from our site,
  • guest posts that are not relevant to any of our posts, and
  • guest posts that are not linking to any of our posts.
  • guest posts that are optimized for search engine using any of the following spam techniques such as;
    • Comments spam from other sites. (We always tract and disavow any bad backlinks to our site.)
    • Social bookmarking spam.
    • Guest posts spamming on other websites.


Q: Can I afterward post my submission on different sites?

A: No, you can’t!

Q: Can I publish an article which has been posted on other websites?

A: Absolutely no, we only accept authentic articles.

Q: Can I take advantage of this article to showcase or to link to my other work?

A: As long as your blog or website is relevant to your submission, you can have a contextual link that leads to your blog or website, or another web page that can help our readers to get more relevant information. It could be an article that you submitted on another website, Twitter profile, Facebook profile, Linkedin profile, etc. So the key here is relevant, but not a product, sales, service, or squeeze pages. However, if you are in need of more website promotion or referral, consider our Sponsored Post.

Q: Will I get paid for my contribution?

A: No, only our official writers get paid for their participation.

Q: Can I work as a regular official writer on Skillonpage?

A: At the moment, we do not hire an additionally paid writer. You only get the benefit of promotional content and link to your articles.

Q: Can I submit using an anonymous name?

A: Absolutely! You can submit your article under a pen name, but you need to include both a first and last name. We don’t accept contributions from nicknames like Tiger88 or 9and7_Laxman. Instead, you can use your real company name, for example, My Company Name, Co., Ltd.


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