The Definition of Blueprint and Its Importance for Life

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Success Blueprint

Talking about life, surely every individual wants to be successful in life. Nevertheless, every individual has the standard of their own success, because sometimes we think people already achieve success. In fact, their supposition is still not successful. So, the blueprint we discuss here is something related to organized planning whether in an individual life, organization, or business (success blueprint).

There is like a proverb says;

“Success is a journey, not a destination”.

The blueprint definition is something like such proverb.

Many people hardly to achieve their dreams despite they have been trying hard. On the other hand, there are also some people who are so easy to achieve their success even with little efforts. Why are they so easily to make dreams come true? Meanwhile, some others are so difficult to achieve their dreams, even less likely to get it?

Does the education, skill, intelligence, or fate determine a success? The answer is not because they do not have a skill, or because they are a lack of fortunate. About 90% of people who don’t achieve their dreams don’t have a clear purpose or don’t have the “blueprint” of the success they envision.

What is Blueprint?

The definition of blueprint according to the Oxford Dictionary is “detailed description of a plan”. The term blueprint is generally used by architects to describe the drawing plan of the shape of a building on a blue paper.

Meanwhile, in management study, the blueprint is a design that is formulated with the aim of giving a direction to the activities of the organization or community on an ongoing basis. With the result, each activity is in tune with the demands, challenges, and the needs of the environment. It’s a detailed framework as a cornerstone in policy making. It includes; setting goals and objectives, creating strategies, the implementation of the program, the focus of activity, and the steps or implementation to be carried out by each unit in the working environment. For example, to build a building, all forms of planning the planning of constructing the building are listed in a blueprint.

To conclude, a blueprint is a description of the plan (on paper), likewise with a personal life. If you want to succeed and achieve your dreams, you need to have a “success blueprint”.

Discover the Life – You were Born to Live

It’s almost impossible a man can achieve a wealth if does not have the wealth blueprint. With a clear blueprint, all plans can be realized well. So, to discover the life, you must decide what you would like to be, and make a blueprint to achieve it.

A blueprint does not guarantee you will achieve what you design and visualize on the paper. However, a blueprint is like a vision that will guide your steps to get closer to your dreams. It will help you to better focus on the purpose of your life and make you consistent on your goals.

Reviewing and Changing a Blueprint

Today’s circumstances are the result of our actions in the past. If you want to know what you are in the future, review your actions today.

The negative belief that impedes your actions should be changed to a new belief that supports you to achieve your life objectives you wrote or draw on your success blueprint.

How to Develop Goal for a Success Blueprint

Step One: Write Down Your GoalsFor example, all things related to

For example, all things related to personal development, career development, or business development. Remember, the goals must be clear and detail. List them or make them like a time sheet. So, you need to list all objectives you would like to achieve in the future, review them and put the ones you really need to achieve.Success Blueprint Example

The Success Blueprint Example

  • Fluent in English
  • Getting the certificate of self-development (it could be a formal training, course, or seminar)
  • Start saving $1000 per month
  • Finish an undergraduate, getting a new job, and enter a graduate program in one of top 100 best universities abroad through a Scholarship program.
  • Getting a Master’s Degree
  • Get married
  • Business consulting and start a business.
  • Buying a car, home, traveling worldwide, etc.

Step Two: Set When Should You Achieve Each of the Goals

In addition to the list of the goals you want to achieve, write also the time sheet.

  • Fluent English – 2017
  • Getting a bachelor’s degree – 2020
  • Start saving $1000 per month – 2021
  • Getting a master’s degree – 2023
  • Get Married – 2025
  • Start a Business – 2027
  • And so on, make it until you are 70 years of age.

Remember, the goal is a dream with a deadline.

Third Step: Decide Which Goals are Priority

Choose two or more goals which are the most important to be achieved in one year, two years, three years, and so on. Make a paragraph of description to describe why you want to achieve the goals and why you are fully committed to these goals.

The Last Step: Take Actions

Plans without actions are meaningless. So, start your actions!

How to Make a Success Blueprint

To make an attractive success blueprint, make it neat and list your goals in the form of tables or diagrams. You can write or draw them on a Ms.Word, Corel Draw, or Photoshop document as attractive as possible. Then, print and paste on your bedroom wall or forehead.

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