The Art of Teaching Junior High School Students

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Teaching Junior High School Students

Talking about teaching junior high school students, the teacher needs the trick to being a successful teacher. The key is to keep your junior high students keep listening to you when you are teaching. Indeed, to get their attention, you may need honorable self-confidence.

As a junior high teacher, you don’t need to take along to learn how to talk to your students. If you act like a “dictator”, maybe your students will obey you, but only in the short term. However, the long-term impact is the rise of disobedience and even bad intentions from your middle high students when they are not under your eyes control.
There are two orientations that every junior high teacher should hold to cope the teaching sessions, such as relationship and distraction.

If we trace back how the junior high school students can take progress in the learning, we would find that the most supportive factor is the relationship between the teacher and students in terms of responding students well and giving praises. Having fun and personal experiences sharing (relevant) are able to build positive relationships between the teacher and the junior high students. On the other hand, knowing their talents, interests, and passions are also very important to encourage them to evolve. To achieve those things, you can adjust their learning way towards a more personalized learning method. Meanwhile, it’s really possible your students get saturated while you are teaching. So, it’s the right time for you to make an interesting distraction.


Creative Classroom Teaching

For junior high school students, working in groups could make their group conversations are out of the target. So, in a classroom teaching session, making a relevant game that engages their physical movement and the thought in finding out about a relevant object could get them all focus on the learning. This way makes you easily to keep continuing the teaching parts without repetition due to their less focus.

If possible, you can get their attention by rewarding and praising their good achievement in the classroom learning. Your students would know and focus on what they supposed to do. This trick would keep you out of nagging them to pay attention. You’ll be impressed by your students’ hard work simply in getting extra credit and praises from you.

Instructional Contexture in Teaching Junior High School Students

The main goal of instructional contexture is to train your junior high school students responsible, get themselves motivated, and actively engaged in a certain task at hand. The instructional contexture strategy includes participation, movement, help, conversation, and activity to support your students’ effective study. The following are the tips how to apply those factors in a junior high school classroom.


In teaching junior high school students, you need to engage your students in the participation. You can share your experiences and ask them some relevant questions which are on the topic of the discussion. Support them to work all by themselves.


It’s about how you instruct your junior high students. If necessary, stand and stretch, but don’t move even a step.


There would be some moments you do not grasp a student’s comment. So, you can ask some questions for clarification. You can also include those questions in a more creative way.


Make sure you there is no conversation during the class discussion and ask your students to turn their cell phones on vibe mode.


Encourage your students to listen when you are speaking. And, ask them to not interrupt their friends who are speaking in a discussion session. Ask them to have questions and explanations that appropriate for the topic of the discussion.

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