The Art of Selling Strategies to Boost Up Online Sales

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The Art of Selling Strategies

In modern selling practices, almost all sellers used the art of selling strategies to sell their product. Both Cross Selling and Up Selling strategies are the two of the most widely used strategies in marketing or selling practices, either online or offline. If applied properly, those strategies bring positive impacts towards the fulfillment of the customer’s hierarchy of needs. For example, let’s say you are the customer of a high-class hotel, an advanced technology public transportation, a fast-food restaurant, or other modern business areas. You aware or not, you are being the object of the art of selling practices. In which, you might find yourself felt cared, body and ego needs are fulfilled, feel secure, got the problem-solving solution and felt like a king.

The art of selling strategies is common in offline selling practices. But here you’ll find out more how to use the art of selling strategy in online selling practices to boost up your online sales rapidly. Know the art of selling to generate good ideas in marketing, especially in your online selling practices.

The Art of Selling Strategies

If you usually become the target of the art of selling practice, now it’s the time for you to use it if you have an online store. Otherwise, you may also learn the art of selling if you want to be an internet marketing expert. It is a valuable skill for you to sell. Below are the two of the art of selling strategies you can use to boost up your online sales.

Cross Selling Strategy

Cross Selling
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Cross Selling strategy is the art of selling a product and also inducing your customer to buy other different products in to strive to make more sales. The use of cross-selling practice is most proper on an online store that sells the wide range of products and categories. In this strategy, while getting customers who successfully buy a product, you are also offering another different product directly. The product you are offering may or may not have a connection to the product your customer buys.

For example, on your online store, you sell a DSLR camera to a male customer. Then you are also offering a woman T-shirt to the customer. So, you type in the chat; “Why not to buy this T-shirt too for your girlfriend? It is cheap and has high-quality cotton!” (In this example suppose that your Men T-Shirt goods are out of stock. To make a better understanding of how to apply cross-selling strategy online, learn also about the types of online stores.

Up Selling Strategy

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Unlike the Cross Selling, in practicing Up Selling strategy, you are inducing your online customer to buy more expensive items, upgrades, subscriptions, services or other add-ons in to strive to make more sales. Simply to explain, in Cross Selling you are selling product A and also offering product B, C, D and E. While in Up Selling, you are selling product A, and in order to gain more profit you, then you are offering A +, A ++ or A +++.

In Up Selling strategy, you are emphasizing your customer to sell a product that is desired by your customer but has the advantages to more profitable sales. The goal is the same, to make an attempt how your customer spends more money for a specific product.

For example, your customer would like to buy your software with a Basic Package. Then, you are attempting to offer a Pro Package instead, which is a more expensive one. Otherwise, you are explaining to the customer that he or she can upgrade to the pro package anytime when it is necessary.

Let’s also say you sell an online product to your customer in the form of a hosting package. You distinguish the hosting packages into a number of different tiers of packages. Each of the higher tiers has a different package in bandwidth, performance, and other strengths for the higher tiers.

Cross Selling and Up Selling – Simply Seductive

Profitable Sales
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Necessarily, both Cross Selling and Up Selling are really good to boost up your online sales. Both also have the potentiality to increase your sales turnover rapidly. These marketing techniques have the same objective, which is trying to convince buyers to spend more money. But they are different in the way of attempting to get more profitable sales. In which, Cross Selling means offering different products, while Up Selling means offering different values or benefits.

If you are a startup, it’s the time for you to learn how to make an online store of yours. Then, try the art of selling and follow the strategies of the giant online shopping website like Amazon and Alibaba. Otherwise, you may also learn other popular online stores that sell the similar product type or category. However, make your online store unique and learn how to apply them effectively and competitively. You also need to know how to define a product you want to sell in the right target market and the hierarchy of needs of certain customers.

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