The Benefits of Using DHCP Server in a Network

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The Windows operating system, either it’s a Server, or a Workgroup actually provides a DHCP feature. DHCP is also called as Dynamic Configuration Protocol. It is strongly recommended that a large company or organization use DHCP server. So, this article will discover the general benefits of using DHCP.

What is DHCP?

DHCP is a service that automatically assigns an IP (Internet Protocol) number to the computer that requests it. The server computer that assigns the IP number to the requester is called as DHCP Server. While the computer that requests the IP number is called as the DHCP Client.

In a modern operating system like Windows Server 2012R2, the DHCP feature is a must to be utilized when the server operating system is implemented. By utilizing this feature, the network administrator is no longer need to provide IP numbers manually during the TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol)/Internet Protocol configuration. But it works simply by referencing the DHCP Server.

In other words, if you make use of DHCP feature, means the full IP Address will be given to Client automatically, In which, this kind of giving IP automatically is often called as a Dynamic IP. So, by using a DHCP IP, it’s actually given a Dynamic IP. Whereas, if the IP is given manually is called as Static IP.

When the DHCP client is turned on, the client computer makes a request to the DHCP-Server to get the IP Address. DHCP responds by assigning an IP number in the DHCP Server database. After the DHCP Server assigns an IP number, the server leases the existing IP number to the DHCP-Client and deletes the existing IP number from the pool list. The IP number is assigned along with the subnet mask and default gateway. If there’s no more IP number can be assigned, the client then cannot initialize TCP/IP. So, it’s automatically cannot connect to the network.

DHCP Leased Period

The benefits of using DHCP server.

After a certain period of time, the use of DHCP Client then would be avowed as completed. If the client doesn’t renew the request again, then the IP number returns to the DHCP Server, and the server can provide an IP number to the Client in need. The length of the period can be determined in minutes, hours, months, or even permanently. The time period of IP in using DHCP is called as the leased period.

Why Using DHCP?

Maybe, if a computer is connected to 5 to 10 computer in a network, using a manual IP isn’t a problem and will not onerous. But when the computer is connected to hundreds or thousands of computer in a network, DHCP is really recommended to reduce the complexity of IP configuration on the computer. Just imagine if you as a network administrator of a thousand client computer units including gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and Ad Hoc network for guests who come to your office.

In such condition, it would be dull and boring for you if you have to fill all Gadgets and computers one by one manually. Not to mention if there are some configuration changes like IP changes in the DNS Server or WINS Server or Gateway changes. If you do all of those configuration changes manually, you have to change them one by one. Even sometimes doing it manually may not run in accordance with the plan or it could be one IP is used two or three clients. Then, such case obviously will result in an IP Conflict, and to check it, you must also do it manually. This case would be troublesome.

Therefore, making use of the benefits of DHCP Server, the process of IP Address management, Gateway settings, Subnet mask, DNS server, WINS Server, etc. can work automatically.

The Advantages of using DHCP Server

  • DHCP facilitates the transfer of data to a different PC client or PC server. It provides dynamic IP addresses and other configurations.
  • It allows a client to use an IP address that cannot be used by another client.
  • By using DHCP, it’s possible for a client to use one IP address for a certain period of time from the server.
  • Save more power and time in IP granting.
  • DHCP prevents the occurrence of IP conflict.

The Disadvantages of Using DHCP Server

  • All IP assignments depend on the DHCP Server. So, if the DHCP server is problematic, all of the computers in the network then will not get IP from the Server. And therefore the network will not connect or not work properly.
  • Therefore, DHCP Server must be maintained properly in order to the computing system in your office wouldn’t be disturbed.

To define and configure DHCP is actually not so difficult. It’s just that you need to know the IP of the network including its subnet mask to be used. For example, if you are going to use a class C IP Address, such as, the network Subnet mask standard would be Then, for a list of IP Addresses, those should be given to all clients should not more than 250. For example, the IP Address for the Domain Control is with a Subnet mask So, the IP addresses with 2 to 10 suffixes should not be sent to the clients. Because perhaps someday you would install a Print Server, Database Server, WiFi, and so on.

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