The First Step to Learn JavaScript Basics

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Starters should know the very first step to learn JavaScript basics. To start learning JavaScript coding, firstly you need to understand the definition of JavaScript thoroughly and what it is used for. JavaScript is a one of the most popular web programming languages which rapidly developed at this time. It’s a very substantial language for a web building that focuses on real-time data communication.

JavaScript Definition

JavaScript is a programming language used for making interaction on dynamic web features. To start making a web page, you don’t have to use JavaScript code. However, JavaScript is specifically used in almost every modern websites today. So, in order you can add some powerful features into your websites, learning JavaScript coding is necessary.

This programming language is one of three important web technologies you need to know if you want to become a web programmer. These three web technologies are HTML (for the web content), CSS (for styling the web design), and JavaScript (for data communicating). So, before you start to JavaScript basics for developing website, first you need to know the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. However, seems PHP is really recommended for you to master as it’s a server-side scripting language that makes your website dynamic. A website built with PHP still generate HTML web pages on the front-end. But it will much more dynamic and efficient instead of static HTML webpages.


What is JavaScript Used for?

Almost all of today’s modern websites using JavaScript to have various types of web applications. This scripting language makes it possible for web developers make real-time interaction among the spread users website. JavaScript is best for HTML forms validation, web game application, calculators, web chat, and many more.

However, applying JavaScript code on any website is optional but seems that almost all of today’s modern websites and blogs use JavaScript scripting language. Because this powerful scripting language is needed for webmaster who specifically focus on UX (User Experience) design. But using JavaScript on a webpage without accompanying CSS will not work maximum because JavaScript will also work with HTML.

Without using JavaScript code on a webpage, the respond of the webpage towards an action such as clicking a button to submit a form certain button, the result must be displayed on a different web page. This is certainly inconvenient as every click action generates a lot of outputs. In other words, it’s not responsive. Take for example, the result of an action made on the webpage would be a sentence and you’ve successfully entered the data. In this case, JavaScript is a dynamic web programming to make it possible for you to directly publish the sentence on the webpage without reloading it. It’s what we call as a responsive website.

JavaScript Basics

  1. Variables (to store information)
  2. JavaScript Math
  3. Strings in JavaScript
  4. String Methods, and
  5. Arrays

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