How to Track the IP Geolocation of the Visitors on Your Website

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You may somehow need to track the IP geolocation of the visitors of your website. For example, if you run an online store selling a product or service and accept payment using a credit card, knowing the IP geolocation such as what time your customers visited your site, what country your visitors are located in, what state, city, IP address, and so on. Tracking the IP address of the visitors on your commercial site can help you preventing carding or any credit card frauds by displaying their geolocation information along with their IP addresses.

You can track the IP geolocation of your visitors by using a simple widget like IP2Location. IP2Location provides you some options of IP address tracking solutions in almost all kinds of platforms, OSes, technologies, and programming libraries. To find out how IP2Location works on your website, take a look at the following widget demo. You can also try the IP2Location free widgets on your site.

1. IP Geolocation Lookup Widget

2. IP Geolocation Search Widget

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You can simply use a free IP geolocation lookup widget to find the IP address of our website’s visitors doesn’t. And using the widget doesn’t require you to know web coding ability such as PHP or ASP. You may want to know why you need to track the IP address of your visitors. The answer is simply to get to know who accesses your website.

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