Types of Computer Monitors: HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, qHD, QHD, etc

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The Different Types of Computer Monitors

Before deciding the best monitor to support your computing activities, it’s really necessarily to understand the types and specifications of monitors. Along with the computing activities which are becoming more diverse, the specifications of a computer monitor for a graphic designer may be different to a gamer. As today the screen technology development is not only evolving in the field of mobile devices. The screen technology is also evolving in the field of personal computer devices such as laptops, computer monitors, LED smart TV, and other new devices that use a monitor. So, it’s really important to determine the types of computer monitors as the quality will support your activities. The quality of a monitor is different from one to another.

There are many people regret their lack of understanding about types of monitors, specifications, and technology after buying a computer monitor. Or, if you decide to sell computer monitors, firstly you should learn the monitors’ product knowledge. So, you’ll know how to deliver the product information to your target customers.

Types of Computer Monitors and How They are Different One to Another

The screen size of a computer monitor differentiated based on its PPI or Pixel Density of the screen. Therefore, the denser the pixel of a screen so does the higher the PPI value. Besides, it’s considering the size of the screen as well. The denser the pixel of the screen, so the sharper the resulting colors. It means the more vivid the look.

The following are some types of computer monitors you can find on the market.

qHD Monitor

If you are looking a computer monitor with 960 x 540 of the screen resolution, you can consider qHD monitor. It’s is a quarter HD display quality. The availability of qHD or quarter High Definition monitors in the market is now rarely. Because nowadays, most of the computer monitor industries are reducing the production of qHD monitor due to the decrease of market demand. Recently, the price of qHD monitors is relatively cheap.

HD Monitor

HD monitor supports 1280 x 720 pixel of screen resolution. This type of computer monitor is commonly used today. HD stands for High Definition. With a 1280 x 720 pixel, it’s best for a 14 to a 15-inch screen at 16: 9 of ratio. HD monitor is also called as a 720p screen. Without considering the brand, an HD monitor is relatively cheap on the market.

WXGA Monitor

The screen resolution of WXGA is 1366 x 768 pixels and is commonly used for a 14 to a 15-inch screen with a ratio of 16:9. At a glance, the display of the WXGA and HD screen is almost the same. Though, the quality of WXGA monitor is better than HD monitor. Commonly, the price of WXGA monitor on the market is more expensive than a qHD and HD monitor.

FHD Monitor

The screen resolution of an FHD monitor is 1920 x 1080 pixels. FHD is a Full HD screen and commonly named as a 1080p screen. FHD screen resolution is commonly used on a screen with a 14 to 27 inches monitor and also for 32 inches monitor with a 16: 9 of ratio. The price of FHD monitor is in the range of USD $200 to $300.

QHD Monitor

QHD stands for Quad HD. This type of computer monitor supports a screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The screen quality of a QHD monitor is four times HD screen quality. QHD monitor is also called as a 2K screen or WQHD (Wide Quad HD).

Generally, QHD screen is used for LED computer monitor or smart TV. The screen size of QHD monitor is up to 42 inches. Meanwhile, for the use on a smartphone, it’s commonly used for flagship smartphones or middle and upper-class smartphones. Without considering the brand, the price of QHS monitor is around USD $300 to $400 on the market.

UHD Monitor

If you are looking for a screen monitor at 3840 x 2160 pixels, you can decide UHD monitor. UHD stands for Ultra High Definition. The graphic quality of a UHD monitor is quite sharp and is arguably one of the best resolution qualities. UHD monitor is commonly used today. This type of monitor is often called as a 4k screen.

UHD monitors are also used for smart TVs and also best for graphic designers who need a sharp graphic quality of a screen. Averagely, UHD monitor is used of a 32-inch computer monitor. UHD monitor is one of the types of computer monitors which is also used for high-end smartphones. The price of UHD monitor is around $ USD 500 to $1,000 on the market.

8K Monitor

The screen resolution of an 8K monitor is 7680 x 4320 pixels. Nowadays, the 8K monitor is the best screen technology. However, you’ll find it’s hard to find on the market because this type of monitor is rarely used. Besides that, the price of an 8K monitor is really expensive. Today’s computer graphic quality still not support the 8K screen. But one of the leading hardware manufacturers, Dell, has issued a screen with an 8K of screen resolution.
The price of an 8K monitor is about thousands of dollars on the market. If you are considering the 8K monitor from Dell, the price is around USD $4,000 to $6,500 in 2017.

Finally, those are the types of computer monitors that you can consider before buying a computer or TV monitor. So, you can decide one which best to support your activities.

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