20 Types of Online Businesses That Help You Make Extra Money at Home

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Types of Online Businesses

You will find out some types of online businesses that might interest you to start making money right now. Make money online at home is now common as the internet isn’t only the window for you to get information. The number of internet users is growing every year worldwide. That means the flow of substantial money through the Internet can generate a lot of home-based businesses. So, if you want to make extra money, you may start an online business instead of any conventional business.

In fact, most modern citizens make online businesses as their income mainstay today. So, for you who don’t want to be left behind, you can start one or some types of online businesses. You can make an online business can be your main job or side job as time is more flexible in online business. There is no global crisis on the internet, where employments are always open for anyone and anywhere.

Having a degree may help your online business better. But surely, to start online businesses don’t require a degree. However, if you want a degree in supporting your online business becomes more steady, you can also get an online degree at home. Instead, there are many online courses if you want to have some skills that may help how to start an online business.

Commonly, basic theories in all types of online businesses are not too hard to understand. You can learn all types of online businesses at home. Learning by practicing an online business is a powerful personalized-learning method which may help you understand the cores of how an online business helps you to make money online. Here we shortly explain the 20 types of online businesses that can help you make extra money at home.

1. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketers don’t have their own products to sell. But they sell other people’s products, and get a commission for every sale or lead they made. In the other words, an affiliate marketing program is a kind of profit sharing online business. But some advertisers provide commission for a targeted visitor you referred does a specified action on the advertiser’s site without the need that visitor to purchase the product. You will get paid for a certain action your audience done (CPA) on the advertiser’s site you refer. For example, the visitor tries a free trial an online service, make a quote, signup, etc. An affiliate network may also provide PPL and PPC programs.

Most of affiliate marketing programs share a commission in the range of 3 -30% for successful sales of physical products (goods). But usually greater commission for services, software, games, ebooks, or files. Which the commissions could be in the range of 75 – 80%. If you want to join a reputable affiliate program that is credible, you can choose Amazon, eBay, and Groupons.

However, there are many other affiliate network programs with thousands of advertisers. They provide various products or services and interesting commission terms. But for more earnings in an affiliate program, you should choose a category or a single item you would like to market online. Then, make some a micro niche blog with relevant articles for that product.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

If your blog or site is still new with a traffic around 200 to 1000 per day, or more, PPC is good for you instead of offering independent ad space on your blog to advertisers. PPC program is the most popular and one of the most interesting home-based online business types. If you are going to start a blog with an intent to join a PPC program, it’s recommended to make general niche (multi-niche).

There are many types of online businesses that advertising their products or services through bloggers or large online media websites. So, if you know how to create a website and writing, joining to a pay per click program is an option. The scheme of every pay per click program is simple. When you join a PPC program as a publisher, you are going to publish the ads offered by the PPC program on your blog or site. Then, each time your visitor clicks an ad, you’ll get paid.

The rates of every click are varied depends on the product price and market demand, which most of them are the range of $0.03 to $0.05. But some PPC ads may in the range of $0.5 to $1 per click, even up to $5. But when you get approved by any PPC program, never click your own ads. PPC program terms don’t allow you to click the ads on your site or blog.

The most favorite PPC program is Google Adsense pays ever click much higher than other PPC programs. However, there are also many PPC programs with lower PPC rate which provide native ads. Native ads are capable of generating more clicks than Adsense. This is one of the most popular types of online businesses which a personal blogger or a large company would like to join.

3. Create Your Own Product

If you are skillful in a particular field, you may start an online business by creating a product and then, sell it online. A product could be a physical stuff, idea, software, video, music, etc. By having your own product that is widely needed by people, it’s really possible to make a lot of money from home.

To expand the market reach of your product, you can join to affiliate networks as many as possible. Affiliate network programs are the center where digital marketing specialists ready to market your product and if your product and commission terms are quite interesting. So, marketing your product through the best affiliate networks is a good idea. The affiliate marketers who are interested in selling your product know how to advertise your product on their blogs or social media accounts with their content marketing strategy.

4. Paid To Click (PTC)

If PPC programs don’t allow you to lick own ads, in PTC programs you will get paid for every click you made. But all PTC programs don’t require you to have a blog. All clicks you made are done on the PTC provider. If you want to make a lot of money online, don’t work on this type of online business. The earning of every click is quite low and commonly PPC programs limit your maximum number of daily clicks. But you may also get some advantages from PTC programs.

The advertisers of PTC programs are promoting their products or website speculatively. It means PTC programs generate non-targeted clicks or low-quality clicks. But most advertisers commonly use a PTC program to test Click Through Rate (CTR). The best PTC programs pay you $0.01 – $0.02 per click with maximum daily clicks up to eight clicks. That term doesn’t make meaningful earnings.

However, instead of working on PTC programs, you may use PTC programs to analyze and review the advertisers and listing their contacts and other important information. Then, you may contact them to offer quality advertisement on your blog or site. This way make some opportunities for you to drive independent advertisement program on your own blog or site. But make sure you have a decent amount of blog visitors. Instead, as most of PTC programs offer a referral program, you can join the referral program in you are good in marketing. The other idea, you may also sell the list to the other webmasters or online business practitioners.

5. Make an Online Store

If you have a conventional store selling goods, you can make an online store. An online store is a good place where people get information about your products. With good e-commerce strategies, an online store makes possible for your customers to easily buying your product and look at your online catalog. You can display the product photo, description, price, and other details. Having an online store isn’t only for selling your own product. You can also start a dropshipping business using your online store.

The online store is a type of online business that is a really powerful promotional tool to double sales. As the prospective buyers come from anywhere throughout your serviceable area, even worldwide. They can access and buy your products in 24 hours a day. For physical products, logistic companies are ready to help you in delivering your products. With the right online promotional and selling strategies, an online store would be capable of increasing your sales.

6. Paid to Write Review

Paid to Write Review, mostly called Paid to Review (PTR) could be the easiest way to make money at home than the other types of online businesses if you have writing skill and considerable a blog with its quite good rank. This could be your fulltime work or only side job for you to make money online

In PTR program you join as a blogger and you’ll have a chance to get revenue each time a company asks you to write a review for their product or service on your blog. The amount of earning per review is varied depends on the quality of your blog and your analytical writing skill. Currently, there are many PTR intermediaries that bring bloggers and companies together in one website for bargaining PTR. The most popular PTR programs are Smorty, SponsoredReviews, BuyBlogReviews (BBR), Blogsvertise, and  Linkworth.

7. Web Flipping

Still, many people don’t know Web Flipping business, and you may just hear this type of online business. Web Flipping is all about buying and selling websites. In this business, you are going to buy a website and take over the website on a web flipping site like Flippa and Godaddy. There are hundreds of thousands of people would like to sell their websites online. So, the scheme of web flipping business is you buy a cheap website on the market. Then, you may optimize and improve the SEO score, or you may also add some great content to drive traffic to that site. But to make meaningful earnings fro web flipping, you need to learn how to buy and sell websites online.

There are many factors that a site you buy have a good selling price such as good domain name, backlinks to the sites, search engine indexable, and traffic history. In this online business, you search cheap website with a good domain name (easy to spell and remember) and has good backlinks. Then, you sell it at double price. There are many people out there would like to buy websites on a web flipping community. So, if that website has good values, you’ll get high bids on the web flipping auction. The skills you need to be able to run a web flipping business are SEO skills, bargaining skills, content marketing skills, branding skills, and analytical skills.

8. Online Auction

eBay is one of the most popular auction sites where people do online business to sell their used or new stuff. It’s a good medium for you to start an online auction business. There is a wide range of items available for auction on large auction sites like eBay, ShopGoodWill, and Listia. Online auction businesses are now in-demand and become a legit way to make money online. You can find and buy used or rare and in-demand items offline. Then, make money online by selling them on those auction sites. Online auction business is a legit way to make extra money at home.

9. Premium Membership Program

If you are an expert in the field of professional skill like graphic designing, web development, web designing, painting, etc., you can make money at home by starting a premium membership program. Whether starting by creating your own site, forum or joining an online course program as a teacher, premium membership program is really a good online business to make money at home. You can learn how Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera works. By joining as a teacher on those sites, you can earn money from those who register to take an online course with you or subscribing to your paid tutorials.

If you prefer to have your own premium membership program on your site or forum, where you can provide some paid tutorials or guides in the forms of videos or articles. This way you create your own terms and your business is becoming more independent and a hundred percent for you. There are many experts have been successful making a lot of money from a premium membership program.

10. Offer Ad Space

This type of online business requires a blog or site with a lot of visitors. If you have one, advertisers would like to buy your independent ad space with a tantalizing price for a certain period of time. This is a kind of digital marketing that most companies would like to do, moreover if your blog’s niche is relevant to the company. The ads visibility would be almost the same as PPC ads. But with this, you can get more money instead of PPC programs as you get more relevant advertiser(s) who willing to pay more than PPC ads’ price. You set your advertising rules, prices, and you will find your advertisers.

To get advertisers who willing to buy an ad space on your blog, you may contact them through a formal email, direct visit, or phone. As what we mentioned on PTC program above, you can find a number of relevant advertisers. Then, make a list note for their contact and other information. In case you have a lot of advertisers on your list, emailing them using an email automation tool is more efficient instead of sending one by one. There are some of the best email automation tools which are capable of sending email in bulk with a feature that can send your message personally to each of the advertisers without spamming. Learn how to make an email marketing works for your online business.

11. URL Cloaking

If you have good contents or files to share, URL cloaking is a good business for you. URL cloaking is commonly called as URL shortener. URL cloaking programs like Adfly and Safelinkconverter will pay you every visitor you refer to the URL cloaking’s ads skip session prior to land on your content or file download page. However, make sure you have a sufficient amount of web traffic. Having a lot of audiences is capable of generating a meaningful amount of money from URL cloaking business. You can place your shortened URLs on your blogs or your social media accounts.

12. Content Writer (Copywriter)

You can start creating your online writings portfolio to prove your writing skills. Then, find some companies that need content for their official website or blog session. There are many companies that want to boost their site’s visibility through a search engine. So, they need a lot of quality articles content as their digital marketing means.  This is a good opportunity for you to make money at home by becoming a part-time content writer.

Instead of finding companies to apply as a content creator, you may join some freelance sites like Fiverr, Elance, and Freelancer. There you can start top become an online article writer, translator, or proofreading. You will find out many companies need for qualified content creators in many languages.  who are capable of creating articles for their site or marketing campaign. Some of them may also offer some rewriting jobs. So, to become a content creator, make sure you are skillful in writing with fast ten fingers, keyword density, some Onpage SEO factors. The payment is usually determined by how much you charge per word you write.

13. Pay Per Lead (PPL)

This type of online business is referral program. In which the company will pay you for each person you refer signs up or subscribe to the service of the site. One of the most popular PPL sites is the social networking site, FriendFinder.

14. Online Service or Tool

If you are expert in web development, you can create templates or themes for Joomla and WordPress. You may also create useful widgets, create a specific program, web maintenance, or perhaps SEO audit. This online business can also be a great opportunity for the web developers. Great themes of templates, tools, scripts, and online services are in-demand nowadays. You can use your expertise to help other people online to make money at home.

15. Forex Trading

If you have sufficient capital, forex trading could be a real business for you to make quick money. But take into account that, 8 in 10 traders got to lose in forex trading. There is a risk of getting lost in forex trading. But if you know how to read a market trend and aware of economical movement, you can minimize the possibility of getting lost as low as possible. Forex trading is only recommended for those who are proficient and have enough capital. Even though the advantages of forex trading are really possible for a trader to double profits in a short time.

If you are a beginner in forex trading, you can learn how to trade on an MT4 demo. Most of forex trading platforms provide a demo version for beginners to learn. If you have large capital and have skills how to read forex charts, this type of online business can make help you become rich quick.

16. Stock Trading

The concept of online stock trading is almost the same as online forex trading. However, still, rarely traders would like to trade stock online. But online stock trading is still really promising for you if you know how to read the market trend of the companies’ stocks. In stock trading, you need to be capable of portfolio management.

Most stock trading platforms also provide a demo account for beginners. In the demo version, you can learn by practicing stock trading using virtual money. When you decide to trade on the real platform, an account manager will guide and teach you how to make money from stock trading.

17. Paid to Upload Files

It turns out that uploading files can also generate significant amount money. There are many sites like Ziddu, Turbobit, Tusfile, etc. that pay you when people download your files. So, if you have good files, such as the free e-book, your own research, or any other files, you can start making money at home by uploading your files.

Most people get a lot of money by sharing their images, audio, PSD files, video, software, games, and documents. This kind of program has been dabbling decades. And this is one of the easier for creative people to make money online than other types of online businesses.

18. Domain & Hosting

Nowadays, the development of internet technology is becoming more sophisticated. The internet users grow rapidly every year in all over the world. New personal bloggers and companies’ webmasters are popping up every year which make a hosting business is becoming more in-demand. Most hosting providers also sell new domains and free cPanel for the users.

If you are capable of using cPanel, you can start a hosting business right now. Starting a hosting business doesn’t need to have a server. You can purchase a reseller package at large hosting providers like Hostgator and Bluehost. Besides, most new large hosting providers also provide reseller package with a competitive price. Purchasing their franchises is a playable business opportunity for you.

19. Podcasting and Vlogging

You can create your own podcasts and place them on your own site. If you don’t have a site, you can place them in podcast and vlogging sites instead. Now podcasts in the form of videos are trending. So, if you are really capable of presentation, you can start podcasting and vlogging. Then, make money by monetizing your videos on Youtube or your own blog. Or you may also combine some other types of online businesses with your podcasts and vlogs.

There are also many industries who would like to sponsor good videos on Youtube. So, creating a podcast and video is not only to entertain listeners but also educate them. You can monetize by getting sponsors & advertisers or even sharing your very own products! Read also; Increase Youtube Views for Free.

20. Virtual Assistant (VA)

Many small businesses or scalable companies have trouble in managing their work. For example, they would like to keep in touch with every response from their customers 24 hours. So, this could be a business opportunity for you to become a VA for those companies who are in need.

Many types of online businesses grow every day and therefore they may need to employ someone who can work online. VA jobs are commonly simple such as social media management, answering emails, and online customer support. This kind of job is really flexible in time and really possible for you to make extra money at home.

Skills and Ideas You Need in Doing Those Types of Online Businesses

Believe it or not, there are many people making hundreds even millions of dollars by doing those types of online businesses. You will never make a meaningful revenue by running those types of online businesses if you don’t learn first. So, here are we give some clues where you start learning how to run an online business. Or if you are an existing online business practitioner, keep improving your skills help you improve your online business to the next level. Some skills and ideas you need in running online businesses.

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