Types of Websites and Their Functions that You Should Know

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Types of Websites and Their Functions

A website can be only consisting of one or more pages, containing information in the shape of text and multimedia content. We identify a website with its domain name, and it is published on at least a web server. We can access a website through a public IP network, such as the Internet, or a local network (LAN), using a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as its reference address. So, here we are to discover different types of websites and their functions.

Based on the basic design or shape of websites, there are two types of websites, namely Static Website, and Dynamic Website. Meanwhile, according to its functions, there are more than two types of websites, such as;

  • E-Commerce
  • Company Profile
  • Archive
  • Blog
  • Dating
  • Personal
  • Entertainment
  • Community
  • Search Engine
  • Educational
  • Gallery
  • Government
  • News Portal
  • Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social News

Types of Websites Based on Their Design

Before you decide a website design, a web designer will ask you your purpose of creating the website, whether a personal blog, company profile, online store, news portal or another type of website. This question aims to determine whether your website needs a static or dynamic design based on how often you will update the information on the website. Here’s an explanation for

Static Website

The content and the layout of a static website would not change content when it requests data to the web server. The pages will change only if the manager or webmaster make changes to the website content manually.

The webmaster usually changes the content or the layout using a text editor program or a website design program such as Adobe Dreamweaver. A static website usually displays information that is set up with a markup language like HTML. Therefore, in case it needs a slight change, it needs the help of a professional web designer or web programmer who understands HTML. Read also, the difference between web designer and web programmer.

The pages of a static website are much simpler, tend to be safer than hacker attacks, not vulnerable to technical errors, and more readable by search engines like Google or Yahoo.

The Advantages of Static Websites

  • Quicker to develop
  • Efficient to develop
  • Use a slight web hosting resources

Disadvantages of Static Websites

  • Requires specialized experts to make changes
  • The sites become less useful for visitors
  • Obsolete content

Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites have content that can adapt to match interactions from visitors. The changes to the data are run by apps on a regular basis, just like on news websites. The changes can be done with client-side scripting technique, using a web programming languages such as Javascript, ActionScript, or DHTML.

With the client-side scripting the content on the website page, you can change the page of the website quickly on the visitor’s computer without requesting a new page to the web server.

Most dynamic websites are developed and run on web servers with server-side scripting programming language like ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, and Python.

Both client and server-side programming languages are used on websites that are constantly changing its content and have complex interactive features.

Dynamic websites offer a lot of flexibility, but the process of running the web pages with a unique mix of content on every page requires a high-speed web server.

Even an adequate server can be overwhelmed if the website got a lot of data requests from the dynamic website in a short time.

The content of a dynamic website should be specifically optimized to be more friendly with search engines, which is another disadvantage of dynamic websites.

The Advantages of Dynamic Websites

  • Have many additional features
  • Easier to develop
  • Easier to add new content that attracts visitors from search engines
  • Have features that make it easy for the managers and users to work together

The Disadvantages of Dynamic Websites

  • It takes a long time and more money for the development
  • Requires more hosting fees

The majority of websites from the early era of the Internet were using static design, but now more and more people are aware of the many advantages of dynamic websites. Dynamic websites have more features and also provide professional impressions and engaging experiences for the website visitors.

Types of Websites Based on Their Functions

Based on its specific functions and uses, the types of websites consist more than two types. The following are the types of websites and their functions;

E-Commerce Websites

Some types of e-commerce websites.
Image: e-commerce websites / www.optimum7.com

E-Commerce is a website that has a feature to perform buying and selling activities through the internet. The object of the transactions could be physical products or services. E-Commerce Websites have features that can replace the functionality of offline stores such as product displays, product availability checks, reservations and online transactions. Learn also, e-commerce strategies.

Company Profile Websites

A type of company profile website.
A company profile website.

The company profile is a simple static website and usually made by companies to display their business information such as services, vision, mission, address, and contacts.

Usually, a Company Profile website focuses more on the design that looks charming, but it needs to deliver the information to the visitors.

Archive Websites

Google Groups is a type of archive website.This type of websites are used and aimed to preserve, store, and keep electronic content to prevent loss. An example is the Internet Archive which since 1996 has saved billions of websites pages.

Another example is Google Groups, which in early 2005 has archived over 845 million messages which were posted to online discussion groups.


Blog Website
The preview of a blog.

Many bloggers use blogs to pour their ideas and expressions about everything they passionate. Some of them are professional bloggers who get paid to write certain topics as the content marketing of companies or professionals.

Dating Websites

A type of dating website.This website is an online medium for the users to find someone who can be a partner in a long-term relationship, dating, short meeting, or friendship.

Many dating websites charge a certain amount of fee, but there are also dating websites that provide its services for free. Most dating websites have social networking functionality.

Personal Websites

The preview of a personal website.This type of website is an individual or a small-group website that contains information or content to image the website owner(s).

Entertainment Websites

Types of entertainement websites.If you are looking for entertainment-related internet sites, then you will often encounter promotional internet sites, online gaming websites, movie or cinema websites, and websites for a music group band or a singer.

Community Websites

Forum sites are a type of community website.Community websites are the medium for people who want to socialize through the formation of a community. On this type of website, the users can exchange information and form groups to socialize. Usually, a community website is also called a forum site.

Search Engines

Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo are some examples of popular search engines. They work to collect a list of websites that you can find across the internet network in a database. The website that you are searching can appear in search engine results pages (SERP) according to the keywords you use.

Educational Websites

A type of educational website.Education websites are the mediums of personalizing the relationship between the center and the educational community (students) to communicate with each other and disseminate the information related to education widely.

Gallery Websites

A type of gallery website.This type of website is specifically designed to be used as a gallery. For example for an art gallery or photo gallery websites and other non-commercial galleries.

Government Websites

A government website is an official website that is owned by a local government, state, department, or national government of a country. Usually, this official website also operates other websites that aim to provide the information about an area with the available rules.

News Portal

News Portal is a website that specializes in news information about events, politics, opinions and so on.

Social Media Websites

The tendency of social media in the world today is going so fast with all its development. Social media websites allow you to exchange information in a variety of content (images, text, video, and audio). Some of the popular and widely used social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social Bookmarking Websites

A type of social bookmarking sites.A social bookmarking website is a place where users share content from the internet, in which the site ranks it based on the users’ interest to comment, view, and read.

Social News Websites

Social news websites present postings from users who can be ranked by popularity. Other users can also comment on these posts.

This type of website is used to connect various types of information including news, funny stories, discussions, and much more.

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